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Author Topic: Sick fishes help req.  (Read 1640 times)

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Sick fishes help req.
« on: May 30, 2011, 04:35:27 PM »

Detail Fish:
goldfish + iridescent sharks
black moor

40 gallon
36x24x15 cm
gravel 2 inch thick white
power filter or  pond pump about 1400 ltrs
two undergravel filters
airstone 12 inch
change water weekly 30%
3 to 4% after day
water temp is abt 90 f here
trying to get cooler and dont have test kit so get test kit also..

Question or Problem:
i have a goldfish who automatically comes at surface as other fishes are at resting, it stays quitely upper fin touch surface and remain silent on the top have a whiteness skin upperside..
second is my black moor sits on gravel mosst of the time comes up on feeding time rotated itself before some days it has some eye problem also one is bigger than other and lil whiteness in eyes and has frayed fins..
fed them peas so black moor become lil active but when i fed after 2 weeks it become same again and till now its same i stopped feeding but getting worst and goldfish didnt showed any good signs on peas..
so plz help as i have asked many experts but didnt help hope to ur help
Pictures of Sick fishes:

link to tank  vdo: watch?v=KM_vSH_JlB0 [/url]

Mirza Umer
Hyderabad, Pakistan

plzz tell me what happened to my goldfish as its head and fins are becoming black in colour like burning?
is it due to summer start? hot weather??
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Re: Sick fishes help req.
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2011, 07:58:07 AM »

It's most likely caused by some kind of water quality problems, but you can't really know for sure without a test kit. However, a good first-aid when it comes to goldies, is to simply change a little bit more of the water and keep that up until the problems disappear Smiley Fresh water is usually a really good solution in case there's too much waste build-up in the tank. The oranda will probably get well just with that treatment! Smiley

The moor on the other hand really doesn't look well :/ If you have a quarantine tank cycled and ready, I'd move him there and treat him with some anti-bacterial medicine. He looks like he's lost his sight on one eye (at least) and may have some infections going on in there. If you can get any, feed him with some medicated food as well, there are foods available that are treated with antibiotics. Follow the directions on the package!

Exactly how many fish do you have in that tank? Being a 40 gallon, there's a maximum of four goldfish fitting in there. You may need to upgrade/buy a separate tank for the sharks! If not, you'll probably have to struggle keeping the water quality good enough for everyone to stay healthy! One goldfish needs a minimum of 10 gallons, two need 20, three need 30, four need 40 and so on.

Good luck! I hope the fish will get healthy soon Smiley
Ron H
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Re: Sick fishes help req.
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2011, 07:24:37 PM »

HI, the white spot on the goldie could just be a change in the pigment colour, there does not seem to be any swelling etc (although its a little hard to tell from the pic). I have had goldfish do this to me twice before, one adult fully gold goldfish became spotted and another spotted one lost all its pigment and now looks like an albino!
I also think there are too many fish for a tank that size. Good luck with your Moor, it looks pretty sick, hope someone can help you with it. Cheers> Ron.
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