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Goldfish Bowl

goldfish bowl


A goldfish bowl or fish bowl should only be used as temporary housing for your fish. The volume capacity of most fish bowls is around 1 gallon or less, which is not sufficient enough to keep a goldfish healthy and happy. Most fish bowls are narrow at the top and wider in the middle, which decreases the available surface area for gas exchange if the bowl is filled to the top versus only half way. Most people who keep goldfish in a bowl will see it gulping for air near the surface, which is an indication that there is an inadequate amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and the fish is suffocating. A better environment to keep a goldfish is in an aquarium or pond.

A good rule to use when determining the approriate aquarium size to purchase is that you need 20 gallons for the first goldfish and 10 extra gallons of water for each additional goldfish.





a goldfish bowl


goldfish bowl

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There are 10 comments
Posted by Belinda – Australia

Fighter Fish are fantastic for fish bowls, as they are air breathers. Only one fish per bowl though, as their name suggests they fight!

Posted by lisai

Great article! It's sad how pet stores sell "goldfish bowls" as permanent homes to goldfish. Goldfish require tanks at least 20g+. And goldfish are community fish so they should be kept in groups of 3+.

20g for the 1st goldfish and 10g for each additional goldfish is a good rule of thumb for fancy goldfish.

However, commons/comets/shubunkins require 20g for each fish. These guys are messy and can grow up to 12in so they need all the space they can get.

Posted by Barb

Will a large fishbowl be big enough for a single goldfish?

Posted by Kh. Lafi – Tripoli Libya

Ten Gallons may be a challenge for many people willing to keep gold fish, daily change of at least 50% of the water in 1o Gallons tank housing 2 Goldfish will be OK.

Posted by GoodAsGold – Earth

I can't even begin to count the amount of customers I've dealt with over the past eight years that absolutely overreact in denial when I tell them that keeping goldfish in bowls is sheer cruelty; I don't care how long their goldfish lived in a bowl...surviving and thriving are two totally different things. To paraphase Editor-in-chief of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, David E. Boruchowitz, "keeping a goldfish in a bowl is akin to keeping a St. Bernard locked in a closet!" I feel so strongly on this subject that I've even written a report on it for several college classes.

Reply to GoodAsGold
Posted by Mermaiden – USA

I must commend you on taking that stand. I must confess when I was a small child I kept a goldfish in a bowl. When I got older and educated, I realized how completely inadequate it was and deteriorating to their health. From then on, I just kept bowls as a "holding" container .

Posted by lin Koorbloh – Azeroth

what kinds of fish actually CAN be kept in a bowl...? even Bettas (which everybody says can) cant. the only fish i can think of that is tiny enough is one of those lil' neon tetras at the pet shop or something...

Posted by fish – los angels, cailfornia

gold fish bowls are cool

Posted by popcorndude13 – Asia

You know, there are a few rules. Like above, goldfish should never be housed in a goldfish bowl and also at least 10 gallons of water per fish!

Posted by Angie – Earth

Fishbowls should NEVER be used to house a goldfish. Goldfish need to start with at least 10 gallons each.