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February 18, 2018, 04:07:25 AM
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Author Topic: Please help,new to this and my telescope goldfish  (Read 456 times)

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Please help,new to this and my telescope goldfish
« on: January 24, 2017, 10:21:17 AM »

Im not sure if im even posting this in the right area,im sorry if its not.im crushed,i have a calico telescope goldfish,for 2 weeks ive literally been googling everyday nonstop,13hrs straight in one day an thats 1 day.. S/he was put in a QT tank,test water all the time with master kit an test strips,water is treated correctly,i only had him for acouple days an noticed he seemed to be moving slower and on top of eyes looked "dusty"instead of black,and he was getting alittle bullied.in QT 10 gallon tank(hes only head to tail abt 2inches long,he was in a 55 gallon tank.as days went by i noticed his fancy tail didnt "unclamp" an he has a hard time swimming,i thought maybe from his original place born being squashed his tails deformed,and he needed time,so he eats well,hates peas,loves broccoli,garlic,sinking presoaked pellets.but got lethargic as days went on,more an more bottom sitting,an would "try" to swim around here an there but its always like hes fighting a current.NOW yesterday 600a.m. i come down to him doing twirls through water,like death rolls idk what else to call it..and curled to one side,i was Crushed,i cried thinking i cant save him,i quickly did a water change,an he stopped spinning/rolling but is still curled,is eating wants to eat but has hard time.in 2 weeks i was told by LPS to treat with T.C.TETRACYCLINE is was to much an made him Worse,i stopped,LPS said do 50% water change an try Pimafix,if that doesnt work to try melafix?by the time i got to store i was scared it would hurt him,so i went natural way with Microbe-lift herbal activites Artemiss,after 2 almost 3 days he pooped long string whitish clear.i thought hes not over fed,can it be internal parasites? What can i do,the meds are to strong for him.he wants to swim right now,but is kind of like hes stuck to 1 side,an starting to float again,swims back to bottom,trying to eat some broccoli..oh he has a filter no carbon,an a small bubbler.im sorry if i messed anything up im literally crushed,sorry its so long..ty in advance OH!! And seemed to do best in water with OUT any meds,swam around (before curled,an twisty swam yesterday 1 time)until he got tired out,due to having strange tail and hard time swimming like hes fighting a current.but now stuck "curled"
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