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Author Topic: Light cycles for tetras and goldfish?  (Read 2423 times)
Light cycles for tetras and goldfish?
« on: April 23, 2008, 12:39:11 PM »

I have a 10-gallon tank with two goldfish and three neon tetras. Does it make a difference whether you keep the tank light on all the time, or switch it off at night for them to rest better. Speaking of which, how can you tell when (or even if) fish sleep?

I didn't know that tetras and goldfish shouldn't be kept together. Thankfully, I got the goldfish at a very humane and reputable pet store which will take them back for any reason without killing them for their journey. (Wal-Mart won't take fish back unless they're dead, which is why I won't buy from them anymore.)

It's the tetras I'm most interested in raising, so if anyone could tell me how many will be comfortable in a tank this size, I'd be most grateful. Thanks, FishStory!
Re: Light cycles for tetras and goldfish?
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2008, 07:40:24 PM »

I know this isn't your question, but you've got more problems than just lighting and sleep.

Goldfish are coldwater fish, and neons are tropical, requiring heated water. So they shouldn't be in the same tank.

Second, 10 gallons is way too small for a single goldfish, much less 2 and 3 neons.

Goldfish can grow to over 12" in length, so you can see how 10 gallons would be way cramped for them. Comforably, the two goldfish should be in a 50+ gallon tank, with 2 filters. Your neons can stay in the 10 gallon, if you have a filter and heater.

Fish don't actually sleep, but they do become inactive for a period of time each day. You absolutely must turn the lights off at night. Fish don't have eyelids so they can't block out the light. Keeping the light on all the time can stress your fish and cause disease and death.

Keep your tank light on for about 10 hours per day, less if you have an algae problem.
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