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Author Topic: Well, howdy. (Newb w/ some questions)  (Read 1490 times)

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Well, howdy. (Newb w/ some questions)
« on: May 05, 2011, 02:55:17 PM »

Hey! I'm new to the forum, as I'm sure you realize.

I've owned three tiny comets for about two weeks now, and yes, they are in a tiny tank. Not to fret, I never intended to keep them there for long, and I have been changing the water daily, as well as testing it to gauge how much I should change out. They seem lively and active, and I just couldn't resist a gorgeous sarasa comet to add to their ranks, so I brought him home yesterday.

Luckily, I bought a new tank last week, and I'm picking it up tomorrow, so I can set it up and get them out of their cramped quarters.

The new tank comes with silica sand, which I've heard is safe for goldfish, and I'm thinking of using a thin layer of that instead of buying new gravel. It used to be used for cichlids, so has two powerful filters, hopefully that should be enough for messy little goldies, haha.

Also, I'm aware of the nitrogen cycle. I think it would be better to cycle the fish in the larger tank and carefully monitor the water than to leave them in the smaller tank and wait for the larger tank to cycle. Because, really, even though the wee tank has a wee filter, it's probably worse than an un-cycled tank with more water.

Lastly, a fish keeper I know has said that they keep bristlenoses with goldfish by leaving a heater on low setting (say, 20 deg) and they get along just fine. Plus bristlenoses don't grow as large as common plecs and my comets should be fast enough if the pleco decides they look tasty, right? (Edit: Should mention, I don't plan to add any fish while the big tank is cycling, so will get the pleco later. Also, bigger tank is 230 L, unsure how many gallons this is, but would be fine for 4 comets, right? As of now they're less than an inch in size each (excluding tail) whilst the larger sarasa tops out at about an inch.)

How does all this sound so far?

Thanks for your patience :D
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Re: Well, howdy. (Newb w/ some questions)
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2011, 03:19:49 AM »

Sounds awesome, glad you know how to take care of the problem with the small tank Smiley However, buying a fourth fish for it wasn't the best thing to do at the moment. But, as long as it goes well and they don't seem distressed.
Your new tank is roughly 60 gallons, which would fit just about four-five comets, note that they want and need more space than fancy egg-shaped varieties.

I would stay away from the sand, really! It's not a suitable substrate for goldfish as they enjoy picking the gravel up in their mouths and spit it out. Sand would most likely be swallowed real easy and the goldfish would start getting transparent/sandy poo, not good. So if you can, and have gravel in the small tank, why not buy a few extra bags of some pea-sized gravel and mix it with what you already have? Condsidering that you're moving the fish while the tank cycles. Note that you need to let it stand empty for at least one-two days before adding the fish! (Temperature reasons)

I'd stay away from the bristlenose. I have a really huge pleco living with my goldies, and the reason why it works is because he's actually taught them where his food is and that they shouldn't get close when he's eating Wink In the start they ate all his food so I got really worried :/ Bristlenoses grow so small in the end, and they are very easily startled when a goldfish comes to nibble their food! Besides, you really don't need anyone to eat algae, as long as the tank isn't over stocked and you don't keep the light on for too long! Smiley
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