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Author Topic: SICK goldfish (I am an unexperienced owner!!)  (Read 675 times)

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SICK goldfish (I am an unexperienced owner!!)
« on: December 14, 2015, 01:33:11 AM »

Help! I want to first make a note that I have had fish for 4 years but have never had an issue with death/illness, and I'm very inexperienced with proper fish care (although I am very interested in learning anything and everything I can about proper fish care, specifically goldfish) so please be kind to me, as I don't know if what I have been doing this whole time is good or bad! OK. I have had my goldfish for over four years (6 of them). I have had the same tank up and running (10 gallon, typical store bought, kit-type tank...) I change the filters regularly, and they are fed once every few days. Symptoms: he (or she Smiley) has been sitting on the bottom of the tank. I watched him around the other fish and they seemed to start picking at him so I reached down out of panic (I know this is probably a bad thing to do...) and gently scooped him out of the water. He resisted at first but then just laid in my hand while I got him out of the tank. I placed him in a container by himself with new water and placed a tiny bit of food. After about 10 minutes he swam to the top, ate, then floated back down to the bottom. I scooped the remaining food back out of the container. The next day, he was back to being lifeless so I put a small amount more of fresh water back in the container. He then perked up (not sure if it was because I was hovering over him or if it was the new water sensation) for a few minutes then, back to the bottom. So, here we are. Now this is his 3rd day, going on 4th day and he is the same. He looks fine-- no scale issues, eyes look normal, fins are moving OK (when he does move them). I can go over to him and talk sweet to him and he will come up to the top and stick his mouth out of the water momentarily but then goes back down. He can only come to the top for about 10 seconds and then he literally falls lifeless--doesn't even swim back to the bottom, just floats back down. I have not done anything differently to the tank in the last 3-4 weeks so that's why I'm worried about what it could be. I did just go today and replace my entire tank, filter, etc., and all the other fish are in their new tank, happy as can be. I still have my little sicky in his own container trying to give him a chance.
Questions from post: The tank is 10 gallons, 6 fish total, all goldfish (I believe), I don't change the water very often and when I do, I do 50% of the water, and I let it get room temperature before I add to the tank, normal behavior of fish are active, playful & interested, I don't know anything about 'beneficial bacteria', for conditioner I use AquaSafe by Tetra, and as for pH levels etc., I am very novice Smiley I have no idea what the levels are but maybe I need to educate myself and look into that! I hope someone can give me some suggestions!
I added a picture, and you can see my baby on the floor of the tank.
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