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Author Topic: new oranda goldfish questions:/  (Read 1932 times)

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new oranda goldfish questions:/
« on: November 07, 2011, 05:33:50 PM »

hi everyone!
I recently bought two new oranda goldfish. One is orange with a white wen and white face with a little orange mustache Smiley his name is DelRoy. The other one i got is a red-cap oranda and i named him Messi (after my favourite soccer player) They seem to  getting along fine other than one thing which is my first question:

1. They are swimming along side each other or one in front of the other nudging each other with their heads and pushing each other.  This isn't a problem is it? they're from the same tank at the store, are roughly the same size, and this doesnt seem to be extremely violent, i just don't want any problems in my new tank! Huh

2. My redcap oranda,messi is behaving really weirdly. whenever i enter the room he is usually in the far corner of the tank, staring into the glass.He also swims up and down that corner of the tank, in a fast,jerky way. It almost looks like he's trying to go at his reflextion. Is this aggresive behaviour only beacuse he's new to the tank? Undecided

Thanks for looking, I appreciate all responses!
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Re: new oranda goldfish questions:/
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 04:04:39 AM »

1. Try looking really closely at the one chasing, does he have any small, white bumps on the gill covers? That would show that he's a male and he's ready to breed Smiley (It's possible that the other one is still a male, but that really wouldn't matter since it's the only fish around.. xD) Goldfish start chasing each other, nudging the lower bellies with their noses when they're in breeding mood Wink
(Recently got two boys from the pet shop, pretty big and they started chasing my ladies around right away for days!)

2. How big is this tank and how long have you had it set up?
These two orandas can't be in anything smaller than a 20 gallon tank, a 30 would be ideal since orandas are the largest fancy goldfish there are! (They can grow to be a foot long if kept in proper conditions) So he might be uncomfortable because of the waste building up in case the tank is too small.
If your tank is 20 gallons, but you set it up less than 3 weeks ago, it's probably cycling, this means that the ammonia isn't being broken down by the beneficial bacteria yet, and that's extremely harmful to your fish! You'll need to have your water tested to see how high the ammonia levels are.
The only way to cycle a tank with fish is to change the water every time the tests tell you the waste levels are too high and add beneficial bacteria with every water change. (For example Stress Zyme by API or fluid filter media by EasyLife)

Here's another thread that explains cycling in detail: (Link is not visible to guests. Please register to view.)
And here's one on how to maintain your tank: (Link is not visible to guests. Please register to view.)
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Re: new oranda goldfish questions:/
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2011, 03:10:26 PM »

Brilliant advice as always Nossie!

Just wanted to pitch in with something, Soccer goldfish can't see their reflections, they see straight through. So your goldfish is looking at whatever's outside the tank.

As Nossie has pointed out it could be that the behaviour is due to tank size or water quality due to the tank cycling, when fish act erractically like that, it's called 'flashing' and means that the goldfish is being irritated by something. If your tank size is fine and the water quality is okay then... it could be that's just how your goldfish is.

My goldfish Lucky, stares out of the tank side and swims up and down regularly, I know my tank size is wrong at the moment (I am currently getting a bigger tank soon) but I also know my water quality is very good. So I leave her be but I'm interested to see if she continues this behaviour once she's in the bigger tank  Smiley
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Re: new oranda goldfish questions:/
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2011, 12:00:05 AM »

My girl and boy ryukins, Snowie and Bowie do the same thing sometimes after feeding, they go nose to tail spiralling up and down the tank with the occasional nudging, and it also doesn't appear to be aggressive... its become more frequent as the water has starting warming up with summer about to start, last night they were carrying on spiralling about in the in dark when I turned the room light on... although we are still waiting for the Bowster's breeding stars to show again. Heres hoping for baby ryukins sometime.... cheers
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