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Author Topic: Injured goldfish?  (Read 2591 times)

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Injured goldfish?
« on: July 22, 2009, 02:09:32 AM »

Please help! We recently inherited a carnival goldfish (was not too happy about it) and knowing these poor things are treated horribly I was determined to treat the fish well. Sadly I am not doing so well. I bought him a 6 gal starter aquarium (promising to upgrade when I had the money) The water has been conditioned and tested regularly and seems in good shape but often cloudy. I do a 25% water change and gravel vac weekly. I have recently noticed that the fish was missing scales and the flesh under it bloody. I am assuming he injured himself because it was all of a sudden. I have been adding aquarium salt to the tank and treating him with anti-bacterial food but he doesn't seem to be improving. Now he spends most of his time behind a plant at the bottom of our tank. He swims up to eat but then retreats back to his spot and cont. to do so whenever someone walks by the tank also. This is not his usual behavior. He usual is eager to show off for us and come beg for food. Does he even have a chance? What can I do differently?
Re: Injured goldfish?
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2009, 02:49:20 AM »

Many of the goldfish that come from the carnival (fair) are similar to the feeders fish that we see in most pet stores. They are usually full of diseases and parasites because of the conditions they were kept in. These fish are extremely difficult to keep alive even under the best environment when we get them home. Your goldfish could be in this category , but at least you are giving it a fighting chance. Missing scales will grow back  over time if the fish manages to survive. I think you are aware that the wound could become infected that's why you are feeding it antibacterial food, which will only work if the fish continues to eat.  If the fish stops eating or doesn't eat enough, then you can try a medication that dissolves in the water like Melafix to help the wound from becoming infected, which can kill the fish. Melafix usually comes in a blue bottle and you can find it at most pet stores also.
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