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Ryukin Goldfish

a red and white ryukin goldfish

Quick Statistics - Ryukin Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore: can be fed commercial food such as pellets and flakes
Adult Size: Can reach a length of 4 -6 "
Temperature: 65 - 78F
Care Level: Relatively Easy
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater

The ryukin is usually thought of as the Japanese version of the fantail goldfish. It is believed to have been originally bred on the Ryuku Islands, hence the name. The main physical characteristic that distinguishes the ryukin from the fantail goldfish is the high arching back or camel like hump.

Ryukins are available in a wide range of colors from white to red. They can usually grow to about six inches in length and live six to ten years.

This particular goldfish variety is very hardy like the fantail so it is an excellent goldfish for a beginner.


a nice looking white red ryukin goldfish

ryukin goldfish

ryukin goldfish

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There are 29 comments
Posted by Amy – Idaho

I have a Ryukin and 2 comets that survive well together in a 30 gal tank. My Ryukin has stayed the same but the 2 comets started at 2 inches and have doubled in size. Thought about getting a bigger tank because they got so big. They are still co-habitating ok but if there are too many trees in the tank the 2 comets attack the Ryukin. Once I removed some of the trees they were okay.

Posted by Kate – California

Does a ryukin's shape develop as it grows? I just bought a small one labeled as a ryukin. It has a high dorsal fin but no hump & is more comet shaped in general. Should I expect it to change or not?

Reply to Kate
Posted by goldierox – Canada

Hi Kate,

A young ryukin will have a slight hump, egg shaped body, and a roundish head. If after a year there is no hump or depth in body, your fish might be a fantail. In pet stores, they miss sort the goldfish which is unfortunate. Anyways, goodluck and happy fishkeeping!


Posted by Ika – texas

I just bought 2 rys and 2 comet (I know this only because of some research). One of the comets I gave to a friend. It has been nearly 20yrs since i had any fish at all. I am finding them suprisingly entertaining They are temporarily in a 10 gl tank, I am planning on getting a larger tank for the 2 rys and keep the comet in the 10. Soon I will have photos in the gallery.

Posted by Caila – Canada

I have two ryukins in a 35 gallon tank...the one fish's name is Gobbels because he eats everything and the other goldfish is named Dutchess.

Had them for about a year and I love them. They eat food out of my hand :) Seriously though, don't get them if you do not want to look after them properly. They are really messy!

Posted by Laura – Pennsylvania

AGH! People! Mixing goldfish & tropical fish is a big NO NO! Goldfish need different food, different PH & temperature than tropicals! It's like forcing a polar bear to live in Florida! He may survive, but never thrive!

Ryunkins & all other fantails very prone to swim bladder disease. Always soak pellets before feeding, & give frozen, thawed peas & other veggies, to help keep their bunched -up intestinal tract clean.

I just cured a huge Ryunkin that had swim bladder disease for nearly a year! I put her in a 10 gal hospital tank,added Melafix & Pimafix, almost exclusive diet of thawed, frozen peas (organic, squeeze them out of their hulls) & frozen Emerald Entree, aquarium salt in tank, & lot's of partial water changes.She is finally swimming right after 10 mos.!!

Posted by david – nepal

In the pic the first one is amazing

Posted by KAR – North Dakota

I added two ryunkin's to my pond. My shubunkin & sarosa have really been chasing the one badly. Will they interbreed?

Posted by billyboy – bristol pa usa

can ryukins live in my pond through cold weather with my koi??

Posted by billyboy – bristol pa usa

i a large koi pond with about 15 medium size koi and 2 about 20 inches.
I have been offered four large gold fish and I think they are Ry
can they stay outdoors though out the winter?

Posted by Crystal – IL

I have a common goldfish and was wondering if I could add a Shubunkin, Comet, Fantail, Veiltail, and Ryunkin Goldfish. Is this a bad mix?

Reply to Crystal
Posted by Nik – SC

"Common" (hiburin) goldfish are actually genetically the supposed forebears of comets, shabunkins, and other similarly-shaped goldfish. I have hiburins, comets, a shabunkin, two butterfly koi, and two wakins in a pond together, and they're really thriving. They seem not to have any issues with each other at all. The only thing you'll want to keep in mind is that shabunkins are more aggressive than most, so be sure they get enough to eat (the shabunkin will fend for himself, but some of the others will defer, and go hungry.) I also have a ryunkin in the pond with them, and he seems to be cohabitating with them fine. I just moved to Upstate SC from central FL though, and I'm a bit concerned about the ryunkin being as "winter hardy' as the others... does anyone know anything about that?

Posted by TN Fishman – Tennessee

my gold and white ryunkin is getting black specs on parts of his body. i've checked him and there is no fungus on him it looks like its under his skin. he is in a twenty gallon tank with a black moor. the water and temp is perfect is this normal for him?

Reply to TN Fishman
Posted by Debbie – CA

Ammonia burns, to much ammonia in tank. clean tank and add ammonia detoxifier. Keep tank clean and make sure you have a big enough tank, for your fish. Goldfish are beautiful, but they give out alot of ammonia, Keep your tank clean.
Make sure your tank is big enough
You must use a ammonia detoxifier.personaly I like Kordon Amquel plus

Reply to TN Fishman
Posted by goldierox – Canada

Hi TN Fisherman,

The black specs could be flukes if not more than 2mm. It will not hurt the fish however you can get antiparasitic medication to get rid of them. If the black spots look like paint splatters, it is most likely ammonia burns. This is the healing process from the ammonia. Frequent water changes are helpful but the spots will go away in a month or so. Happy fishkeeping!


Posted by adanoon – ohio

hey sheena u should only feed ur fish a pinch twice a day.

Posted by jodi – sta.mesa

i have 2 ryukin and 1 beta female and 1 janitor fish..what id thier compatible to them???


Posted by curious

@chooky chu

my uncle is always forgetting to turn off the hose when he refills his pond causing the fish to jump out sometimes... we were told there wasn't enough oxygen in the water so maybe its the same case with your goldfish?

Posted by chooky chu – Florida

I think my fish is afraid of water. He kept trying to get out of the tank. What is wrong?

Posted by Sheena – Philippines

i just got 2 ryukins yesterday.they are sooo adorable.and they're always that normal?what if i overfeed them?they always look so hungry.which food is better for them anyway?the flakes or the pellets?i feed them flakes by the way. :D

Posted by Rebecca – uk

Hey i just bought 3 fancy golfish i am a bit worried that my tank is to small on some websites it says that they can grow to size of a tennis ball Help!!??

Posted by ART – Philippines

adorable indeed...

Posted by julzvn

I just got one, love it, very pretty, but has one sticky out eye which has been damaged, may lose it yet, it'll still be the prettiest fish in my tank if it does though.

Posted by Mandy – Canada

I just got a ryukin goldfish.. I love him!! His name is Freddy. I never liked fish, until the day I visited my sister and she got herself a fish tank. She was so excited about it she wanted to get me one as well. She set me one up the next day and took me out to buy whatever fish I wanted. Out of all the fish I fell in love with these goldfish, they have such beautiful tails! Freddy is now my new love, he just keeps me so entertained with his little personality. He's deffinatly made me into a fish lover :D

Posted by ashley – South Carolina.

I just got two Ryukin and they are amazing!! I love them so much. They get along really well with my smaller comet goldfish. :)

Posted by Erin – Canada

It took me a while, but I finally discovered my goldfish is a ryukin. When it was purchased it was a "common calico". But if it was under the name of Ryukin it probably would have cost a whole lot more. He's been hardy, survived even though every other fish that's been in the tank has died. But I noticed Walmart closed down all their fish tanks within a week after. So who knows.
He's a darker calico, more blackish with orange and reds in him. Now he lives with a hypostomus plecostomus and 2 AFDs.

Posted by Linda – California

These are truly the cutest little fish I have ever seen, with the little fat tummys, so cute. Would love to have a tank full of them.

Posted by Reesie

these are very pretty... although i do preder commets and commons. =] beautiful colors

Posted by Matt – Colorado

WOOO RYUKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calico Ryukins are the coolest kinds of them all!