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Author Topic: I am new at this and need some info, Can someone help:)???  (Read 1789 times)

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I am new at this and need some info, Can someone help:)???
« on: August 19, 2009, 05:57:32 PM »

I was at a fair that sets up in parking lots on the weekends, and my 5 yr old won a gold fish. I did everything that I think I should have done, but he just sits at the top. Now I have heard that if they do that then they aren't getting enough oxygen? How do I get him oxygen, or is there something else wrong? I don't want him to die, my brother was so proud of himself for winning the little fish, so if someone knows what is wrong, could you please help. Thank you, Chantel
Re: I am new at this and need some info, Can someone help:)???
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2009, 06:44:24 PM »

Hey! congratulations on your friend the new goldfish!
what you are going to want to do is put it in an actual TANK. NOT A FISHBOWL. If you think this is excessive, then don't keep reading and be like so many other cruel and nasty people who keep poor little goldfish in bowls. (not good)
The tank should be at least 20 gallons with a filter rated for at least that much water or more. If you didn't catch that, it means that you need to get a filter in a box from your local pet store that says "For aquariums up to 20 gallons". you can get a stronger filter that says a number of gallons higher than 20 (that sounds terrible, i know) buy it (stealing is bad) along with your 20+ gallon tank and take it home. while at the store, you will want to look for a BUBBLER or an AIRSTONE. Anyone in the pet store will be able to help you find one. you will need a cheap air pump, some plastic tubing and the stone itself. the whole shebang usually costs about 20 bucks, max.
You will also want to look for some gravel to put in your tank. DO NOT GO WITH SAND. your happy (if very confused) little goldfish will naturally poke around at the bottom of the tank and if there is sand down there, your fish is too (let's face it) intellectually challenged to figure out that sand grains+hungry=bad.
plants and some decorations will provide your fish and you with endless hours of entertainment. these aquarium items are awesome because your fish can really have pink and violet plants in its home and NOT be tripping on drugs.
do not go crazy with them though- remember that there should be a lot of room for your fish to swim in, yet also be able to hide.
A few things about your tank- 20 gallons seems like a lot for one little fish, but know that its gonna grow. when i bought me first little goldfish all those years ago, i thought they were going to take ages to get to their full size. I still have my very first bunch of fish, and fantails, as i quickly discovered, grow about three inches in the first 5-6 months.
your cute fishy friend will soon transform into a very big, yet just as cute, fishy friend.
also, make sure your tank comes with or can be fitted with a canopy, or a top. most of these have a hinge for opening and feeding, and also a light-plate, or a space for an aquarium lamp to be placed.. your canopy should also have a place to put the filter. (i should have mentioned this before-your filter should probably hang onto the back of your tank-a canister filter is way too powerful for just a 20 gallon)
As a last precaution, you should pick up an aquarium chemical test kit. this should (at bare minimum) include a test for pH, nitrate, and nitrite levels.(no i did not just put the same word twice. look closely at the spelling.)
if i left anything off, other denizens of this helpful site, please add in.
I hope this answers your question....
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