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Author Topic: My fish stopped eating  (Read 1198 times)

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My fish stopped eating
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:50:02 PM »

One of my goldfish stopped eating a couple of days ago and is very lethargic.  The other goldfish is fine so I don't think it's an environmental issue.  No idea what to do. Help, please!
Re: My fish stopped eating
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2009, 07:02:18 PM »

my fish of seven years stopped eating,so i tryed to get help,i changed the water,put epsom salts in,nothing,i had been going to my local pet shops for weeks asking for help,went in a couple of days ago say a young lady there i had not seen before,told her of the problem,then i mentioned he had red lines on his fins,straight away she told me it was an internal parasite,gave me some medication for he,and he is a lot better,hope this helps
Re: My fish stopped eating
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2009, 10:55:34 PM »

more information would be nice, but hey, that's ok.
if your fish is old, im talking over 10 years, it could be that your fish is going into the slow process of death caused by old age. ive seen it happen to some of my favorites and it isnt easy at all-you have to actively engage your fish's senses to get him moving if lethargy is a present sign in your fish. goldfish are very visual creatures-they react very much to seeing their keepers look into their home at any time. so, look into your tank, maybe watch where your fish looks, see if he looks at you or moves his eyes at all or just stares sightlessly into oblivion (thats the worst)
if your fish is middleyeared about 5 or 6 then it could be that your tank is too cold or that your fish is sick. some things will infect a fish that do not show up from the outside, yet one would have to be able to see those diseases sneaking around within the fish to tell. signs of internal sickness are lethargy, sitting on the bottom nearly all day and night, and, when he is on the ground, if he raises his dorsal fin (the fin on the top) and how quickly he respires. if he respires quickly without having swum around recently, thats bad.
if your tank is too cold, your fish will stay on the bottom too; they are cold-blooded and they do not produce heat on their own. if you are close enough to your fish, sometimes they will swim up to your hand and sit on it if that is possible and you do not move too much-when that happens, i have felt that my own fish are cold and thus like to sit on my palm sometimes.(its kind of cute, even if they are slimy, but hey, humans sweat..is that any more gross than a slimy fish? do not go sticking your hand into your tank to try and train your fish to do this though. they do not like getting scooped up nor chased by your hand. if your fish do this, than they will do it on their own and you will not expect them to. in all the fish i have raised, only a few have done this)
hope that helps
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