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Goldfish Care: Changing Your Water


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This video details how I do water changes. : ) - You should change 50-80% of your water at least once a week if your tank is cycled (I usually do it every 4-5 days) - If your tank is not cycled you will need to do large water changes every other day to daily in order to keep ammonia and nitrite at safe levels (use your water test kit to tell you when you need to change it) - Before you change your water test for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate (ammonia and nitrite should be 0 ppm, nitrate should be less than 20 ppm). Drop test kits are preferred because they are more accurate than strips - Gravel should be vacuumed well - Any ornaments should be moved to clean under them - I am using an Aqueon water changer/gravel vac, Prime water conditioner (to remove things like chorine and chloramine in the water), and Buff-it-up (Ph buffer)

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