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Goldfishes digging for food...their favourite hobby!


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Background: Goldie and Kodos were bought at PJs Pet Centre on April 17th for our kids, (This branch of PJs always has a great collection of healthy fishes-knock on wood.) Their original home was a 2.65 Marina Pirate Goldfish Kit tank. After doing research and going to an online forum for fancies, we upgraded the tank to a 20G (Aqueon Deluxe Aquarium Set) on May 2nd from Big Al's. Every fancy goldfish should have at least 10 gallons of swimming space (20 gallons for commons). We have two filters in the tank right now, because most of our beneficial bacterias are in the original Aqueon filter. Set Up: Substrate: Creek Pebble (although bare bottom is the best IMO) Plants: Hornworts and Java fern (we only have low lighting in the tank.) Dechlorinator: Prime Test Kit: Hagen Nutrafin Mini Master Kit and the API Nitrate Test (API is highly recommended by many.) Biological Supplement: Nutrafin Cycle (although I was informed it's not necessary) Salt: API and Nutrafin (I'm using this right now while the tank is still cycling-necessary to help with nitrite spikes) During this cycling phase, I'm doing daily water changes along with gravel cleaning (although this past week, the water changes have only been done every other day, as Goldie and Kodos seem to like this better:)) Diet: flakes, pellets, bloodworms, peas (and now, ProGold) Update: Due to Goldie's SBD, the two are now fed fresh (ie. veggies) and gel food.

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