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Bubble-Eye Goldfish

bubble eye goldfish

Quick Statistics - Bubble-Eye Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia , China, Japan
Diet: Omnivore
Food: Pellets, flakes, live food, plants
Adult Size: 6 - 8"
Temperature: 65 - 78F
Care Level: Medium
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
pH: 7.2 - 8.0
Environment: Freshwater

The bubble eye is another dorsaless goldfish variety with a physical appearance very similar to the celestial goldfish, with the exception of its large fluid filled sacs . The sacs or pouches of skin are attached under and around the eyes and jiggle as the bubble eye swims.These fluid filled sacs can easily be punctured by sharp aquarium decorations so care must be given in selecting the correct type of decor for the tank.

Bubble eye hatchlings begin their lives with normal looking eyes. At around three months, the eye sacs start to develop.

These goldfish can reach a length of six to eight inches. Due to their poor vision, bubble eyes can't compete for food with more agile and active goldfish, so they should be housed with similar and slow moving goldfish.


bubbleeye goldfish

bubbleeye goldfish

water bubble eye goldfish

water bubble eye goldfish

water bubble eye goldfish

water bubble eye goldfish


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There are 23 comments
Posted by Sam – London

I'm going to start a community tank, so are these bubble eyed fish suitable to start of with and should I buy at least 2 bubble eyes so they have company. by the way I love these fish and black moors look so cute!!!

Thanks guys

Posted by kelsey – australia.

For Jodi - Manilla

While bubble eyes are compatible with other species of goldfish - as they are a community fish - the bubbles prevent them from swimming as fast as other fish, they also lack manoeuvrability which can be problem at feeding times. so you need to ensure they get an appropriate amount of food and that tank competition does not get out of hand.
My black moors and bubble eyes have been happy together for years now!
Good luck!

Posted by cind – virginia

I have had one (Mr. Goggles) for 4 years. He popped both eye sacs each at a different time and they each healed perfectly well. He just looked funny with one floppy deflated sac and one bubble. Now he has one waaay bigger than the other, so he swims lopsided.

Posted by Katie – California

ive had a bubble eye for the last 5 months :]i love it! when i bought him he was completely, hes totally white..
anyone know how this could have happened??

Reply to Katie
Posted by Lauren – Pennsylvania

Normally when you put a new fish in a new tank, he gets stressed out. Because of that, they normally lose their color and turn white. Hope this helps! :)

Posted by Amelia – FL

Ew, I wonder what would happen if the sacks were popped...ew... I love fish but these just creep me out... They make me think of sick goldfish...

Posted by jodi – manila

is this bubble eyed goldfish are compatible to my black moor,fantails, rubber nose fish, and Veiltail goldfish??

Posted by carol – scotland

bought 2 think they are brill love watching them puff there eyes out, really cute

Posted by Mandee – North America

They're so cute! I just got one today, as well as a Celestial goldfish. I also have 3 other old fish!

Posted by :) – Georgia

I just bought one bubble eyed goldfish today at PetsMart. I have a filter and the bubble got sucked in the filter. Make sure you put something around the filter. I turned off the filter and pulled him out, but the one bubble is smaller now. :( I am disappointed. But, this is the cutest fish!!!

Posted by bon bon – Miami

I didn't like them at first but now that I have one, orange with white tail and fins, I love it so much. They are so cute to add to the Ranchu family.

Posted by Ashley – ohio

i love these fish! they are adorable! i got one for christmas and was so excited because it has been years since ive had one :D

Posted by e


Posted by Alexis

i think i might bye this fish because it looks so cool can get them at petsmart

Posted by anna – london

i think this goldfish is wonderful and so cute i got two goldfish they are adorable i think this one is too

Posted by sushibox – y does anyone care?

I think this fish looks cool, creepy, and, like my english teacher. So..... WHERE DO YOU GET ONE?!?!?!?!?!?

Posted by bouncer – Chihuahua,Mexico

wher do u get 1? *ω*<--- lol bird

Posted by holyhamster – Asia

wat r da saks 4? δ_δ

Posted by fish

i feel this fish is cute.i realy wish to buy it but :-( it is too expensive

Posted by asorvia – Russia

these fish are painful to look at, especially the first gallery picture under the information.

Posted by GYTASSSSSSS – Ireland

i dont like this goldfish

Posted by El Dorito&The Egg

wow it looks like the human rights act of 1998! how wonderful!
we can really see wh these things have been bred...
i totally agree it looks just like john sargeant and his many many chins :)

Posted by Emmy+Suze – School

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Adorable yet quite scary. It reminds us of our favourite TV personality John Sargeant.

I'm scared of some Goldfish but not these. Oranda Goldfish however- SCARY! :-(