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Baby Oranda Goldfish


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Here are my goldfish over the past 5 months in a 20 gal tank. They're a little silly so keep watching. Their names are: Spazz: the cory Orlando: solid orange Ruby: red cap Marshmellow: all white "Lucky" Lil Guy: was orange w/ black fins but now all orange. (Was named b/c we thought he wouldn't make & didn't give him a name til later so I kept calling him lil guy for a few weeks.) We got Orlando, the first one, on 3.1.08 and the rest by the end of the month. Notice how Lucky's fins change over time. It was frayed and black but after giving him some medicine, his fins are repaired but turns completely orange. Orlando's black tip dorsal fin also changes. It starts off with just Orlando and Ruby (her first day). Then we see Lucky when they are eating an orange (big mess). Then Marshmellow when they are all chasing each other around.

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