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My 55 Gallon Goldfish Aquarium Update #2


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I waited quite longer than I wanted to, well its finally here, There have ben alot of adjustments, I redecorated shortly after the 1st update , 3 of the comets were successfully transfered to another aquarium to clear some space, I may make a vid of them later. I also got a little Lionhead goldfish around 2 weeks ago, I named him Simba, there is no music this time because I was lazy to edit the video. Their Names are 4 Comets (D-Ton Jr., Fake Crash, Fatty the Fatso, 1 un-named) 1 Calico Ryukin (Neo Cortex) 1 Black Moor aka. Black Telescope Eye (Rowley) 1 Redcap Oranda (Mario) 1 Red Oranda (Crash) 1 Calico Telescope eye (N.Gin) 1 Lionhead Goldfish (Simba) "new" 1 Common Pleco (Bob) All except Simba were in the previous video. Enjoy.

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