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Author Topic: My beloved fish :(  (Read 1384 times)

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My beloved fish :(
« on: July 24, 2015, 07:56:23 AM »

Hey guys,
  Firstly, this is a great forum, I've been lurking here for a while now and it has helped me so much with my beloved fish.
   I have a 110L tank, with two comet tails who are around six years old (quite big) and a black moor, a shubunkin  and a common goldfish which I brought two weeks ago.
  Around that time my fish began acting funny. It is my own fault I am so st*pid I completely forgot new fish can bring parasites with them and now my beautiful comet tails have an illness I believe to be ich. They flash around the tank, have red streaks on their tails and have tiny little spots which look like white grains  of salt especially on their fins which are all beginning to shred. I'm heart-broken, I can't bear seeing creatures under my care in pain - must be such a big sin.
   I don't know what to do. I'm not even sure if it is Ich or not. I did a couple of major water changes, have been adding salt each time - they are, thank God, eating normally, their eyes and scale colouration are fine, but when they start writhing in pain I feel like crying. 
  ALso my baby shubunkin has been put into isolation because she  is just like 1 cm  but was eating a 6-inch comet-tail and really upsetting him. Layla looks so sad in isolation but I can't afford to put her back in the tank.
  Please help - my father is considering dipping them in a concentrated salt solution for a few second and doing a 100% change of water to flush the parasites or whatever they are out. Is that wise?

  Thanks so much!

1. How big is your tank:  110 litres

2. For how long has the tank been set up: 16 years

3. How many fish: 5

4. What kinf of fish: 2 comet-tails, 1 black moor, 1 shubunkin and 1 common fish

6. How often do you perform water changes: Once a week

7. How big are your waterchanges:      .......75..............%

8. What kind of waterconditioner are you using: Prime

9. Do you add beneficial bacteria: No

10. Symptoms your fish is showing: Flashing, white spots, red streaks, torn fins

11. Since when does your fish show these symptoms: One week   

12. How is the normal behaviour of your fish: Active, swimming round, sociable

13. How do the other fish behave: They're all unwell

14. Post pics of the sick fish:

15. Do you have a filter on your tank, what kind, how big (gallons per hour) I'm not sure, it is a big filter though

16. Do you provide extra aeration with an air pump and air stone/diffuser of some kind. Yes

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