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Author Topic: HI IF U R LOGGED ON GO TO THIS TOPIC!!!!  (Read 2105 times)
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I have 5 Goldfish
60 gallon
 Smiley Teetsy - Calico Ribbon Tail - she is mostly bronze, black and brown, simply beautiful. She is 4 inches
 Smiley Momo - Orange Ryukin - he's fat and looks like a hamburger. He is 4.5 inches
 Smiley Tango - Orange sakura Fantail - he is also fat and he has some black on his dorsal fin 4.5 inches
 Smiley Deeter - Ranchu - orang and white. He has one black eye and one regular eye 5.0 inches
 Smiley Maybelline - Yellow Ryukin - shes just beautiful. She has orange around her mouth (it looks like lipstick, hence the name), she also has orange on her fins. she is also about 4.5 inches.
 Smiley Suki - Calico Fantail - orange, black and white - 3.5 i nches

they all live in a 60 gallon tank with fake plants, airbubbles which they like to swim through and a big rock sculpture that they all like to squeeze together and be under it.

I also had 2 Black/Orange/White beautiful comets, Luther and Shaynaynay, but they died while in QT.

I have 2 fry tanks:
5 gallon platy fry tank: 1 Golden Mickey Mouse - spudco the magnificant (2 months old), 1 blue metallic - muffin (2 months old) 17 Golden Mickey Mouse (1 month old)- Cecil, Link, Stucky, Simon, Sven, Shofeld, Inga, Quimby, Bippy, Bopsy, Zag, hatchett, porter, Friskie, Peanut, Peppy, Pasqualli, 2 small ottos -teeny and tibley who do a great job and 2 small cory cats - milo and otis.

1.5 gallon platy fry tank: 16 Golden Mickey Mouse (2 days old!) 35 were born, but the tank they were born in had a wicked case of Columnaris and I lost some while trying to get them out before they became contaminated. No names as of yet.

1.5 gallon Betta Tank: Lucky. He's a veintail, blue/purple. Very pretty.

10 gallon contaminated tank
I lost 13 fish in 3 days and none of these guys look good. I'm on day three of their 5 day medication treatment. I hope the survive Undecided- 2 Golden Mickey Mouse Platies - Eleanor & Eli. 2 sunburst Mickey Mouse Platies - Ernestine, Stella, 3 Blue Metallic Platy - Barnaby, Emo & Ina. 8 Neons - Delilah, Wyman, Felix, ziggy, Wheezer, Edison, Juniper, Tweedle. 5 Glofish - Augie, Angus, Agnes, Fanta, Florabelle, 1 Cory Cat - Rapunzel
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