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Author Topic: Feeding Goldfish in Cold Water  (Read 1430 times)
Fishy Jeff
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Feeding Goldfish in Cold Water
« on: October 04, 2011, 06:59:11 AM »

The temperature in my pond has fallen.  It is now in the 50's, it has always been cooler than the air temp.

Feeding guides for koi:

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Always suggest going to a lower protein (higher carb) diet in cooler water and slowing down the feedings. It would seem that goldfish would be similar.

What should I feed my chillin' goldfish?

I just ran across this, which covers what Nossie has said about air:

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        ... . It's best for a fish's health if it is fed a varied diet; this can include flakes, pellets, live foods, freeze-dried foods, and even fresh and frozen vegetables! When you feed prepackaged foods, make sure it is made specially for goldfish. And it's a very good idea to soak the dry food before you put it in the tank. When a goldfish eats dry food, it can absorb all the moisture from his intestines and make him a 'Floater'. It's also a good idea to squeeze all the air out ofthe food so it sinks. Goldfish may ingest air from the surface when eating which can make him more buoyant than he need be. Live and Freeze-Dried foods are useful when conditioning a fish for breeding. They generally contain more protein than prepackaged foods and are good for young goldfish, or goldfish developing their headgrowth. Veggies are very good for larger, older goldfish because they help the digestive tract. Often, feeding a blanched frozen pea, popped out ofthe skin can be all that is needed to right a upside down goldfish.

The bit about ingesting air is very interesting. I've noticed in my pond that the fish will come up and gulp air in the shallows. I had thought this was because they were winded and needed air, now I think it is because they want to work closer to the surface.

It's an interesting article otherwise and has such bits as why not to keep a pleco with your goldfish.

On another note, Wally World had a beautiful shubunkin with a huge comet like tail. In fact all the fins are much much larger. The tail is in 3 or 4 segments. My neighbor loved him, so I took him home and he named him Bobby Deniro, because he was such a fighter and had attitude. "You talkin to me?"

In the store the fish's color was nearly white, in the pond it has darkened and is more nacreous and now looks very much like the other shubunkin. I don't know if that is due to water chemistry, amount of light, or temperature, but it is interesting.

It was a shock getting him/her acclimated. The water was in the mid 50's and he stopped moving in the bag. The next morning he was almost motionless at the bottom of the pond. I thought of knitting him a sweater!

He/she is now shoaling with the other fish and is as active, or more so, than the others. All the fish are now slow, they can kick it when needed, but they are a fraction of what they were in the summer water.

Fishy Jeff

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Re: Feeding Goldfish in Cold Water
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2011, 07:22:44 AM »

He probably got pretty shocked being moved to a pond that's so much colder than the tank water he lived in before. The color probably changed due to the light, it's not possible for a fish to change color over-night like that, but it will probably change later on thanks to the sunlight and protein rich diet Smiley The reds (if there are any) will probably be turning really strong and beautiful... Smiley

Goldfish will follow the same winter diet as koi Wink But I don't think you need to care about the protein/carb part, just start feeding them less and less gradually until they go into hibernation
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