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Veiltail Goldfish

veiltail goldfish

Quick Statistics - Veiltail Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: 6 - 8"
Temperature: - 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Medium (decorations with sharp points and edges should be removed so as to avoid damaging the fins of the veiltail)
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater

The veiltail was developed around 1890 in the United States by breeding a Japanese ryukin with a telescope eye goldfish. The resulting goldfish variety was known at the time as the Philadelphia veiltails. Other variants of the goldfish include the European and Chinese veiltails.

Veiltails have bodies that are shaped similar to the ryukins, though it doesn't have the hump on the back that are characteristic of the ryukin. They are popular goldfish variety with a long and lengthy double tail that lacks any indentation or forking between the lobes. A good veiltail specimen has a tall dorsal fin that matches the height of the body.

Veiltails come in a variety of colors and their scales can be either nacreous or metallic in appearance.

They are not elegant swimmers and should only be kept with simiarly shaped goldfish. Due to the delicate nature of their long flowing fins, veiltails should be kept in aquariums without sharp objects, which can easily damage the fins. Veiltails prefer temperatures that are higher than 60°F

The veiltail can reach a length of 6 to 8 inches.


veiltail goldfish

veiltail goldfish


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There are 18 comments
Posted by Russell – Fife,Scotland UK.

We have veiltail version we won a at fair 14 years ago. A beautiful fish that is always admired by our friends and visitors. I think it is on its last legs (fins) now as it colour is starting to fade (greyscales / hair)

Posted by CimmerianShades – British Columbia

I have been looking and looking for one of these fishes and I cannot find one anywhere. I have gone to all towns around me and can't find one. :(

Posted by Sophie

I have had some really wonderful veiltails in my time. They're so pretty and have such personality. The one I have right now is a female named Felicity and survived the outbreak of velvet disease that killed my other veiltail and two fantails. She's really hardy, with a soft side as she will beg for kisses (literally, I lean up against the tank and make kissy faces). Also an excellent nurse; when the female fantail she was good friends with was lethargic and wouldn't move due to her illness (she died two hours later), Felicity bit her until Alice swam around in protest, trying to keep her friend alive.

I'm looking to find her some tankmates, as she seems a bit lonely. My LFS sells veiltails, mixed with fantails and telescope-eyes of both varieties, for $4.99.

Posted by Natalie – Baltimore

I have owned and loved goldfish with other numberous pets since childhood. I won goldfish at a carnival and kept them for over ten years. It would have been longer if my cat didn't unplug the air and filter when I was away. I have learned of their memory and recognition of people. They should be loved and respected like any other pet.

Posted by veiltalegirl – Dallas, Texas USA

I've had my veiltale, "Hannah", a little over 1 year now. I keep her, alone, in a 10 gal tank and she has grown from being 3/4 inch to 3 inches. Her caudals add another 3 inches to her! She is snow white with a splash of bright gold on her under belly.

I found her at the PetsMart store in a tank with filled with standard goldfish. She was so active - much more than the others. Also, she was so tiny I thought she was a was only as she grew that I realized she was, indeed, a veiltale. (She must have sneaked in when they were 'sourcing and separating' the fish.) She cost $1.49.

She has quite the personality, too. She loves to be hand-fed, always greets the room's vistors by coming up to the glass to take a peek at them, and at 11pm when we turn off the lights, she neatly tucks herself in one of the artificial plants (I have 3 in her tank - all with "silk" leaves. They are classed for Betas, so they won't hurt her amazing tail.)

Her temperment is very social. Whether summer or winter, I keep her tank between 60 - 80 degrees. She had one bout of ick a few weeks ago, but I think it was from overfeeding...she always 'begs' for food, and I used to give in...but now, no more snacking.

I used Tetra "Lifeguard" tablets and within 8 hours she was showing signs of improvement. I followed the treatment for the 5 days as instructed. It was amazing how fast-acting and thorough it was.

Now, she gets fed twice a day - (6) Tetra Goldfish Crisps which are easy to count out because they're round and have both veggie and high protein mixed in; then at 7pm she gets a repeat feeding or I'll alternate in some Aqueon Goldfish flakes. Neither food clouds the water, and sometimes I think she'd eat a pork chop if I put it in her tank.

Next week, I'm going to toss in a chopped, shelled pea and see how it goes. (fyi...I'm sure she's a girl because this past spring, she laid eggs twice. Alas, she doesn't have a partner, so there was quite a dirty filter and 25% water change that had to be done.)

I hope I've answered some questions here. I've never had a pet fish who was so much fun. I really do hope she lives for 10 years like I've read about. She's a real pleasure look at and enjoy.

Posted by Peta – Australia

Hi everyone,
I would love to get another one, but here in North Australia it is hard, the aquarium shops just look blank when I ask them to order for me.
My last one was 20 - yes 20 years old [more as I had her for the 20 years] the last few months the swim bladder was a little wobbly & she rested on the bottom most of the day, but ate well right to the end, which was overnight. The secret I am sure is ratio of fish to space, I never keep many in a tank, and only use real plants, real rocks, and they are feed once a day, 10-15% water change per week and that water is used to water the house plants - lovely fish poo....


Posted by jesselee – kentucky

I've had one with calico coloring for over a year now and he's grown more than three inches. He seems very hardy (loved the string cheese my two year old dropped into his tank) but looks exceptionally elegant. I had no idea what he was or how much he would grow. Am currently looking to upgrade to a larger tank and add more like him, but can't seem to find any.

Posted by Crystal – IL

I have a common goldfish and was wondering if I could add a Shubunkin, Comet, Fantail, Veiltail, and Ryunkin Goldfish. Is this a bad mix?

Posted by artas – Portugal

i just got one, very nice one, i hope that my can live from 5 our more years

Posted by Ruben_Subic – Subic Bay

Hi... could you please teach me how my goldfish breed and how to determine if the goldfish is whether male or female? Thank ou a lot...God bless.

Posted by Ruben_Subic – Subic Bay

Ian- Manila... I got my Veiltail Goldfish in a petshop at the back of Grand Central in Caloocan. I have mine for almost 4 years now, they're really beautiful and elegant.

Posted by Afoxx – Maryland

Can I have just one of these fish in my tank or is it a MUST they live in a "community"?

Posted by adanoon – ohio

at pets mart around 5 dollars

Posted by Ava – United states

Does anyone know how much a fish like this would cost? I am looking into buying one and this information would be a great deal of help THANKS!!!!!!;)

Posted by RIshabh – India

i've had this fish for almost a year now, i bought it when it was just 2 to 3 inches. Now it has grown to over 6 inches and it is gorgeous...

Posted by jpchali

I have this fish. I won it 4 years ago at the county fair! It's still alive!

Posted by Ian – manila

This fish is so hard to find...

Posted by GYTASSSSSS – Ireland

i like the fish but the best part of it is the the flufy tail