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Goldfish Overcrowding



A basic guide for determining the number of goldfish that can be kept in an aquarium is 20 gallons of water for the first fish and 10 extra gallons for any additional fish. So for example, if you wanted to keep two goldfish, you would need a 30 gallon aquarium.

Overcrowding or overstocking the aquarium will result in poor water quality, if the filtering system is unable to cope with the excess wastes being produced by the inhabitants in the tank and the health of the fish will suffer. It is hard to supply adequate oxygen to accomodate an overcrowded tank. Overcrowding is also very stressful for the goldfish, which in the long run will make them more susceptible to different diseases.

Goldfish will be healthier and happier if given plenty of room to move around and grow..



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There are 7 comments
Posted by tanmayee – india

i have a tank containing 13 small goldfishes (1 inch). The tank is about 2ft by 3ft. Are the fishes overcrowded?

Posted by Alex

that is overcrowding you should have around a 50 gallon tank for those goldfish

Posted by indra – Rangoon

I have 9 goldfishes of about 3 to 4 inches each in my 10 gallons tank .Is that an cvercrowding .plz comment on me .Thz..

Posted by cypherair – Philippines

I agree with lordcheng..regular maintenance of the water and diet of the fishes are one of the basics in keeping them healthy and happy. Providing them more hiding places make them comfortable and live longer.
I have 16 goldfish in different types and my tank is not big enough. I do my regular maintenance and my fishes are so happy. In times of feeding they gather with a dance around my hand. I am happy with my pets!

Posted by lordcheng – Dumaguete City Ph.

hehehe...i have 15 small gold fishes in 10 gallons in my aquarium but they live in a very healthy life its because of my secret technique in maintaining the water and feeding them..although they have very small area but they live in a happy and healthy life..

Posted by Dakota – Washington

This really is NOT true. For one fancy goldfish it should have about 15-20 gallons (20 is better) and then an additional 10 gallons for every additional fish :D If it's a smaller fish though, a 10 gallon for 2 then an additional 5-10 for every new (small fish you add). So a 10 gallon would best hold 2-3 (small goldfish) or 1 medium goldfish with 1 or 2 small ones. No fish bigger than that though. I think that is pushing it a little though. I have a 20 gallon with 2 baby Ryukin and I hope they don't get more than 6" long!!!

Posted by Mary Jane – USA

I wish I knew that when I was seven!