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Author Topic: Pebbles and Pearl  (Read 371 times)

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Pebbles and Pearl
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:55:14 AM »

1. How big is your tank:72  Gal / litres

2. For how long has the tank been set up:2011

3. How many fish:4

4. What kind of fish: 2 Common goldfish and 2 Comet Goldfish

5. What are the water parameters:    Ammonia.........0ppm
                                                            Temp...............70degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit

6. How often do you perform water changes: 2weeks

7. How big are your waterchanges:      .....................50%

8. What kind of waterconditioner are you using: Prime and Stress Coat

9. Do you add beneficial bacteria:no

10. Symptoms your fish is showing:none

11. Since when does your fish show these symptoms:    

12. How is the normal behavior of your fish: Happy and excitement

13. How do the other fish behave: Happy and  excitement

14. Post pics of the sick fish:did

15. Do you have a filter on your tank, what kind, how big (gallons per hour) Aqua Clear Fluval Power Filter 60-110us gal

16. Do you provide extra aeration with an air pump and air stone/diffuser of some kind. Top Fin® 8 Foot Silicone Airline Tubing,Top Fin® Aquarium Mist Air Stone,Top Fin® Aquarium Air Stone Disk,Top Fin® Aquarium Fine Bubble Air Stone that with Pebbles in the 10 gallon,Top Fin® Aquarium Air Pump 170gal,anTop Fin® LED Light Bubble Wall 12in

Hi everyone its been forever when I last been here anyway,I update my tank to a 72 bowtank. So I have 4 goldfish Pebbles,Pearl,Jabu Jabu,and Angel. Pebbles is in a 10 gallon hospital tank because I think she has a internal tumor. Pearl is in the big tank look like she has internal tumor on each side. Can tell me if that what both fishes have. Do you think Pebbles have dropsy,I don't think pearl have it. If she did her scales would be like pinecone. Pebbles is doing a lot better swimming, and eating. Jabu Jabu and Angel fine to me. I will get more photo of them.May 9th, 12:33am that when I saw the lump on Pebbles. The other photos was from May 10th, 9:25pm, May 26, 12:13am and May 28, 2:37am. I did look at Pebbles she doing a lot better the bump went down some. Her scales look good. I will take more photos in the morning. O and I used Goldfish Aquarium salt what made her feel worse. She was not eating but she was swimming good and happy just not excited like she used to be. I left the salt in for 4 days. I clean out the tank on May 21 really good. Got all the Aquarium salt out. After that I put carbon in for couple hours because ,my friend told me to get 3 meds they are API Melafix for Healing Bacterial Infections in Fish,API Pimafix for Treating Fungal Infections in Fish,and Tetra Lifeguard All-in-One Bacterial & Fungus Treatment. I did that for 2 days and it made so much better she eating again. She was getting her excited back. After that I did a 10 day Jungle Anti- Parasite Medicated Food She look so happy. After that her scale started to stick out a little bit only on the one sides were the two bumps are. The other side is fine. Her scales did not look like this I show you a photo. Now I am stated to feed her Jungle Anti- Parasite Medicated Food again she stated to be her self. I think she might have some kind of Parasite if the Medicated is working. So I am getting her API General Cure Parasitic Fish Disease Treatment and API Furan-2 Powder for Bacterial Disease for Fish. I think that will work. I will keep you posted. I am doing all I can for her.

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