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Author Topic: THANKS! Finally, I'm doing this fish thing right.  (Read 1067 times)

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THANKS! Finally, I'm doing this fish thing right.
« on: June 14, 2013, 11:39:39 PM »


I think like most people, I got a goldfish without really knowing anything about how I should truly care for them.  I got a black moor goldfish (now named Spazzy) from a friend because she no longer wanted it... She even gave me a bowl, some stones and a plant. Imagine my surprise to come home & after doing some research, finding out that everything I was intending to do was wrong!!! I now hate to think of my poor little Spazzy living in that tiny bowl, equipped with nothing more than a few stones & a plastic plant that was actually dangerous to "him"!

I'm so very happy to have found this site with all it's info on proper goldfish care.  I now have a lovely, 55 gal. tank for him with decorations that aren't hazardous to "him"!  I cycled the tank and was able to put "him" in 2 days ago.  The difference in my sweet little guy is nothing short of AMAZING! He acts so much happier now that he has the proper stuff.

I also purchased another black moor today so that he can have a friend to play with (that is once I make sure it's as healthy as it looks & remove it from my quarantine tank)! 

So... Thanks again, everyone!  I'm certain what I learned, starting here, saved my little "guy's" life!
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Re: THANKS! Finally, I'm doing this fish thing right.
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2013, 03:14:42 PM »

Awwww wow  Grin Cheesy
This post makes me so incredibly happy! Well done and bravo to you for the tank upgrade!
The difference in the fish is quite astounding isn't it? Congrats Cheesy

Now just remember to keep up with those water changes and maintenance Wink Also when you add the moor to join yours in the 55 gallon tank, just keep an eye on the water quality in case the extra poo/food cause any mini spikes with the ammonia or nitrite or nitrate Smiley

Would love to see photo's once you have them both settled Cheesy
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