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The domestication of the goldfish is believed to have its origin in ancient China during the Song dynasty. It was around this period that people in China began keeping goldfish in private home ponds. Keeping goldfish in these single species communities greatly helped in creating new goldfish variants. After the collapse of the Song Dynasty in 1276 until 1546, there is little information about the development of goldfish during this period. Sometimes after 1546, earthenware containers became popular for the housing and propagating different goldfish varieties in addition to keeping them in ponds.


The Goldfish


Goldfish Classification
Temperament: Prefer to be in a community with other goldfish
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Sub-phylum: Vertebrata
Class: Osteichthyes
Sub-class: Actinopterygii
Infra class: Teleostei
Super order: Ostariophysi
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia and surrounding regions
Diet: Omnivore - eating both animal and plant matters
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Adapted for freshwater only


Some goldfish variants created over the centuries include the Japanese Comet, Nymph, Fringetail, Fantail, and Paradise or Barnacled goldfish. Other variants are the Chinese Tumbler, Piebald or Lettered Telescope, Mottled Telescope, and Fringetail Telescope goldfish.

The Chinese Tiger or Piebald goldfish was considered an unusual and strange goldfish in that it had a body that was short and triangular. The Mottled Telescope goldfish had a shape similar to the modern day fantail.


Modern Day Comet Goldfish
a comet goldfish

Another breed of goldfish believed to have been developed around 1840 is called the Oranda Shishigashira. The name translated from Japanese means Dutch Lionhead. This particular breed of goldfish had a body depth that was more elongated than the Ranchu but shorter than the Ryukin goldfish.

One of the strangest goldfish variant ever produced is called the Scaleless Veiltail Telescope. It was a result of crossbreeding the Japanese Fringetail with the Scaleless Chinese Telescope.

Goldfish variants that are not as well known are the Tosa goldfish, Tesu-wonga or iron coloured long tail goldfish, Hanafusa goldfish, Watonai goldfish, and Kinranshi goldfish.

For more information about goldfish, check the additional topics below:




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i need advise guys!.... ;]  ----------- 
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"Fish Hoarder Club"  ----------- 
Black moors chasing  ----------- 
new tank!  ----------- 
Tank Bullying?  ----------- 
brown alge  ----------- 
OH NO ICH!  ----------- 
Ammonia Testing?  ----------- 
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Starting again  ----------- 
MOvie  ----------- 
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My fish  ----------- 
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Feed rice to a goldfish  ----------- 
What do I need?  ----------- 
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Gravel Size  ----------- 
raising a monster  ----------- 
newbie needing advice  ----------- 
Problem poos.  ----------- 
odd behavior in my single koi  ----------- 
When will he get better  ----------- 
Strange behavior?  ----------- 
Sick Fish  ----------- 
poopstrings  ----------- 
A Newbies Review  ----------- 
African Dwarf Frog  ----------- 
FROGGY  ----------- 
Anyone know what this is?  ----------- 
Breeding Or Bullying?  ----------- 
MY 4 BETTAS  ----------- 
my fish and tank  ----------- 
My Olivia I think is getting old.  ----------- 
anyone think the goldfish with the brains on the outside are gross?  ----------- 
totally new to fish keeping please help  ----------- 
Good Night sleep tight... When do they sleep?  ----------- 
Meet Josse Antonio and Charlotta  ----------- 
nutrafin cycle  ----------- 
what do you do when you first get Two goldfish?  ----------- 
filter media  ----------- 
Bathtub Fish Pond!  ----------- 
New member!  ----------- 
MUNCHING UP A "TREE"  ----------- 
New gold fish babies!!!  ----------- 
Burns  ----------- 
FOR EVERYBODY AND ALL NEWBIES, please read before posting a Health Issue  ----------- 
White Bump on Head  ----------- 
white spot  ----------- 
Help! Something bad has happened! D:  ----------- 
What type of filtration do YOU use?  ----------- 
Algae!? NO WAY! Ewww!!  ----------- 
Quick filter question  ----------- 
DIY CO2 System... is it worth?  ----------- 
Pebbles for tanks!  ----------- 
Background for goldfish.  ----------- 
how to quarantine a plant  ----------- 
Black Ghost Knife Fish  ----------- 
other fish w/goldfish  ----------- 
FIGHTER-itis  ----------- 
My 150 Fancy Goldfish tank  ----------- 
My Goldfish Nemo and Dorie  ----------- 
Update on teh fishes  ----------- 
Tiger and Sono :P  ----------- 
Introducing My Fish :)  ----------- 
Pictures of my goldies  ----------- 
The New Family!!  ----------- 
What type of fish make good tank mates with fancy goldfish?  ----------- 
Help! My Male Oranda will NOT stop spraying milt all over the tank!  ----------- 
Goldfish food  ----------- 
sick fish again  ----------- 
HELP  ----------- 
algae  ----------- 
Fraying of Fins  ----------- 
eyesight  ----------- 
Can't change profile picture  ----------- 
Hi everybody  ----------- 
White spots (they look like pimples) on forehead? Normal or what is it?  ----------- 
something is happening to my fish!  ----------- 
Please Help!  ----------- 
goldfish  ----------- 
Oddly sick fish  ----------- 
Help Bocca!!!  ----------- 
Clamped fins bottom sitting  ----------- 
Willy Update  ----------- 
HELP!!!  ----------- 
They keep dying.  ----------- 
Tank Problem  ----------- 
Tank questions  ----------- 
Cloudy water,water changes-murdered fish! HELLP!  ----------- 
Gravid Fish  ----------- 
A dog and a Betta.  ----------- 
Some of my favorite fish......  ----------- 
HUMPHREY & HEPSIBA's tank before and after  ----------- 
When Jo Jo met Jilly ♥  ----------- 
Cold Scape  ----------- 
And then there were two  ----------- 
very sad news :(  ----------- 
GOLDFISH THAT WON'T GROW :(  ----------- 
First Time fish haver! *Quiestion!!!* HELP!  ----------- 
Advice?  ----------- 
Best Room For A Goldfish? :D  ----------- 
not sure if my oranda is getting better,,plz advise,,pics included  ----------- 
Diagnosis help needed  ----------- 
Fish i've seen at Wal-mart......  ----------- 
swims on it side or upside down  ----------- 
How do you know if it's fin rot?  ----------- 
Update: I think he's going to die :(  ----------- 
oranda fishy Mr. Bubbles  ----------- 
Fantail mystery  ----------- 
Newbie fish owner question  ----------- 
setting up my forty gallon  ----------- 
Under gravel filters  ----------- 
Objects that can be safely put in tanks.  ----------- 
Anubias Nana and Wood  ----------- 
is my mystery snail alive?  ----------- 
Filter  ----------- 
Baby Thai Oranda  ----------- 
Video of our AQUA PUPPIES  ----------- 
Silly pic of my fish  ----------- 
new baby  ----------- 
Laying Eggs Question  ----------- 
Overstocking calculator GREAT Tool  ----------- 
How often do you clean your tank?  ----------- 
Help!  ----------- 
Just a few questions :)  ----------- 
The Lounge!  ----------- 
WHERE do you guys get your AWESOME goldfish!?!?  ----------- 
Shoaling in Goldfish  ----------- 
Which breed?  ----------- 
gold fish and river fish  ----------- 
Our 3 year old Fancy Goldfish is sick, can you help?  ----------- 
lazy goldfish?  ----------- 
Bubble/Blister on Ryukin Tail  ----------- 
Sick fish  ----------- 
White bumps  ----------- 
Goldfish problem  ----------- 
Testing and Ragged Fins  ----------- 
Beta sick??  ----------- 
Angeline is sick, but with what?  ----------- 
Please Help, Goldfish In Serious Distress  ----------- 
A black mass on my fishes side  ----------- 
How cold is too cold?  ----------- 
Fancy Goldfish, weird illness??  ----------- 
is this a disease?  ----------- 
Sick Fish  ----------- 
Injury  ----------- 
Acting strange  ----------- 
Green water  ----------- 
is a cycled tank harder?  ----------- 
cycling tank using fishless method  ----------- 
Gloves  ----------- 
s15 filter  ----------- 
what kind of fish, good for pond life?  ----------- 
one weird goldfish and what kinda ranchu?  ----------- 
Can't stop getting new critters  ----------- 
My three fantails~  ----------- 
New Home for BARBAROSSA, CORY, DORA and 10 Neon Tetras  ----------- 
Bubba  ----------- 
Meet Crystal!  ----------- 
eggs perhaps?  ----------- 
hi  ----------- 
First time with fish  ----------- 
omega one small pellets bulling  ----------- 
Exciting news, maybe?  ----------- 
Cold water = vibrant how do I get my water colder???  ----------- 
API test kit  ----------- 
Picking a new fish  ----------- 
Hello!  ----------- 
Going on holiday  ----------- 
My Pearlscale Color Changes  ----------- 
New to fish (shubunkin goldfish)  ----------- 
Concerned about my Pearlscale  ----------- 
Help! Can't figure out what's wrong with little Coco.....  ----------- 
white spot?????  ----------- 
Methylene Blue  ----------- 
help ASAP  ----------- 
my orandas have turned black!!!  ----------- 
HELP ASAP!!  ----------- 
What could change my water in 8 hours but not my water tests?  ----------- 
Need some help  ----------- 
Very sad day :..(  ----------- 
Question about lose of scales  ----------- 
White Spots On Fish's Head  ----------- 
HELP!!! poorly Goldfish  ----------- 
Is this Ich  ----------- 
AHHHHHHHH! What is happening!  ----------- 
Ammonia problems  ----------- 
lighting  ----------- 
Brown Spots?  ----------- 
Exactly what size tank do I really need?  ----------- 
Help with keeping my aquarium plant alive  ----------- 
Photos of Stunning Aquariums!  ----------- 
disease free snail free aquarium plants  ----------- 
What would you call this colouring?  ----------- 
Shrimp  ----------- 
Pics from Fish competition In Indonesia  ----------- 
The Kids are Growing up!  ----------- 
Black moor  ----------- 
How many goldfish to a 20 gal tank?  ----------- 
Introducing Izzy!  ----------- 
Adopted Goldfish  ----------- 
Celestial Goldfish  ----------- 
Can Goldfish go in a tank with diffrent Goldfish?  ----------- 
ebay tank - mad  ----------- 
need help  ----------- 
New to all!!!!!!!!!!  ----------- 
Earthquake rescue fish.... help!  ----------- 
are you sometimes troubled by "unsightly fish poo" ?  ----------- 
Setting up an 80 gallon tank  ----------- 
New fish old fish  ----------- 
Heat?  ----------- 
over-stocking ?  ----------- 
Poorly goldfish, one fatality  ----------- 
How to help my sick and dying fish  ----------- 
Chill Out, Fishies!  ----------- 
Oranda swim bladder  ----------- 
Baby goldfish dying  ----------- 
Black Spots  ----------- 
black moor has a recuring pimple on head  ----------- 
Im just a tiny bit worried...can anyone help mee??  ----------- 
Help? Injured.  ----------- 
Help: my goldfish suddenly die.  ----------- 
SYMPTOMS  ----------- 
New fantail goldfish  ----------- 
Our New Rescue- Please Help  ----------- 
What's left of Curly fish....  ----------- 
Dropsy?  ----------- 
Ich problem, need advice, please help!  ----------- 
Any thoughts  ----------- 
airstone in goldfish tank  ----------- 
New tank for newbie  ----------- 
Chemicals-which do you use and why?  ----------- 
What type of goldfish have i got?  ----------- 
My NEW Fish  ----------- 
My 110L Fancy Goldfish tank  ----------- 
WHAT THE ... IS THIS ? ? ?  ----------- 
Mr. Tailer  ----------- 
New tank lighting video  ----------- 
Ranchus  ----------- 
my 3 sweeties  ----------- 
My New Tank :)  ----------- 
Sumo  ----------- 
New Set-up!!!  ----------- 
Good news  ----------- 
Help with feeding!  ----------- 
Food? Help!  ----------- 
cycle theory  ----------- 
Hi everyone, i'm new!  ----------- 
Gold fish wont open its mouth  ----------- 
upside down pearlscale  ----------- 
Goldfish bully. Help!  ----------- 
Gel Food  ----------- 
Fantail tail fins not to standard  ----------- 
Where to find baby fantail goldfish?  ----------- 
Treating ich  ----------- 
Help with a potential tank mate  ----------- 
6 year old telescope sick  ----------- 
Bit worried about my Pearlscale. Any advice?  ----------- 
Pearlscale Goldfish swimming upside down  ----------- 
Wondering what is worng with my goldfish  ----------- 
Help my sons goldfish died after a week  ----------- 
my goldfish have white spot, treating them but they are acting strange... help!  ----------- 
Tank Water murky colour please help!!!  ----------- 
I need help pls. our 3 little comet goldfish have their pectoral fins bleeding  ----------- 
ICK!!!!!!  ----------- 
Please help!! Very poorly shubunkin  ----------- 
black edges suddenly on back fins of my goldfish  ----------- 
A Question from PFK  ----------- 
Re-cycling help asap!!!  ----------- 
Is it possible...  ----------- 
Rectangular vs. Hexagon  ----------- 
If you only have a 1 gallon bowl.....  ----------- 
salt  ----------- 
buying plants  ----------- 
pH problem  ----------- 
Common Goldfish?  ----------- 
my goldfish goldie and bunty are they male or female  ----------- 
Can someone tell me what type this is?  ----------- 
comet or common  ----------- 
Fishy friend for our goldfish?  ----------- 
Betta Tricks!  ----------- 
New Addition  ----------- 
Aqua Birds :P  ----------- 
Butterfly plec feeding trouble!  ----------- 
fancy goldfish question?  ----------- 
Affinity Feature Ponds?  ----------- 
My Pearlscale Gold fish  ----------- 
My Family!  ----------- 
Teetsy and Momos New Home  ----------- 
More pics need help with a name for new oranda  ----------- 
My new additions  ----------- 
More pictures of my tank and fish  ----------- 
my gold fish collection 1  ----------- 
Feeding  ----------- 
If Goldfish Had Jobs...  ----------- 
Goldfish black eye  ----------- 
Question about albino comet goldfish  ----------- 
How to ship goldfish?  ----------- 
Goldfish books.  ----------- 
Why do YOU love your fish???  ----------- 
Tank Pics and Goldie Tank Re-do  ----------- 
Is there such thing as changing to much water?  ----------- 
how many fish  ----------- 
would 1 fantail be happy?  ----------- 
Very Useful Resources  ----------- 
Time for an update  ----------- 
A Guide to Farming Worms (for live food...)  ----------- 
My Calico seems to be losing his scales... is this normal?  ----------- 
fish may be ill  ----------- 
whoa.....I think orange fantail got the septicemia  ----------- 
swimming sideways now upside down  ----------- 
Any advice please?  ----------- 
cotton wool like stuff on coming from orandas wen  ----------- 
Torn Fin  ----------- 
Fish Nutrition  ----------- 
Black Spots  ----------- 
blisters(i think) on my four inch oranda  ----------- 
illness  ----------- 
Fin Rot  ----------- 
Hole in Dorsal Fin  ----------- 
White Poop!!  ----------- 
Are mine being Lazy or not??? LOL  ----------- 
Goldfish and the cold?  ----------- 
oliver'z update  ----------- 
Tank size  ----------- 
HELP NEEDED ASAP!  ----------- 
Tank upgrade for 5 goldfish  ----------- 
Live plants  ----------- 
Pond pumps for tanks  ----------- 
Cube Tank  ----------- 
Feeder fish???  ----------- 
I wonder...  ----------- 
golden fish type...  ----------- 
Does anyone have a picture of a very young red-cap oranda?  ----------- 
Names of different colors?  ----------- 
What is the fascination with Betas?  ----------- 
Snail eggs!  ----------- 
unknown snail please someone help me to ID it.  ----------- 
Butterfly plec question  ----------- 
My little nibblers  ----------- 
my goldfish family  ----------- 
The 4 Stooges  ----------- 
My trio of happy goldies.  ----------- 
Introducing Bertie:)  ----------- 
community  ----------- 
My babies  ----------- 
My "Clown Ranchus"  ----------- 
Water change question  ----------- 
New Tank - jumping in with both feet  ----------- 
Black moore lying down?  ----------- 
Goldfish and Koi Show in Indianapolis!  ----------- 
Foods I can feed my comet  ----------- 
Bowl to tank...  ----------- 
Think twice before putting fine gravel into a tank. Or how I saved Hose!  ----------- 
New fish  ----------- 
Fishfood  ----------- 
Toys/Things for Goldfish to keep them entertained??  ----------- 
3rd week of cycling and slime film on everything in the tank.  ----------- 
New member of family a oranda yay  ----------- 
As everyone wanted pics of my pets  ----------- 
(Nay!) Now it's Aye!  ----------- 
Rescued a little betta today!  ----------- 
well water  ----------- 
Black Moor!!!  ----------- 
29 Gallons Goldies?  ----------- 
Feeding question!  ----------- 
Making gel food!  ----------- 
Comet attacking blackmoor  ----------- 
Starting my first fancy tank!  ----------- 
Funny things your fish do  ----------- 
Suprise, Suprise!  ----------- 
sick ryunkin goldfish  ----------- 
help with my red cap oranda....  ----------- 
"The Return of Coco"  ----------- 
Golfish with black blotch dying?  ----------- 
Sick Shubunkin  ----------- 
Will my goldfish recover?  ----------- 
dead fish  ----------- 
Dorsal Fin  ----------- 
lg comet w/red mark on top of head?  ----------- 
swimming around but act like blind  ----------- 
fungus, parasite or both? Methyline Blue or General Tonic?  ----------- 
I have problem  ----------- 
Goldfish/Scales look dry and/or dull  ----------- 
Something very odd is going on...  ----------- 
Floating at the top of the tank  ----------- 
floating upside down  ----------- 
Help need - fish out of water  ----------- 
Really worried!  ----------- 
Please help.  ----------- 
My poor boys  ----------- 
New tank...need advice on filter please  ----------- 
large tank water changes  ----------- 
Fish tank confusion..?  ----------- 
Crud! (literally) on my Sponge Filter?  ----------- 
Goldfish Tanks  ----------- 
Stay Plants, Stay!  ----------- 
are mine veiltails  ----------- 
What type of Goldfish is this?  ----------- 
new to goldfish, are these comet?  ----------- 
Different colored comet goldfish  ----------- 
chester: Is he a comet?  ----------- 
Food for Neon Tetras  ----------- 
Surprise Fantail  ----------- 
Finally!  ----------- 
Can koi fish live with other kinds of fish and are predatory to tadpoles?  ----------- 
Sinking Goldfish  ----------- 
(We're Spending Most Our Lives) Living in a Goldfish Paradise  ----------- 
HIIIII, WE ARE MATILDA AND SUNSHINE (from the Sunshine Coast)  ----------- 
My goldfish Tank  ----------- 
MICROSCOPIC AQUARIUM WORLD, new pics  ----------- 
NEW FISHES  ----------- 
slatwater tank again  ----------- 
my new redheaded lionchu  ----------- 
My 3 comet goldfish.  ----------- 
Just showing off Olivia!  ----------- 
New lights and plants  ----------- 
my rescue...cute huh : )  ----------- 
Goldfish: Bullied and tired?  ----------- 
Can fish suffer a loss of another fish?  ----------- 
Fish  ----------- 
what should i name them?  ----------- 
Checking In with New Fish Needing Names  ----------- 
Would it be beneficial?  ----------- 
CELEBRATION  ----------- 
petsmart coolest goldfish  ----------- 
Is Kissy being bullied or something else?  ----------- 
My new Ryukin looks like it's seizing  ----------- 
Poor fishy :(  ----------- 
What can I do to hep these poor fish?  ----------- 
Fish eating poop as a snack  ----------- 
Looking to forward to getting my first Betta  ----------- 
What fish to get???  ----------- 
Betta is here!!  ----------- 
having a goldfish at work... couple questions  ----------- 
Cycling Question - What do I need?  ----------- 
Tank Size...  ----------- 
SC Goldfish Show YAY!!  ----------- 
new fish  ----------- 
community Goldfish tank, going great  ----------- 
Goldfish hoovering  ----------- 
Giving away a fantail  ----------- 
i killed my telescope goldfish  ----------- 
Single Tailed Goldfish, Tanks or Ponds?  ----------- 
found bizarre blood-sucking bug-thing on new fish!  ----------- 
Fish Doctor  ----------- 
PLEASE help my goldish!  ----------- 
Fan-tail goldfish is ill??  ----------- 
eggs  ----------- 
fantail fish  ----------- 
Help this poor tiny one please!  ----------- 
parasites and flashing  ----------- 
SO not my week, need more advice  ----------- 
Lockjaw?  ----------- 
Poor Spot  ----------- 
HELP! Goldfish acts crazy at same time for about an hour or so everyday  ----------- 
Please help. I need advice.  ----------- 
My new tank for Discus  ----------- 
Oh no! Power outage  ----------- 
new member, hello !  ----------- 
Goldfish for my tank?  ----------- 
Replacing Filters  ----------- 
6 fott Tank for sale near Oswestry 299  ----------- 
Fluorescent lighting for the Aquarium  ----------- 
Tip For Washing Larger Gravel  ----------- 
Anyone know this one? From a carnival figure it was a feeder  ----------- 
Who is my new goldfish?  ----------- 
King Betas????  ----------- 
New Veiltail Betta!!!!!!!!  ----------- 
Breeding Koi and Goldfish  ----------- 
My Sunshine  ----------- 
THE REST OF THE GANG  ----------- 
My Boys! :-D 8-)  ----------- 
My new Shubunkin  ----------- 
Goldfish at the Gardens  ----------- 
a couple more. :-)  ----------- 
My new addition  ----------- 
An update on flash and Merle  ----------- 
Need to stay away from Petsmart  ----------- 
Jet & Rocket  ----------- 
My new family members  ----------- 
Piggy and Jet  ----------- 
new to goldfish  ----------- 
Shy  ----------- 
where to buy goldfish  ----------- 
Koi & Comet Goldfish  ----------- 
New member and gold fish lover :-)  ----------- 
A question about my fantail goldfish  ----------- 
Confused about my goldfish  ----------- 
Is it safe to put real seashells in freshwater tank?  ----------- 
need help  ----------- 
Kordon Fish-Protector  ----------- 
The Nitrogen Cycle: In Simple Layman's Terms  ----------- 
algea eaters  ----------- 
NEW FISH! PLUS ILLNESS HELP!!!  ----------- 
Preserving Bacteria and Jump-Starting Cycling  ----------- 
Couple questions  ----------- 
Personality change  ----------- 
25 Gallon Tank Currently Empty  ----------- 
Starting a pond with goldfish  ----------- 
Sorry but another question  ----------- 
My Awesome Thrift Store Find!  ----------- 
snails in tank  ----------- 
Fishy activity  ----------- 
Are there any laws on shipping fish??  ----------- 
Two new fish!!!!  ----------- 
What's wrong with my goldfish?  ----------- 
white spot on tail, pale and weak  ----------- 
SICK SICK SICK Goldfish HELP ASAP  ----------- 
My "what i thought to be constipated" GF wont get better  ----------- 
help my redcap oranda plz  ----------- 
My new common gold fish seems to be afraid to swim to the top for feed! hlp pls!  ----------- 
My goldfish aren't swimming much anymore..  ----------- 
i need help please! pink worm?  ----------- 
dying fish  ----------- 
what DO Fish eat?  ----------- 
My fish is sick  ----------- 
babysitting a sick goldfish - need help!  ----------- 
FISHTAMIN by SERA  ----------- 
need help  ----------- 
I have two goldfish that are eating my thirds fins and tail....  ----------- 
ick and fin rot  ----------- 
RIP Finn :-(  ----------- 
HELP!!!! my little goldfish is acting weird:(  ----------- 
Black spot on my maddu (goldfish)  ----------- 
Bubbles from gills!  ----------- 
Parasites!!  ----------- 
Fish floats upside down  ----------- 
I've got new fish, what kind of aquarium + equip should I purchase?  ----------- 
introducing new fishies  ----------- 
Questions  ----------- 
What aquarium plants should I buy?  ----------- 
Worms!  ----------- 
Upgrading my tank  ----------- 
75 g Tank - How much Turn Over is Okay Per Hour?  ----------- 
New and defying all odds! (Hopefully)  ----------- 
Temporary tank for Shubunkin Goldfish  ----------- 
Air pump  ----------- 
Cycling  ----------- 
coffee mug as planter  ----------- 
Problems with plants judged from their leaves...  ----------- 
Male Moor and Female Oranda ???  ----------- 
New to fish  ----------- 
Is this a Fantail?  ----------- 
REPOSTED: pls, help me find out whu am i  ----------- 
what d fish is this  ----------- 
GUPPIES  ----------- 
Keeping Bettas  ----------- 
Should you feed goldfish in an outside pond in the winter?  ----------- 
mY GOLDFISH AQUARIUM  ----------- 
My other family  ----------- 
CORY and DORA  ----------- 
My babies! :)  ----------- 
Kara in her 10G tank (still...)  ----------- 
My new fish are arriving on Friday  ----------- 
New Fishies wooohooooo!  ----------- 
New Fantail  ----------- 
My Ryukins at a year old  ----------- 
A vid of the big guys eating out of my hand.  ----------- 
New fishie!!!!  ----------- 
New babies  ----------- 
urgent question ??????????????  ----------- 
determining gender  ----------- 
real plants  ----------- 
excretion  ----------- 
Temperature  ----------- 
hey everyone!! :D  ----------- 
Black fuzzy spots on tank decoration?  ----------- 
i done with gold fish  ----------- 
Spitting Gravel  ----------- 
Comets at the bottom corner of tank  ----------- 
filter question  ----------- 
Goldies not swimming all over the tank  ----------- 
Goldie Updates!!!!  ----------- 
2 new members in the family...I'm a hoarder!  ----------- 
New here  ----------- 
rate of growth fantail  ----------- 
kinda confused  ----------- 
goldfish survive 134 days with no power  ----------- 
new here. wanted to say hello!  ----------- 
Fishy Dreams...  ----------- 
Baby Brine Shrimp?  ----------- 
Goldfish in tanks that are too small.  ----------- 
frozen bloodworms  ----------- 
What a shocker :P  ----------- 
What to do with Goldfish That You Get From A Wedding?  ----------- 
GREAT NEWS  ----------- 
new fish keeper questions...  ----------- 
Moving with Gold Fish  ----------- 
my goldfish has no mouth  ----------- 
But don't they're markings gradually change too??  ----------- 
Goldfish with residue on its skin  ----------- 
Big fat goldfish  ----------- 
red cap oranda!! please help  ----------- 
Smoking Fish???  ----------- 
Melafix?  ----------- 
First time using ammo lock in a cycling tank.  ----------- 
RELATION: Ammonia - pH  ----------- 
Help me!  ----------- 
Request your help and opinion!  ----------- 
Til Death Do Us Part...  ----------- 
Depressed Goldies?  ----------- 
HELP! Telescope-eyed Goldfish problems!  ----------- 
Ich and new tank  ----------- 
Help! Inflamed, torn pelvic fin and getting worse by the minute!  ----------- 
scratched fish?  ----------- 
new fish  ----------- 
bubbles on goldfish :( how didnt have it before  ----------- 
Upsidedown gold fish  ----------- 
sudden death?  ----------- 
panda baby is sick  ----------- 
URGENT! PLEASE HELP! Pearlscales all Dieing!  ----------- 
Whats wrong with my fish?  ----------- 
pearlscale in deep trouble  ----------- 
tank size and possible ammonia poisoning  ----------- 
Ich???? I need help.  ----------- 
biOrbs?  ----------- 
temp...  ----------- 
What Type of Filter Do You Have?  ----------- 
Ammonia Alert vs. Master Test Kit  ----------- 
My 60 gallon is all set up (almost)  ----------- 
A question on active carbon media  ----------- 
Question---  ----------- 
HOT water  ----------- 
I think it's starting!  ----------- 
fluval u2  ----------- 
Moving into a bigger tank  ----------- 
How bout this little guy?  ----------- 
Discus fish  ----------- 
Goldfish and Pleco  ----------- 
My Chi is finally here :)  ----------- 
Snail problem: please help  ----------- 
Comparing koi to goldfish?  ----------- 
Orandas in Ponds  ----------- 
when should i take my fantail ou of the pond  ----------- 
pond goldfish  ----------- 
Ranchu and Oranda spawned  ----------- 
Where are my tubercles??  ----------- 
A first Video.....  ----------- 
My new fish  ----------- 
World's biggest goldfish?  ----------- 
My New Goldfish Family!  ----------- 
Introducing Teetsymomo  ----------- 
Teetsy and Momo  ----------- 
Finally...goldfish pictures.  ----------- 
3 Oranda Fish  ----------- 
Tank set-up..  ----------- 
My new tank and first pictures of fish  ----------- 
Don't lecture me now...  ----------- 
My new fishy  ----------- 
new fish getting soon  ----------- 
I'm about to get some goldfish, what kind should I get?  ----------- 
BEHAVIOR  ----------- 
One more fish  ----------- 
hey guys, bit of help needed :)  ----------- 
WELCOME !  ----------- 
Facts about the Eating Habits of Goldfish  ----------- 
Pearlscale goldfish  ----------- 
New comet goldfish  ----------- 
White spots on my goldfish?  ----------- 
Guppies  ----------- 
New baby black moore  ----------- 
SADNESS-Two goldfish dead  ----------- 
Beneficial bacteria and water changes  ----------- 
oranda naming  ----------- 
Keeping Common/Comet goldfish. Overcrowded? Lol its a 10g  ----------- 
RIP My beloved Patinka  ----------- 
Pellets vs Flakes  ----------- 
Bottled/Jug water  ----------- 
Goldfish and Music  ----------- 
An incredible transformation  ----------- 
Marimo balls and goldfish  ----------- 
New fish!!!  ----------- 
Hello Everyone!!....and a quick question :D  ----------- 
How can you tell if a fish is pregnant?  ----------- 
Goldfish as Prizes - Petitions  ----------- 
stressed pearlscale  ----------- 
I am back!!!  ----------- 
Any one heard from Nossie lately?  ----------- 
My Goldfish dory  ----------- 
question  ----------- 
fishy behaviour  ----------- 
Please Help !  ----------- 
*** early sign of my fish getting sick ***  ----------- 
My fish is a baby fish  ----------- 
sick lionhead  ----------- 
bubble eyed cant eat  ----------- 
Hover-fish.  ----------- 
Anyone know if Parasite Clear by Jungle will hurt my Japanese Trapdoor snails?  ----------- 
Breeding Season Behavior  ----------- 
Fish swimming sideways?  ----------- 
White spot desease  ----------- 
Goldfish Fin Broken - pls help!  ----------- 
3 Goldfishs Needing Air?  ----------- 
hi  ----------- 
what is it?  ----------- 
Bubba - an update  ----------- 
My fish is sick and I don't have the test kit ( Photos available)  ----------- 
HELP URGENT! Red veins in tail getting worse!  ----------- 
Help! My goldfish is laying on the bottom of the tank & not eating...  ----------- 
Torn pectoral fins  ----------- 
OMG HELP PLEASE!!!!  ----------- 
treat ment for Chilodonella  ----------- 
Oranda and Ranchu problems  ----------- 
Fish on bottom of pond-Help!  ----------- 
black moor with damaged eyes. some advice please  ----------- 
Red Cap Oranda - please advise  ----------- 
Has my fish injured itself or is it ill?  ----------- 
Jose  ----------- 
Need help!  ----------- 
Urgent  ----------- 
What is ammonia? Why is it bad? ( from goldfish )?  ----------- 
fish bowl?  ----------- 
Newbie Worried- didn't cycle- have orandas in there for three weeks :(  ----------- 
Betta tank  ----------- 
Need a recommendation about online supplies  ----------- 
Cloudy water  ----------- 
Quarantine/hospital bucket?  ----------- 
Water cloudy a bit  ----------- 
keep one side of the aquarium in the dark  ----------- 
UV sterilizer  ----------- 
Aquarium Light  ----------- 
Cycling and bio booster question  ----------- 
Fish IN Tank  ----------- 
??????  ----------- 
??Bubble Eyes and Gravel??  ----------- 
my new goldfish tank  ----------- 
Standard Fantail?  ----------- 
Need help figuring out what kind these are :)  ----------- 
Fish color names?  ----------- 
Colorful fish compatible with ryukin goldfish?  ----------- 
Apple snail banned in EU  ----------- 
Pond cleaning question?  ----------- 
How to start up a pond?  ----------- 
My Portable Pond Mission....  ----------- 
When does goldish fry show their colour?  ----------- 
Our Paracheidorons Innesi  ----------- 
My new adopted Ryukin  ----------- 
Red Cap Oranda  ----------- 
A Ranchu  ----------- 
Pics  ----------- 
Goldfish montage  ----------- 
My new ranchus!!!  ----------- 
A brief video of my ranchus and orandas  ----------- 
I just couldn't wait!  ----------- 
my tanks  ----------- 
Photo's and update on my fry  ----------- 
Almost 3 weeks old  ----------- 
Dreamsicle is growing up  ----------- 
new fish  ----------- 
Carnival Goldfish  ----------- 
Intelligent Goldfish?  ----------- 
tank filter  ----------- 
Water Change  ----------- 
SALT for FRESHWATER FISH like GOLDFISH ?  ----------- 
cold water tank too warm  ----------- 
For how long can you leave them alone?  ----------- 
Totally wet behind the ears ;)  ----------- 
PONDS  ----------- 
A funny fish story!  ----------- 
Goldfish nasty behavior?  ----------- 
User Name question  ----------- 
New to fish keeping  ----------- 
need advice  ----------- 
New ones on sunday  ----------- 
golfish beginner new aquarium outside  ----------- 
depressed  ----------- 
experts?  ----------- 
personality/behavior  ----------- 
I think I'm finally starting to get it!  ----------- 
Newbie questions..  ----------- 
a couple questions  ----------- 
what do to for goldie in the event of a power outage?  ----------- 
My goldfish keep getting bitten by algae eater  ----------- 
My Black Moors are comedians!  ----------- 
Pleco or not?  ----------- 
How to bid on Goldfish Connection?  ----------- 
smelly water again  ----------- 
So...  ----------- 
Water conditioner  ----------- 
Goldfish compatibility  ----------- 
tubercles  ----------- 
Setting up a new aquarium  ----------- 
4 new family members  ----------- 
new fish babies!!  ----------- 
please help!!  ----------- 
What is the matter with my goldfish? ..  ----------- 
Goldfish malady?  ----------- 
BIG Growths!  ----------- 
Upside down Goldie  ----------- 
Is there anyway to cure buoyancy issues?  ----------- 
black patches on the tail of my goldfish  ----------- 
Ammonia Poisoning  ----------- 
fish sick?  ----------- 
Possible Swim Bladder Problem  ----------- 
comet constipation upsidedown  ----------- 
Goldfish changing colors and loosing scales  ----------- 
Worried about my fish...  ----------- 
Goldfish Bowls  ----------- 
Recurring Fungus? Ich? I'm in need of help!  ----------- 
fungus  ----------- 
goldfish with white like coating on them  ----------- 
Very Weird Illness/Injury???  ----------- 
help  ----------- 
Sick fish?!?  ----------- 
Tailer is doing well : )  ----------- 
I'm not panicking yet, but help??  ----------- 
Great Blue Heron  ----------- 
Pond Golfish with one White Spot  ----------- 
Panacur for Camallanus Worms  ----------- 
Black moor  ----------- 
Spots on tail  ----------- 
weird eye????  ----------- 
problem with the tail  ----------- 
How long is too long?  ----------- 
Help Molly please!  ----------- 
High Ph  ----------- 
Fin rot/Ich question  ----------- 
tetra parasite guard/snails/plants  ----------- 
Oh My !  ----------- 
Black Line Lengthwise on Tail  ----------- 
big fantail being chased by smaller fantails  ----------- 
:'(  ----------- 
Lost Tangerine  ----------- 
Concern for new Oranda  ----------- 
My poor shubunkin  ----------- 
Dislocated jaw  ----------- 
Getting New Tank  ----------- 
Drilled holes  ----------- 
Submersible Light  ----------- 
moving spike  ----------- 
how many air bubbles in 75 gal tank?  ----------- 
Ammonia test freakout - Question  ----------- 
Soon to be new fish owner - Need tank set-up advice  ----------- 
10 gallon for one goldfish?  ----------- 
Continuation from "I think it's starting"  ----------- 
Aqua tech filter ?  ----------- 
Relentless Ammonia  ----------- 
Duckweed  ----------- 
BAMBOO  ----------- 
What kind of fish do i have?  ----------- 
what am I??  ----------- 
gold fish mating  ----------- 
stocking a ten gallon ???  ----------- 
big eyed mollies,,HELP????  ----------- 
Snails  ----------- 
betta for me? (:  ----------- 
Thinking of putting tank in Garden  ----------- 
over winter in the garage  ----------- 
Natural Pond  ----------- 
About crossbreeding fancy goldfish  ----------- 
Yellow Goldfish  ----------- 
My plans  ----------- 
MY DISCUS FISH VIDEO  ----------- 
My other gold fish at indonesia  ----------- 
Goldfish: The Movie  ----------- 
Barbarossas new home and new company  ----------- 
A few pics of Kara  ----------- 
I've always wanted a white fantail!!!!  ----------- 
my five day old bunty and goldie  ----------- 
Lets see if this works  ----------- 
Did some cleaning  ----------- 
My dear departed.  ----------- 
New piccys of my fishes  ----------- 
Introduce myself and my three buddies  ----------- 
Koi and goldfish in a tank together?  ----------- 
Constant gulping at surface.  ----------- 
Gold fish with swollen belly swimming upside down.  ----------- 
are they fighting??  ----------- 
not sure y they keep dying  ----------- 
Is it ok to mix guppies with goldfish?  ----------- 
Just Started Newbie, please help  ----------- 
tell the gender  ----------- 
A question concerning peas..  ----------- 
Im new!  ----------- 
popeye  ----------- 
55gallon tank - going barebottom - need suggestions  ----------- 
If you are a beginner to goldfish keeping..  ----------- 
Goldfish Diet  ----------- 
sorry  ----------- 
Swim Bladder Issues  ----------- 
Bacteria Supplement  ----------- 
Brackish Water  ----------- 
Brine Shrimp/Daphnia  ----------- 
New here ;)  ----------- 
Measuring a goldfish  ----------- 
gold fish & tropical fish  ----------- 
Please help vic!!!  ----------- 
Petsmart Is so cool!  ----------- 
Getting a pair of goldfish how do i prepare/ is my habitat substantial?  ----------- 
Advice for newbies from an experienced newbie  ----------- 
Black Moor feeding  ----------- 
How long to keep fruits and veggies clipped  ----------- 
goldfish with something on its side  ----------- 
Water cloudy after water change...?  ----------- 
Hello everybody  ----------- 
Agressive goldfish  ----------- 
Moving Goldfish Out of State Need Help!  ----------- 
Mixing Shubunkins and blackmoors??  ----------- 
live foods?  ----------- 
Ranchus, Lionheads & an introduction  ----------- 
New Goldfish Hovering at Surface Intermittently? Help?  ----------- 
Nitrate spike  ----------- 
Confused about my tank capacity??  ----------- 
New Goldies!!  ----------- 
Were can you buy a high quality goldfish?  ----------- 
Replacing a goldfish  ----------- 
Fish Filter  ----------- 
Crud :'(  ----------- 
oranda  ----------- 
Seeking a good fish souce in GEORGIA  ----------- 
Comet hiding all the time  ----------- 
No more Mr. Nice Guy  ----------- 
Shubunkins - enough space for them?  ----------- 
Aqadvisor readings  ----------- 
Goldfish Maintainence-fish/tank size  ----------- 
Canabalism?  ----------- 
Please, can someone help me?  ----------- 
Fantail Goldfish..... Dorsal Fin  ----------- 
RED SPOTS> HELP  ----------- 
Diagnosis Help  ----------- 
is my fish ill?  ----------- 
Shubunkin With Anchor Worm  ----------- 
help!?  ----------- 
best Treatment for Ick  ----------- 
What can be wrong  ----------- 
missing a few scales???  ----------- 
sick pond fish due to heat?  ----------- 
goldfish swollen white lumps in gill  ----------- 
Help!  ----------- 
fins going black - help  ----------- 
Potential swim bladder?  ----------- 
floating fish  ----------- 
Upside down bubble-eye goldfish  ----------- 
Old disease.  ----------- 
Help - not sure what's up with my fish :-(  ----------- 
My fish have finrot, HELP!  ----------- 
BUCKY!!!!!  ----------- 
Fin rot  ----------- 
fan tail goldfish  ----------- 
Slight bend in rear fin  ----------- 
Is my fish sick?  ----------- 
Help needed for my fantail goldfish  ----------- 
The epic Tank Debate...  ----------- 
High Nitrite  ----------- 
Goldfish "choking" please help!  ----------- 
Fish Not Eating  ----------- 
My Goldfish giving me mixed signals  ----------- 
HELP! Poor Carlos is injured! :(  ----------- 
Help Needed Asap  ----------- 
New air stone?  ----------- 
Anything I haven't thought of?  ----------- 
Something else wrong! Lumps?...  ----------- 
????  ----------- 
help needed for blind goldfish  ----------- 
fin rot problems!! please help!!!  ----------- 
Dropsy  ----------- 
white pimple/growth on tail  ----------- 
Orange lionhead turning white~  ----------- 
Help for Goldie  ----------- 
Tell Me If You Think I'm Ready To Go Shopping For Fish Yet  ----------- 
Battery powered air pumps and filters  ----------- 
Different substrate in the same tank?  ----------- 
How Many Fish To Cycle Tank?  ----------- 
Cleaning my new tank  ----------- 
pond snails  ----------- 
Petsmart stands and glass/plastic coverings  ----------- 
oxydators!  ----------- 
20 or 29  ----------- 
Are almond leaves healthy for Goldfish?  ----------- 
Week 4 and a few pics  ----------- 
Should I add a sponge filter to my tank???  ----------- 
filterles tank  ----------- 
Quiet Filter  ----------- 
Valentine love aquarium  ----------- 
Live plants?  ----------- 
Sand vs Gravel  ----------- 
Plant Roots  ----------- 
Plants and light bulbs  ----------- 
Spider plants  ----------- 
180litre tank  ----------- 
what type of fish did I get?  ----------- 
Oranda?  ----------- 
chocolate moor?  ----------- 
New Fish!!  ----------- 
male or female ryukin?  ----------- 
I Got A Betta  ----------- 
Can Wimplefish be kept with Goldfish  ----------- 
Apple snails  ----------- 
How often to feed my fish  ----------- 
Algae/Green Water Problems in Koi Ponds?  ----------- 
Is this true?  ----------- 
Fancy goldfish disease?  ----------- 
male or female?  ----------- 
how do you post video to this site?  ----------- 
no.2 video :-)  ----------- 
My new beautiful ranchu  ----------- 
My new family..  ----------- 
Telescope / Demenkin  ----------- 
Something a little different (I hope)  ----------- 
my saltwater for people to look at  ----------- 
:{  ----------- 
My Tank Set Up!  ----------- 
Before and after..  ----------- 
Lemonade moves to new home  ----------- 
New pics of some new fish  ----------- 
My new little one  ----------- 
Help! My goldfish is a bully!  ----------- 
Goldfish size  ----------- 
I have 7 goldfish, I know they say I am suppose to feed them once a day  ----------- 
new owner ?  ----------- 
wen  ----------- 
If you have a Ryukin (or more), what other types of food could you feed him/her?  ----------- 
New Goldfish  ----------- 
Blue Oranda Question  ----------- 
Goldfish on side at top of pond ... noticed last night ... but still breathing!  ----------- 
Fancyfish has gone blind  ----------- 
Ripped fin  ----------- 
Goldfish  ----------- 
Help with Gold fish and an outdoor pond  ----------- 
dying fish  ----------- 
Goldfish beginner  ----------- 
Need advice on goldfish  ----------- 
filmy bubbles at the top of tank...  ----------- 
Hello! got a 60 gallon tank for my goldfish, wondering about size...  ----------- 
Tattered goldfish help  ----------- 
hi fin bull shark  ----------- 
What type of golsfish is this?  ----------- 
How many Shubunkins?  ----------- 
help me abandoned goldfish in my new pond  ----------- 
Fishes  ----------- 
Fish Tanks  ----------- 
Sad day :-(  ----------- 
It is quite hot outside - any recommendations to keep fishes comfortable?  ----------- 
goldfish  ----------- 
??? is it ok  ----------- 
Goldfish breeding?  ----------- 
black /gold oranda question  ----------- 
Where are my nitrates?  ----------- 
costipated orange oranda medium sizes male  ----------- 
Ranchu eyes  ----------- 
marine land hob  ----------- 
Short Life Span?  ----------- 
Poor Wisp!  ----------- 
New filter=goldfish gulping air?!?!  ----------- 
**Breaking News** on my little rescued betta Merlot!  ----------- 
perascale glodfish  ----------- 
my Ryukin is scared of me!!!  ----------- 
Filtration Question  ----------- 
Teaching a goldfish new tricks?  ----------- 
Snail sexes?  ----------- 
Bullies  ----------- 
Aquarium Wiki  ----------- 
gravel  ----------- 
Live food options  ----------- 
Naturally Planted Tanks  ----------- 
New tank  ----------- 
My theories on tank size relative to growth rate.  ----------- 
Cycling 20 gallon tank  ----------- 
Snail under the fish siege!!!  ----------- 
syringe  ----------- 
Dead fish?  ----------- 
goldfish. Bought it for Grandma and want to get more infor  ----------- 
will a tea coloured pond be harmful for goldfish?  ----------- 
Welsh Marine Conservation Zones Consultation  ----------- 
Surprise  ----------- 
My new fish Ash  ----------- 
catappa leafs  ----------- 
question  ----------- 
Red spot on head?  ----------- 
Please help - sick fish!  ----------- 
upside down & bloated  ----------- 
Losing My Precious Goldfish  ----------- 
Hurt Oranda  ----------- 
sick oranda!  ----------- 
how do I feed my other fish when treating constipation?  ----------- 
goldfish with bruising?  ----------- 
So much conflicting info on black spots - help!  ----------- 
Cotton like substance  ----------- 
Calico Telescope Golfish  ----------- 
My fish just sit in one spot - help!?????!  ----------- 
Goldfish and!  ----------- 
Worried about my comet  ----------- 
PLZ HELP!!!will my ryukins catch tailrot aswell  ----------- 
my fancy goldfish is losing her fins.  ----------- 
orando with ragged tail  ----------- 
SICK GOLDFISH  ----------- 
My goldfish's mouth looks red & possibly cut  ----------- 
Can anyone help?  ----------- 
Fish illness  ----------- 
Help my redcap oranda please! Don't know what to do.  ----------- 
Red Oranda or Lion Head Wen "Fraying"  ----------- 
Red spot on its head  ----------- 
15 died goldfish in 10 days  ----------- 
very sad news  ----------- 
HELP ME ASAP!  ----------- 
golden apple snail  ----------- 
please help!!  ----------- 
Goldfish Tanks  ----------- 
GoldFish Emergency 911 Website  ----------- 
Betta Fin Rot  ----------- 
black moor eye problem  ----------- 
Shubunkin not feeding  ----------- 
What did he have?  ----------- 
Sinking goldfish  ----------- 
Furiously Fast Fishie  ----------- 
Red veins in tail  ----------- 
Please help! Split bloody tail on Comet Goldfish  ----------- 
my dead goldfish  ----------- 
Ready for a story?  ----------- 
Red Spot on Head  ----------- 
Oranda's Head  ----------- 
Somethings not right in Fish Land  ----------- 
Black spot on fin. Help!  ----------- 
Help Goldfish with I think a growth  ----------- 
fish turned evil  ----------- 
Fungus  ----------- 
Lost Pandora today.  ----------- 
Glues underwateter?  ----------- 
Plants to add to tanks or ponds  ----------- 
Probably an obvious question.. PLEASE HELP!  ----------- 
Fish likes to eat and poop  ----------- 
gold fish at top of tank  ----------- 
can you have too much aeration?  ----------- 
Bio wheel  ----------- 
Tank lighting question  ----------- 
newbie filter and light question  ----------- 
UH OH! Ph spike overnight!  ----------- 
Would this work?  ----------- 
New awesome lights  ----------- 
Which filter?  ----------- 
How i'm doing w/ cycling and new fish!  ----------- 
Tank buying frustration  ----------- 
Live Plants  ----------- 
Is the gravel i'm using safe for my goldfish?  ----------- 
Oranda?  ----------- 
What kind of fish am I???  ----------- 
does any one what kind of fish this is  ----------- 
Mollies and Goldfish  ----------- 
I'm a GrandPlaty  ----------- 
Minnow/ chilid ? and how to care for it...  ----------- 
Platy girl?  ----------- 
changing tank to tropical  ----------- 
Cherry shrimps  ----------- 
Ranchu  ----------- 
May Have Made A Mistake. Please Help If You Can  ----------- 
artificial plants in goldfish pond  ----------- 
concrete pond with cracks  ----------- 
breeding my goldfish  ----------- 
Red Lobsters  ----------- 
Pearlscale  ----------- 
New member & new Goldfish lover  ----------- 
Meet Panda!  ----------- 
Albino Iridescent Sharks (Hyderabad, Pakistan)  ----------- 
veiltail or fantail?  ----------- 
Cool pic to share... :-)  ----------- 
Marine Aquarium Photos  ----------- 
Tumbleturns  ----------- 
Newly obsessed!  ----------- 
Goldfish  ----------- 
What should I get: a fancy goldfish or a betta?  ----------- 
Goldfish Eggs?  ----------- 
goldfish looking bloated  ----------- 
Winter feeding  ----------- 
goldfish feeding time  ----------- 
Best goldfish for a deeper pond  ----------- 
Black all over my bubble eye?  ----------- 
My fish died  ----------- 
Opinion on Nutrafin goldfish flakes  ----------- 
Can someone tell me what can i feed my goldfish besides fish flakes and sticks?  ----------- 
One of my fish died....  ----------- 
my new black telescopic goldfish seems like he is having a seizure?  ----------- 
what am i doing wrong  ----------- 
Goldfish and catfish or bottom feeders  ----------- 
bubble eyes and orandas, ryukins, fan tails  ----------- 
GoldFish and Koi - can they be kept together?  ----------- 
Is a Comet ok 4 a 10 gallon?  ----------- 
How many goldfish can 29 gallon aquarium hold?  ----------- 
TWO LITTLE BUDDIES  ----------- 
Fish eats poop  ----------- 
my beautys!  ----------- 
White spot on nose  ----------- 
Want a new goldfish, but...  ----------- 
2 fish deaths  ----------- 
Color  ----------- 
my baby to take care of them?  ----------- 
ghost koi  ----------- 
Info on Goldfish  ----------- 
New Ryukin attacking old goldfishes  ----------- 
Which tank?  ----------- 
How to prepare homemade fish food  ----------- 
Relationships between tank mates  ----------- 
molly babies  ----------- 
Something ate my Goldfish!! (so mad) questions  ----------- 
Transporting Goldfish  ----------- 
goldfish @ top of tank  ----------- 
black moor question  ----------- 
disease  ----------- 
Transporting goldfish  ----------- 
about to buy some orandas  ----------- 
Get info before you buy...  ----------- 
flake food  ----------- 
Hey! I don't have a Goldfish yet, but I plan on getting some.  ----------- 
kinda new to the "fish" game but wanna do it right  ----------- 
water oxygen  ----------- 
Petsitting for a month, Tips?  ----------- 
Can I re-home my Black Moor to a pond? Do you have experience of this?  ----------- 
oranda colour changes  ----------- 
Aeration  ----------- 
New tank  ----------- 
new oranda goldfish questions:/  ----------- 
Newbie with a question about tank size  ----------- 
Ranchus  ----------- 
new goldie googles  ----------- 
South Wales Fish rescue scheme  ----------- 
How fast does a comet grow?  ----------- 
goldfish Internet purchase  ----------- 
curious  ----------- 
Ive been wrong  ----------- 
Hey guys, check this out!  ----------- 
Ranchu/ Lionhead?  ----------- 
growths  ----------- 
From white to Black  ----------- 
Red Spot in gill  ----------- 
Bubble Eye Goldfish has one small bubble and one normal, #2 bubble eye normal  ----------- 
Blisters on my little pearlscale  ----------- 
Updated, New Goldfish not eating  ----------- 
White Cloudy Eyes  ----------- 
new fantail in tank sick  ----------- 
fish is changing colour  ----------- 
Anyone know what this could be? Air pockets on scales and turning black...  ----------- 
grouping at bottom  ----------- 
Shabunkin with bump on side.  ----------- 
iNJURED goldfish  ----------- 
never seen anything like this...  ----------- 
New goldfish and one is sick/Infected  ----------- 
where are places that ich (or ick.. i dont know) can appear?  ----------- 
Why could cause a gold fish to shed scales?  ----------- 
Oranda is at bottom of tank with her tail limp and blood vessels showing -Help  ----------- 
hey guys, bit of help needed :)  ----------- 
my fantail  ----------- 
green growth on pond goldfish  ----------- 
Stealth Pooper?  ----------- 
water too warm !!!  ----------- 
Needing some help identifiing my fishes illness  ----------- 
badly distended sides on goldfish  ----------- 
whats wrong with my shubunkin  ----------- 
outdoor pond goldfish  ----------- 
poorly fishies-please help  ----------- 
Is there a problem with my fishies?  ----------- 
Bill and Ted's Bogus Experience  ----------- 
fish staying at bottom of tank?  ----------- 
need gold fish advice before it's lo late!  ----------- 
What is wrong with my comet?  ----------- 
my fish  ----------- 
Help please!  ----------- 
uh oh... filter  ----------- 
Hurt Gill? Swin Bladder???  ----------- 
Changed full tank water now fish is hovering and has whitest over eyes tails v  ----------- 
Goldfish with spots  ----------- 
my water quality  ----------- 
Think my fish is dying of white spot/Ich- Help!!!!  ----------- 
help! white bump/ slime  ----------- 
Bottom Sitter  ----------- 
Chips is poorly :( please help,  ----------- 
This may sound funny, but...  ----------- 
It's ba-ack!  ----------- 
Oh no! Torn fins, what do I do?  ----------- 
Fish Eating one another ??  ----------- 
Scale loss  ----------- 
Titan is sick or maybe.  ----------- 
first golfish death  ----------- 
Newbie - Ick  ----------- 
I'm a newbie. Unsure about my fish. Behaving blindly?  ----------- 
just in case its ich  ----------- 
Ins't this the 3rd time in a month.  ----------- 
spooked fish  ----------- 
waterlife myxazin/infected wen  ----------- 
white stuff coming from mouth  ----------- 
massive water loss to outside pond  ----------- 
Please help losing my Bella to swim bladder issues!  ----------- 
Is my poor old goldfish too ill  ----------- 
My last two godlfish are acting/have strange symptoms  ----------- 
Problems with keeping water clean  ----------- 
How do I transport my fish and large aquarium?  ----------- 
Changing water  ----------- 
cloudy water  ----------- 
goldfish filtration  ----------- 
maintenance  ----------- 
bubbles  ----------- 
Has anyone had a chance to try this product? Eco Aqualizer  ----------- 
White stuff in tank  ----------- 
Nitrates level too high.  ----------- 
plant weights  ----------- 
Hexagonal tank  ----------- 
Aquarium Glass  ----------- 
maintaining a tank without the filter and no fish?  ----------- 
Unmanageable nitrite!!! What went wrong?  ----------- 
Heating question  ----------- 
algea  ----------- 
Whoo Hooo, I have blue water!  ----------- 
Jungle Start Right  ----------- 
Stubborn algae  ----------- 
Filter opinion  ----------- 
Water changes  ----------- 
plants and stress?  ----------- 
gravel size?  ----------- 
We have several black gold fish that aren't moors... What kind is it?  ----------- 
fish eating fish  ----------- 
what kind?  ----------- 
Black Moor Markings?  ----------- 
koi's  ----------- 
i need to know what kind of fish these are????  ----------- 
help me, please, find out whu am i  ----------- 
what would you call this oranda with the awesome tail?  ----------- 
Betta names??  ----------- 
Spike's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ----------- 
Tanks  ----------- 
Pleco and newt  ----------- 
Bristlenose  ----------- 
Water boatman  ----------- 
What fish is good in a 1.5 gallon tank?  ----------- 
pond  ----------- 
Outdoor tank construction  ----------- 
Not breeding goldfish  ----------- 
The comments are funny sometimes  ----------- 
My black moor  ----------- 
A fantail video! (I'm really getting into youtube...)  ----------- 
My aquatic family  ----------- 
Doing well in new home  ----------- 
Some new plants and platy's are growing up  ----------- 
Picture updates of my little family.  ----------- 
More pictures  ----------- 
Help with a very young ryukin goldfish!!!?  ----------- 
Do goldfish mind algae in their tank?  ----------- 
Hello..I am new to this site!  ----------- 
New goldfish owner  ----------- 
hi and help  ----------- 
My Gold Fish Swim Up side Down  ----------- 
just started  ----------- 
New comet goldfish question  ----------- 
Fish Names  ----------- 
Alternate Food and how to feed  ----------- 
Peas for gold fish  ----------- 
Introducing a new Goldfish to my other one  ----------- 
Need a Reply ASAP  ----------- 
My Oranda Goldfish (called Smoky) can't see  ----------- 
Where to look for fancy goldfish?  ----------- 
goldfish  ----------- 
ODD BEHAVOIR  ----------- 
Does anyone know what this could be? Air pockets and turning black...  ----------- 
Are Goldfish Territorial?  ----------- 
Types of Algae Eaters  ----------- 
need some advice on putting my goldfish into a pond.  ----------- 
Can Someone Tell Me What Kind Of Goldfish These Are?  ----------- 
goldfish  ----------- 
my comet goldfish is changing colour? help?  ----------- 
Good books?  ----------- 
Undecided what to do....  ----------- 
bubble eye goldfish  ----------- 
My Pregnant Comet  ----------- 
Turning white  ----------- 
Mixing Different Kinds of Goldfish  ----------- 
Mixed Balloon Molly Fish and Painted Platy Fish  ----------- 
First Time Fish - Help!  ----------- 
pond algee  ----------- 
Sad day...  ----------- 
oranda swim bladder problem  ----------- 
Nitrogen Cycle  ----------- 
new goldfish  ----------- 
Orandas?  ----------- 
Black moor mutant: Concern or not?  ----------- 
black eyed fish  ----------- 
ill or just fat & lazy...  ----------- 
How long are fantails?  ----------- 
flower  ----------- 
different temperature ranges in the same tank  ----------- 
breeding koi/goldfish  ----------- 
male or female?  ----------- 
sleeping habits  ----------- 
food  ----------- 
New Goldie Friend!  ----------- 
my new goldies are funny  ----------- 
New goldfish but plants stressing them out?  ----------- 
New Fish!!  ----------- 
goldfish won at fair  ----------- 
clueless????  ----------- 
New tank strange behavior  ----------- 
Going to buy my first common goldfish soon.  ----------- 
They look bored...  ----------- 
Moving to a new tank, help?  ----------- 
is my fish going blind  ----------- 
One boy, does that mean the rest are girls?  ----------- 
Need help im worried ABOUT my gold fish  ----------- 
Stocking levels for "half sizes"?  ----------- 
My filter is broken!  ----------- 
new telescope goldie  ----------- 
Being convinced  ----------- 
cold or hot?  ----------- 
A bit of goldfish humor  ----------- 
What fish with shubunkins  ----------- 
Question about the Crystal Clear (tannin based cationic flocculants) to clear th  ----------- 
Thunder storms?  ----------- 
Confused what are my goldfish doing?  ----------- 
odd eye telescope goldfish  ----------- 
travelling  ----------- 
I have a question  ----------- 
Losing shubinkins  ----------- 
Odd goldfish fry  ----------- 
advice at keeping tank temp down  ----------- 
Does anybody know about dwarf gouramis?? I need help!  ----------- 
Tank pH?  ----------- 
My goldfish has got red fin and is sitting at bottom without moving much?  ----------- 
Goldfish fin turning blackish-brownish from the edges?  ----------- 
Is there something wrong?  ----------- 
Gulping and suckling.  ----------- 
Red Cap is missing an eye!!  ----------- 
sick goldfish  ----------- 
Cloudy Water?  ----------- 
Dying Goldfish. Please Help  ----------- 
blue mark on goldfishs head  ----------- 
2 Sick Ryukin Goldfish. Please help.  ----------- 
shubunkin looks like bunter  ----------- 
Overeating  ----------- 
Dropsy  ----------- 
rydkin with eye injury  ----------- 
Please help me with my common goldfish! One died and now I don't know what to do  ----------- 
gold fish with an extremely swollen belly swimming upside down  ----------- 
My fish stopped eating  ----------- 
New member and new fish with injury  ----------- 
my panda oranda goldfish has white bumps on the side of its head what do I do???  ----------- 
goldfish swimming strangely  ----------- 
Inactive at bottom of tank  ----------- 
Something green on my lion head  ----------- 
help please!  ----------- 
water changes  ----------- 
aquarium salt and my applesnail  ----------- 
Goldfish anatomy  ----------- 
wart like growths  ----------- 
What is wrong with my fishy  ----------- 
HELP  ----------- 
fin-tail rot and nibbling  ----------- 
sick pond fish  ----------- 
Starting to panic now !!!!!  ----------- 
White spot on eyes of comet  ----------- 
please help,live in nj and goldfish at top of pond and dieing ?  ----------- 
Diagnosing Techniques ~ by Jo Ann  ----------- 
PANIC!  ----------- 
Black Moor eye OUT!  ----------- 
goldfish swiming on it's side then dying another starting to do te sme  ----------- 
Sick fishes help req.  ----------- 
my fish are dying really quick, after i changed the water  ----------- 
Dead Goldfish  ----------- 
Epsom salts for treating swim bladder/constipation?  ----------- 
My tap water is to soft ..  ----------- 
Health  ----------- 
Help!!!!  ----------- 
Acrobatic Goldfish???  ----------- 
Goldfish's pectoral fin is broken. :C  ----------- 
Chronos  ----------- 
Possible cloud eye?  ----------- 
shredding of goldfish tail  ----------- 
White stuff on my fish's head?  ----------- 
THREE Clear Globes over my fish's eye!! Help.  ----------- 
Odd goldfish behaviour  ----------- 
Goldfish Ph?  ----------- 
Question about noisy aquarium pump  ----------- 
gender  ----------- 
frosty water  ----------- 
Tank Size Q  ----------- 
Pearlscale survival in a bowl with plant  ----------- 
The perfect home  ----------- 
3 gallon to small for Oranda ?  ----------- 
Water Quality problem  ----------- 
when not to change water  ----------- 
filter setup question/ tank set up questions  ----------- 
Sanitizing my QT Tank  ----------- 
rusty screws  ----------- 
advice needed for using a water changer  ----------- 
Suggestions for New Hiding Spot or Separation?  ----------- 
Internal filter for quarantine tank  ----------- 
keeping the water clear  ----------- 
carbon - what kind  ----------- 
Anyone know of any cheap tanks?  ----------- 
New filter is here.  ----------- 
A good idea or not?  ----------- 
partial water changes  ----------- 
Sterilizing plants  ----------- 
what plants?  ----------- 
Plant Index  ----------- 
what kind r these fish??  ----------- 
Blue shubunkin?  ----------- 
Koi or Gold fish  ----------- 
worried about Tatsu PLEASE READ :(  ----------- 
Chronos's Bubble Nest  ----------- 
First Betta! Pics and a few concerns  ----------- 
Anyone with Saltwater experience?  ----------- 
Mating snails?  ----------- 
desease  ----------- 
do goldfish and koi tolerate each other  ----------- 
goldfish/koi hybrid recognisation  ----------- 
Stocking Pond  ----------- 
Pond stocking levels  ----------- 
pond plants  ----------- 
New to breeding  ----------- 
Fall Harvest: Bristol Shubunkin (Parker x Wolfe) 6/11/11  ----------- 
Pets  ----------- 
My Favorite Fish..  ----------- 
Hello All  ----------- 
my goldfish has growths  ----------- 
Hello  ----------- 
Pond to Aquarium  ----------- 
From Tank to Pond  ----------- 
new to goldfish  ----------- 
Hi all  ----------- 
what kind  ----------- 
What has influenced you to become a goldfish enthusiast?  ----------- 
Feeding question for new goldfish  ----------- 
His head is being eaten?  ----------- 
live plants?  ----------- 
My fish has fluffy white spots on tail  ----------- 
small pond with four goldfish  ----------- 
ille  ----------- 
Our Ornamental fancy fish spends most of the tim upside down on surface of water  ----------- 
What type of fish are these and can you tell the gender?  ----------- 
hi fin shark  ----------- 
oranda wren  ----------- 
I've had 2 common goldfish, both 4 months old. One died, now what?  ----------- 
Oranda and Lion Heads  ----------- 
Aquarium question  ----------- 
Goldfish Growths on Head  ----------- 
Guppy and Goldfish compatiblity  ----------- 
help w/my fish  ----------- 
starting over  ----------- 
Sick fish  ----------- 
Lockjaw  ----------- 
bubbles  ----------- 
Fish Book  ----------- 
Net Breeders Question  ----------- 
Plants  ----------- 
goldfish fight  ----------- 
Oranda agression  ----------- 
black moore weird behavior  ----------- 
2 baby red cap orandas wen question  ----------- 
goldfish sleep  ----------- 
the dinamic trios ( 2 baby orandas  ----------- 
How much should i feed my fish?  ----------- 
Stunted Goldfish Question?  ----------- 
black eyed goldfish  ----------- 
how clamped is it?  ----------- 
Friend's goldfish acting weird  ----------- 
nevermind Pappy is on it with "the Lounge" woohoo!  ----------- 
My fish!  ----------- 
Fancy Goldfish  ----------- 
Well, howdy. (Newb w/ some questions)  ----------- 
Hello from the Goldfish Garage  ----------- 
Feeding Goldfish in Cold Water  ----------- 
Is it a boy or girl?  ----------- 
Ick Disease  ----------- 
a quick question  ----------- 
Feeding Oats?  ----------- 
my new shubunkin  ----------- 
please help, newbie needing advice  ----------- 
May have made a mistake. Please help if you can.  ----------- 
THANKS! Finally, I'm doing this fish thing right.  ----------- 
starting a new tank  ----------- 
Sick GoldFish? Or...?  ----------- 
popeye  ----------- 
Fish with issues  ----------- 
Best medicine for sick goldfish  ----------- 
Ich and quarantines  ----------- 
Goldfish Concerns  ----------- 
dropsy  ----------- 
always in the rock  ----------- 
Pearlscale  ----------- 
Injured goldfish?  ----------- 
ny goldfish is sick  ----------- 
rose's colour is fading  ----------- 
PLease help my goldfish Mouth rot !!!!  ----------- 
what does slime look like?  ----------- 
I am new at this and need some info, Can someone help:)???  ----------- 
chilodonella please help  ----------- 
Parasite ?  ----------- 
eye is swollen and RED!  ----------- 
holes  ----------- 
Goldfish has growth on his side - Questions  ----------- 
one of my lovely 11 outdoor goldfish has lost his gold colour-otherwise healthy-  ----------- 
small cut on mouth  ----------- 
growth around eyes and face  ----------- 
Blood Spots on body and tail  ----------- 
Very fat fish  ----------- 
diseased stickleback  ----------- 
my calico fishy seems to be dying:(  ----------- 
sudden death  ----------- 
Strange Behavior  ----------- 
Need help on how to keep Pearlscale Goldfish healthy  ----------- 
please can someone help with some advise  ----------- 
Um, went "crazy" after returning Coco I to the store and bought 3 new fish......  ----------- 
will my goldenapple snail be safe with melafix  ----------- 
can fin rot/bacterial treatment and melafix be a bad combo for my orandos ragged  ----------- 
"Parasite Clear" by Jungle didn't hurt the snails (!)  ----------- 
Ryukin Goldfish ???  ----------- 
Black moor sitting on bottom of tank; can't see?  ----------- 
Lethargic Goldfish (shock?)  ----------- 
Fish awareness!  ----------- 
A question about a black spot?  ----------- 
swimming upside down  ----------- 
very sick fantail  ----------- 
lump on the side of my fancy gold fish  ----------- 
Paralyzed caudal fin?  ----------- 
how my fish died  ----------- 
is this normal behaviour?  ----------- 
Goldfish Loosing Eyes  ----------- 
My fish has a blister on his tail?  ----------- 
What's up with Momo?  ----------- 
GoldFish In a dirty POND  ----------- 
missing fins or tails  ----------- 
Ash seems unwell after spawning.  ----------- 
Learn from my mistakes!  ----------- 
My fish are DEAD!  ----------- 
Re:- poorly goldfish  ----------- 
I need help!!  ----------- 
Plz help  ----------- 
Need help identifying the problem  ----------- 
I did make a mistake  ----------- 
Blood in fins of lionheads  ----------- 
Goldfish swimming upside down  ----------- 
Light cycles for tetras and goldfish?  ----------- 
Question about lighting for aquarium  ----------- 
filtration for 4ft x 1ft tank  ----------- 
Filter Question Emperor 280 vs Liberty 200  ----------- 
Question about testing ammonia levels.  ----------- 
JUWEL BIOFLOW 400 FILTER  ----------- 
Powerhead?????  ----------- 
cleaning  ----------- 
How to properly clean a 10 gallon tank?  ----------- 
A Question:  ----------- 
Starting week 6 and getting somewhere  ----------- 
Gravel size question.  ----------- 
Photos of dream aquariums <3  ----------- 
What is it please help! (SCARY)  ----------- 
Telescope or black moor?  ----------- 
Goldfish Prices  ----------- 
not sure what all kinds of goldfish these are. help!!  ----------- 
black goldfish  ----------- 
Tank update and questions  ----------- 
Help! Needing some advice about starting a tropical tank.  ----------- 
Raising General Hardness in ponds ?  ----------- 
Goldfish in Koi pond  ----------- 
cold water  ----------- 
pond  ----------- 
asking  ----------- 
Eggs again  ----------- 
tips about fantail fry.  ----------- 
my goldies eating broccoli  ----------- 
Let me try this another way I got one posted.  ----------- 
Red Cap looks scally  ----------- 
CALICO RANCHU  ----------- 
help my algea eater attacked one of my pearlscale  ----------- 
nossie's question aswer  ----------- 
What a surprise???  ----------- 
What are my goldfish doing  ----------- 
sick gold fish  ----------- 
can some one help ?  ----------- 
Bubble eye goldfish  ----------- 
Goldfish very sick! lethargic with lots of red sores and fuzz please HELP!  ----------- 
Help needed if possible  ----------- 
Lump on my gold fish  ----------- 
Help! Goldeen is Sick  ----------- 
Strange  ----------- 
Goldfish Quarantine process any help would be appreciated  ----------- 
Goldfish have cancer?  ----------- 
Black Moor with severe fin rot!!! Tried everything! Please help!  ----------- 
is it my fault ?  ----------- 
A Nano Pond  -----------