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Author Topic: help! white bump/ slime  (Read 1615 times)

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help! white bump/ slime
« on: June 24, 2011, 05:55:35 PM »

I curently live away from my fish, so sometimes I am not able to see them a few days...I have someone at the house take care of them.

Well recently my Black moor which was alive for about two years passed away...I was quite frustrated considering I just learned I could of helped him...he had popeye and I let it go too long/didnt know there was such a thing =[

Anyways, when I gave my tank a cleaning I notice my two other fish have something wrong with them..the third one is just fine. But one goldfish has a bit of slime around it's nose while another one (when I think is developing it's wen) has a large white lump on it's head. What should I get to help cure these problems? Also is three overcrowding for a 50 gallon tank?

Another question I have is everytime I clean out the tank I basically give it a good scrubbing. Is this bad? I have read on a few posts that I am suppose to keep some of the water?

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Re: help! white bump/ slime
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2011, 07:28:46 PM »

Hi there, please read the sticky and answer the questions, it gives us much better chance to help. Also attaching pics would be very helpful too. Many Thanks.

Yes, 3 GF in 50 gal is overstocked.
You should NEVER, EVER clean out the whole tank.

You should test the water for nitrogens and do water changes accordingly.
What kind of conditioner do you use?
Do you add BB's ? ( Beneficial Bacteria )

How is your tank set up?

See, so many things we need to know before we can help you properly, please provide us with the adequate info.

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Re: help! white bump/ slime
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2011, 06:51:40 AM »

No, 3 goldfish in a 50 gallon tank is NOT OVERSTOCKED. You could keep 4-5 fishes in it without problems Smiley
However, cleaning out the whole system is very, very bad. You're constantly exposing your fish to ammonia, and that's most likely what killed your moor and what is about to kill your other fish. You need to buy a gravel vacuum and start cleaning the gravel with that, take out about 50% of water every week, your tank isn't very big, so it needs weekly water changes (any tank does, basically, except for monster tanks).
You should also buy a water test kit for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH and test it every single day. If you can't do it, ask the person who cares for your fish, and DO NOT LET THEM FEED THE FISH AT ALL. You're the only one who should do that when you're home, and only once, and only a small, small amount or the tank will get polluted with ammonia again.

You need to let the system cycle, the best way to do that, is by monitoring the water quality and changing the water when the waste is in too high concentrations, ammonia for instance is very harmful in small concentrations, so I'd change it as soon as it reaches 0.5ppm. And again, ONLY 50% of the water!!

Buy some beneficial bacteria, it's usually sold in all pet shops, so just look for one that fits you Smiley When I cycled my 83 gal, I used "fluid bio filter media" by Easylife, and my tank cycled in two weeks. This conditioner will also protect and strengthen your fish, and you don't need to use any other while you use this. There is also Stability by Seachem that I know people on this forum have also used successfully.

During the cycling process, you'll notice the ammonia slowly disappearing and nitrite showing up, this is still toxic, but not as dangerous as ammonia, so keep up with the water testing and water changes! After the nitrite go away, nitrates will show up, and these will gradually increase constantly and needs to be controlled with weekly water changes Smiley
After the tank has cycled, you should test the water weekly before water changes, and add beneficial bacteria to keep the ecology in the tank healthy and working Smiley

Your fish will probably perk up once you start changing the water, so if you can't buy the test kit and beneficial bacteria NOW, you can still change 40-50% of the water every second day until you're able to. BUT YOU CANNOT SKIP IT AND RELY ON WATER CHANGING ONLY!!!

So, good luck now, and keep us updated! Ask if you have any questions Smiley
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Re: help! white bump/ slime
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2011, 06:36:49 PM »

Think Nossie covered everything as completely and perfectly as usual, so I got nothin' else to say. You are actually being super kind to your fish by only having 3 in a 50 gallon tank! Good job!  Wink
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