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Pearlscale Goldfish

crown pearlscale goldfish

Quick Statistics - Pearlscale Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: Can grow to a length of 8"
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Easy
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater

The pearlscale goldfish is sometimes known as chinshurin in Japan. It has an egg-shaped body very similar to the fantail goldfish. The main features of the pearscale is its thick, domed scales which has a pearl like look.

The pearlscale can reach a length of about 8 inches. Its scales can be either nacreous or mettalic. The color of the pearlscale can be calico with a blue background and occasional patches of brown, violet, orange, yellow , and red.

The pearlscale should not be kept in waters below 55°F, since it's sensitive to wide fluctuation in temperatures. It should also not be exposed to water with high alkalineality or acidity.

A variant of the pearscale that has a headgrowth is the crown pearlscale or Hama nishiki.

pearlscale goldfish

pearlscale goldfish

pearlscale goldfish

a close up view of pearlscale goldfish


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There are 12 comments
Posted by Emily

avhieverone: The white spots are called Ich. It is common in fish that are put into water that hasn't been dechlorified. You can do this by just letting tap water sit for at least 24 hours before putting it in a tank with fish. If you can't stop it before it starts, there is not too expensive "medicine" (really just drops you put in the tank) that you can buy at any good pet store. It would also be a good idea to have a second "hospital" tank on hand with nice, clean water and some gravel ONLY to put the fish in while they heal. Clean out the other tank while they are in the hospital tank.

jodi: Pearlscales are fairly low swimmers. They should not be put in a tank with fast swimmers because they cannot compete for food with them. They are social fish, however, and actually live longer if kept with other fish. Keep in mind that they should be slower swimmers, but about the same speed as the Pearlscale so that the Pearlscales aren't the ones who get the food.

Many people have trouble with goldfish because they expect them to be like in the movies, TV shows, and books. Goldfish do NOT thrive in glass bowls, and are NOT little 1-inch fish.

Pearlscales aren't very high-maintenance (they aren't picky about water temperature or lighting), but their scales are VERY delicate. Rough handling, a quick bumbp against something sharp, or haste with nets can result in their scales falling off, and they DON'T grow back. Handle them CAREFULLY when moving them and choose tank decor that is smooth, such as smooth rocks, marbles on top of gravel in some places, and silk or live plants instead of plastic ones.

I hope this was helpful!


Posted by Robin – Australia

Hi all.
I do love the Pearlscale thay r so cute.
I see lots of people haveing truble with them,
get your fish from a good breeder dont take any chances with fish that look week.
I have 6 pearl, 5 comets and 1 eel tail cat fish all living in my outdoor pond and doing grate. thay r the most friendly fish i have ever seen.

Posted by achieverone – Hong Kong

Hello sus, how did you manage to take care of your pearlscale goldfish?? My pearlscale goldfishes are the golfball one without the big head. I bought 8 from 1st batch, all died in less than a week. And bought 6 from 2nd batch and died 5 goldfish in a week :(. The reason of their dead is Whitespots. Treated but still died. Now, remain one. I hope she can live long. Any tips?? How can I keep it healthy??

Reply to achieverone
Posted by KingyoSenpai – Omaha, NE

It sounds like your fish have Ich. A common issue with goldfish normally brought on by water conditions or stress. What size tank do you have? The reason I ask is you say you have 6 fish; you would need at least 10 gals of water per fish. If you have a 55-60 gal tank, it would be fine. If you have a 10 gal aquarium, you’re putting way too many fish into one tank, which is probably the cause of the ich, and the poor water condition. Tank size/population and your water condition is key; to keeping your fish healthy.

When you get new fish introduce them slowly, don’t just drop them in the tank.
1. Float their bag on the water for a while 15-20 mins or so
2. Open the bag and add the aquarium water to your bag, this will help with the chemical changes.
3. Let the fish sit in the bag with the mixed water for a few more minutes
4. Then add the fish to the tank.

Adding too many fish at once, or not allowing them to get use to the temperature or chemical conditions of the tank can cause stress which can cause diseases in your fish.

To help keep your goldfish happy and healthy here are a few things you should do.
1. Clean your tank once per week; I recommend to do a 10-15% water change week 1,2,3.
2. Once per month do a 25% water change. Week 4.
3. Add freshwater Aquarium Salt once per month (follow directions on the pack) this can help boost you goldfish’s immune system
4. Carbon and Ammonia filters should be changed out every 4-6 weeks depending on the filter system you have.
5. Check your PH balance. Should be 7.2-7.6 doing your water changes should keep this in check.
6. Check your Ammonia levels, Nitrite, & Nitrate. ( you can buy a test kit or take it to your local PetCo/ Petsmart of fish shop etc, they will test it for you)

Water changes, and not over populating your tank are keys to keeping your goldfish happy for years to come.

Posted by jodi – manila

i have my black moor and fantail, rubber nose fish and Veiltail the pearlscale compatible with them??

any advice?? thanks in advance

Reply to jodi
Posted by Nik – SC

Most goldfish are compatible with most other goldfish, generally-- the thing to keep in mind is "fast swimmers" vs. "slow swimmers" or more "aggressive' fish with less "aggressive" fish. Don't get confused by the word "aggressive" -- the won't hurt each other. The difference is, the more "laid back" fish will defer to the "aggressive" fish and may not be able to compete with them very successfully for food and such-- if your fantail and veiltail are doing fine, then pearlscales should be quite content with them.

Posted by sus

i own a pearl scale and an oranda. My pearlscale has white, orange and black. The most unique thing about it, is that one eye is black and the other one is reg. They are almost 5 months old and are about 2.5" Both are very energetic and very fun to look at.

Posted by sumit – nagpur ,India

she is so cute and so quick to adjust the tank condition.

Posted by dari – texas

i have a pearlscale goldfish. i just got her and she is soooo adorable. i love her. btw her name is kevin=)

Posted by mira

this type of goldfish that i like alot.i used to have this type of fish before but didnt manage to take care of it and i am almost give up.since the picture is very nice,guess i should get another after this.

Posted by Mimi

Aww, I love the close up view of that fish! It's adorable!

Posted by Matt – Colorado

Pearlscale golfish are probably my favorite kind. It's weird how there bodies get all blown up like a balloon. I sadly don't have any golfish and yet know a lot about them. But when I get one I will make sure a Pearlscale is one of my options.