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Author Topic: Goldfish Loosing Eyes  (Read 1535 times)

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Goldfish Loosing Eyes
« on: May 21, 2011, 12:00:59 PM »


Long time reader but first thread here.

I have a 110 gallon tank, housed within are 2 small ryukins, 2 medium size orandas, 2 small orandas, one black thai ranchu and 4 indescent sharks. The indescents are there temporarily I know there are fast feeders not to be kept with fancies but they are just there for a month then they will be moved. I have no nibbling or fish fighting of any kind all my fish are healthy growing n active but two days ago my little ranchu lost of of its eyes. It seemed like an injury with a sharp thing as some flesh was lurking from the eye socket but I was unsure as this happened to me for the first time. I was devastated as she was my favorite, none the less it seemed to be coping well and showed no signs of a problem. I did have one dead seashell with pointy ends that never caused a problem but I removed it immediately to avoid any further possible mishaps and added a 5% salt solution to help with the healing and some methaline blue to avoid any infections. Three days past and the ranchu healed like a champ but today just after the morning feed I noticed that one of my little orandas is missing an eye as well but this time it appears to be just stolen no injuries just plain disappeared, There was little blood so the other fish started nibbling on him and that made it float all different directions without control so I immediately moved it to a separate 35 gallon tank added a 5% salt solution again and some methaline blue. The fish seems to stable now, its not moving much but has balance now.

Can someone please explain why my fish are loosing eyes, can there be a possible cause? or am I just running on badluck. Any help, suggestions and advise would be appreciated.

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Re: Goldfish Loosing Eyes
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2011, 05:09:18 AM »

Most likely some fighting going on when you can't see. Maybe during the feeding, or the sharks picked out the eyes. Goldies don't usually attack eachothers' eyes like that, not to mention that they have rather round noses so it'd be tricky to pick out an eye in the first place!
Maybe you should try and get those sharks out of the tank? Since you know they're not supposed to be there. You know, just as a safety measure!

My baby pearl scale lost an eye a couple of months ago. I separated him and added salt to the water, he healed up without problems, but seemed to be very sad being alone in the tank, and he slowly lost control over his swimming :/ One evening I saw him floating on the side so I did a large water change and added some Epsom salts but he died the next morning, sadly Sad I'm not sure how he lost the eye either, considering that he was SO small!
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