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Anchor Worm
anchor worm

Lernea is a genus of copepod crustaceans also known as anchor worm. This parasite often infects fish that are kept in ponds, such as koi and goldfish. This creature is actually not a worm at all . It is the feeding stage of a copepod called Lernae. During the free-swimming stage, the female anchor worm mates then burrows itself into the flesh of a goldfish and transform into an unsegmented , wormlike form, sometimes with a portion hanging from the fish's body. It is seen on goldfish as a reddish wormlike thread, about 1/4 inch long, often attached to sides and back of the fish, near the fin bases. It then feeds on the goldfish's body fluids and eventually destroys the gill and muscle tissue. After the parasites are imbedded in a goldfish's gills, the fish may be seen trying to violently shake its head in order to rid itself of the parasites.

A chemical in medication that is marketed to treat worm infections called trichlorfon (also known as Dylox) has been shown to be effective against this type of parasite.

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There are 4 comments
Posted by waqas – pakistan

Anchor worms usually come with the other wishes which we purchase from the market or any pet shop in the beginning u can not see them but after 2 or 3 days these worms are visible and attached to the fish body, they are like strings hanging out from your fish , worms attack mostly in winter so use heater in your fish tank and also Antibiotics which are available in the market with fish salt , instructions will be on the medicine pack

Posted by Joe

I have the same problem...We recently bought two goldfish: one fantail and one ryukin. They both have these anchor worms. I bought Coppersafe about a week ago, and the worms are still hooked! I also bought an antibacterial solution which I have been adding. I believe it takes a while before these parasites actually disengage from their host. Poor fishies!

Posted by alisa – california

i used other meds for anchor worms that worked better than copper. Also I elevated the temperature a bit, and added 1/8 tsp edpsom salt per ten gallons of water. I also used an antibiotic in the water. Every three days I changed 25% of the water. It takes a long while. I also remove them with a tweezer if they became large and looked infected. This I suggest you look on line with advise how to do it. Have patience it takes a long time.

Posted by Nicole

My poor shubunkin has anchor worm (we thought it was a bacterial infection at first and treated with antibiotics). We put in Coppersafe the other day for the parasite, and not only is the worm still there, there's a swelling below where the worm is imbedded. Has anyone else seen this when treating their fish? And how long does it take to cure a parasite?