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CHilodonella disease is caused by a parasite and is a major threat to the health of the fish. This disease can occur after a fish has suffered an injury. The parasite can survive in a wide range of temperatures so outbreaks can occur when water temperature is very low and the immune of the fish is at its weakest. Chilodella is potentially more dangerous than Ich, because there are few visible signs of this disease during the initial stages. By the time the disease is detected , severe tissue damage may have already occured.

Symptoms of this disease includes laboured breathing problems and clamped fins. Often the fish will become very lethargic and lose its appetite.

Treatment for Chilodonella includes formalin and malachite.

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There are 2 comments
Posted by Linda – Georgia

Our 5 y/o carp (goldfish) was born in our pond butt began to change colors to white/silver and the others tried to kill it. We rescued her and brought her into the house where she grew and grew until we had to get a 55 gallon tank. At being approximately 6 to 7 inches long now, she only sits at the bottom of the tank, her mouth grouping and has no interest in swimming around like she used to nor does she have any interest in eating. We did purchase some algae
eaters a couple of weeks ago. One died (and Casper did not go to the other side of the tank at all) and the other one seems to be healthy. She keeps her fins close to her body, has a line of black spots on one side of her body from the gills to her tail, and has a reddish tint to her gills, the base of her tail and around her fins which seems to be spreading down her tail. We have raised 5 to 6 generations of gold fish that got very big until unbeknown to us, was taken by feral cats roaming our woods.
We have no idea what is wrong. She does have bursts of activity where she swims with speed lightning but no purposeful. I have given her peas, carrots and fish as a supplement today, in which she ate "some".
Can you help us pinpoint this troubling malady?

Posted by Jayne Gregory – WAKEFIELD

My gold fish keeps at the bottom of the tank every now and then it has a spurt of energy and swims aroung the tank. But I have seperated it from the other two gold fish and when I do so it dosnt do anything. What is wrong with it?