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Author Topic: Goldfish Quarantine process any help would be appreciated  (Read 1030 times)

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Goldfish Quarantine process any help would be appreciated
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:53:42 AM »

Is there anything I could do to improve this, Is there anything I can watch for not listed that might happen? Is there any other treatment that would be safe and kinda needed I would rather be over safley? I have a 200 gallon I really don't want to take any chance infecting them. I also keep my TDS around 250-350 this best? Is there any certain food besides what I listed medi-gold and peas? Anything I missed? water temp 76-82ish so if there any problems I think heat brings them out?

Just so Im clear I want to be proactive in treatment I put these in a tank with 15+30 other goldies. I would rather lose one in treatment then all my babies.

1st week just watch and attack any problems let them rest 0 stress.
prime to reduce stress A dose of prazipro would be good. feed peas every other day and blood worms, WC every other day and at end 100% WC.
Watch for
1. Fish lice - green bugs
2. Anchor Worms - green worms
3. Finrot fin missng or blood spots on them
4. Ich - salt looking dots all over fish
5. Fungus - cotton looking growth
6. hole in head - small holes
7. Costia - gasping at the surface, slime patches around head and gills, sudden death (especially in spring), small hemorrhages under chin, spider web kind of lesions
8. Swim bladder - reduce currect, fast 2 day, 2 days peas, bring tank to 3% salt and 75%, Fish sinks let half water out, floating light coat vasline any parts out of water.
9. Columinaris - cotton growth or white threads blowing out the mouth, lethargy, clamped fins, thick heavy slime coat and dry skin
10. Melanophore Migration- paling of skin followed by black patches, usually in back side of fish
Also If you bring a fish home from the LFS that has been kept in poor water conditions, and your tank water is far better, the black spots will appear as the fish heals. If the colored areas are depressed or raised you may also be dealing with a bacterial infection or other problems, and further diagnosis is needed.
11. Fish TB tuberculosis - Fish Tuberculosis is cause by bacteria such as Mycobacterium or Nocardia.
The fish suffering from this disease will have a flatten belly, loss of appetite and color which is close to what you have described.

2nd week Quick cure 3 days and 4th water change 50% wait 2 more days. 80% WC and under dose the med alittle. Medi-gold for fungus 7 days. Turn lights out with quick cure because of malachite green or black them out if you can.
Qucikcure for
1. Ich
2. Costia
3. fluke
4. trichodina
5. Velvet

3rd week to whenever I would say 2 months, depends on how many fish your putting it with, my main display is 200Gallons holds a lot 2-4 months in Q.
100% water change, Carbon 1 day make sure ALL Quick cure is go I just use separate tanks. take carbon out ,Start prazipro treatment 4 days or so on then WC it out 3 days, rotate treat the prazipro 4 to 8 times like this, Bring salt levels up add 1% every day for 3 days And with water changes add proper ammont of salt. Ad you nitrogen cycle also.
prazipro for
all worms
Salt treats alittle of everything I guess.

Also alittle info
Check expiration dates on all meds you might need,

Garlic xtreme all threw treatment help some.

Quick Cure - Never use salt with formalin IT IS TOXIC!! Qucik cure has Formalin
Malchite geen also in Quick Cure Kills all bbs, no salt with this either, turn lightes off.

Melafix - Never use more then 7 days, safe with salt, or anything elese. Try to limit use.

Salt can be added with anything at 1/4 teaspoon at 10 gallons

PH 7.2. to 8.4,

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