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Black Moor Goldfish

a beautiful black moor goldfish

Quick Statistics - Black Moor Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: Moors can grow as large as 10"
Temperature: 65 - 78'F
Care Level: Easy
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Life Span: greater than 20 years
Environment: Freshwater

The moor is basically a black version of the telescope goldfish that has a characteristic pair of protruding eyes. It is also called the popeye or black dragon eye goldfish in some countries. This goldfish is very popular due to its velvet like black coat, although this color has been known to change over time on some occasions. The eyes of the black moor usually don't protrude quite so far as those of the telescope goldfish.

As far as the physical appearance of the black moor is concerned, it has a silver belly and a forked tail, with the caudal fins and lobes that are rounded. Its vision is rather poor, making it an unsuitable candidate for a pond. This particular goldfish is also not an agile or fast swimmer, so avoid keeping it in the same tank with extremely competitive goldfish such as the comet and shubunkin.

If given a proper environment, moors can grow up to 10 inches and live for more than 20 years. They prefer a pH level between 6.5- 7.5 and water temperature above 60F.


black moor and fantail goldfish

two goldfish - a fantail and blackmoor

a cute black moor goldfish


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There are 46 comments
Posted by Kelly

I have 2 black moors. One has actually turned to an orange/black. Come to find out it's the food we've been feeding him that brought out the orange in him. The other one has stayed black. Unfortunately a while ago the orange one lost and eye, but survived and the black one recently lost an eye. Now the orange one has lost his second eye. So I now have a blind moor. He seems to be swimming around okay, but I'm not sure how long he is going to last that way. I'm hoping he will be okay with feeding in that I assume they can smell the food?

Posted by Whitney – Australia

I bought a little black moor (Google) and a little fantail (Goldeen) a few days ago and they're bother very quirky little fish :3. Google got the name because of his eyes and Goldeen because her colour pattern is very similar to the pokemon haha. I was wondering though, because where I live my room stays fairly cold (even during summer), would it be a good idea to get some kind of heating equipment so their tank/water doesn't get too cold?

Posted by karley – hopewell NS

Hi, this is Karley.I was wondering if the black moor goldfish need a heated tank??? Can someone please tell me!!!


Reply to karley
Posted by james – UK

Hi, we have a Black Moore for more than 3 years and we don't have a heated tank. They are fantastic fish with great personalities - as soon as I come into the room, he bashes he tail on the tank for food..

Our fish is probably 6 inches so make sure you've got a big tank; he also likes other fish in the tank for company

Posted by Rie – WI

Hi. I am thinking about getting a fish and i saw a picture of the black moor goldfish and i fell in love. I was wondering if they're hard to take care of. I heard they life up to around 20 years. So are they hard to take care of?

Posted by Gabrielle Bittick

I have recently bought 4 fish 2 of them I believe are common goldfish, one is a Black moor goldfish, and the third is a fancy goldfish and I am not sure if I can put them all in one tank. I have them in there for now but am really not sure and want them all to be safe and happy. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

Reply to Gabrielle Bittick
Posted by jacy – surrey

heylo, yeh, i have three fancy goldfish and they all live happily together. Goldfish are community fishies and so they should be fine. If in case there's some fighting going on (you will notice little 'lovebites' on the fishes) then obviously might be an idea to seperate them if you can, i think you can get a small cheap fishtank for about 10 - 15 quid :)

Reply to Gabrielle Bittick
Posted by mitch pdrsn – golden

As tempting as it may seem, combining them in one tank is not really a good idea, Gabrielle. The Blackmoor and fancy tail would not cohabitate successfully with common goldfish as they are slower moving fish and would not get enough food since the common goldfish are faster and more aggressive at feeding time. Furthermore, because of the size goldfish reach (12 inches for common and 6 - 8 inches for the Blackmoor and fancytail) and the excessive waste they produce, your current tank should be at least 80 gallons. Your filtration system would also have to cycle out at 800gallons per hour.
Hope this helps.

Reply to Gabrielle Bittick
Posted by Matt Thibodeau – Mass, USA

I have 1 common goldfish, one black moore and one may just be my fish but they are extremely well 14 so all of them are pretty easy to take care of lol if the common one gets really big, bigger than the others you might have to buy a biger tank lol good luck

Posted by Melanie – USA...Minnesota

I recently got a 90 gallon tank and have my four beloved gold fish in there. I have 2 black moore's and 2 I'm not sure the species. I can't belive how much more active and happy they seem in the vast improvement in tank size. Is it ok for me to add a few more fish to a tank that size? I was thinking 2-3 more so about 8 to a 90 gallon?

Reply to Melanie
Posted by justine

yes, that should be fine, provided you are not cosidering adding the very large species like the common, comet, ect. varieties which can get to a foot or more in length. As with keeping most any animal, bigger is always better as far as haitats/tanks but generally in fish keeping you will hear the rule of thumb 1 full gallon of water to every 1 inch of fish, including long tails! So if you have an 8 inch goldfish you better have at least an eight gallon tank or you might run into trouble! By trouble I mean that goldfish produce lots of waste which has a big effect on the chemical and p/h balance in the tank as well as things like oxygen nitrogen/nitrates, etc. so in a small tank this can quickly become a life threatening issue. So perhaps they should change that rule when applied to goldfish to more like 2 or 3 full gallons to every 1 inch of goldfish....

Reply to Melanie
Posted by Kelly – United Kingdom

I'm sorry but this is all incredibly confussing. I have three published book's here on looking after a Goldfish and it states that in 10 UK gallons which is around 12 US gallons can house 2 to 3 goldfish. I have a 30 Gallon tank which is the size of a writing desk and according to that i can house 6-9 fish. I have 4 in there as it is (at about 2-3 inches), and i was hoping to add two prettier varieties to the mix to complete it.... is this now wrong? I don't get this logic as people have Pond's full of goldfish, and you see tank's crammed with mature Oranda's and Moor's there are practically permantly there in stores and so on.... Someone please explain this to me.
Oh and also i've been told it's a gallon to a inch of fish... i have 7 inches of fish right now so with that logic only need 7 gallons of water. At max growth i should only need, 24-27 gallons (for the 4 i have now) Helpppppp!

Posted by Callum

I currently have one fantial goldfish in my 14gal tank but am looking to upgrade to a 40gal and get a black moor as well.

As far as the 2 inch/gal rule that is a BIG no-no!!

Each goldfish needs AT LEAST 10 gallons of space to fully mature! They produce lots of waste and water quality deteriorates quickly. Also, goldfish's adult size are about 6-10 inches. Keeping them in a small tank is terrible for them.

Reply to Callum
Posted by woolgatherer – Marquette, MI, US

They need much more than just 10 gallons to have a happy life. One fancy goldfish (oranda, black moor, celestial, ryukin, etc.) can do pretty well in a 20 gallon aquarium, with at least an additional 10-15 gallons for a few more fancies.

Slimmer-bodied goldfish (common, comet, shubunkin) need even more because of their active lifestyle. They can swim quickly and a lot. These goldfish need to have an aquarium that is no less than 40 gallons (and an additional 10-15 for more), to have a good life.

Posted by Aseem – India

Recently i brought a black moore goldfish for my 3 gallon bowl!!!it's a big one!!and has golden tinted sides!!!it has a lots of fins and so is named FINY..!!its a pretty and a jovial pet!!!!

Reply to Aseem
Posted by fantailer

Please get a bigger tank.

Posted by Tyler – Rhode Island

I just got a black moor 2 days ago for my new tank i just got and let me say this he is a great fish he's very active and loves food my bro got 1 to he got a butterfly Tail goldfish its so funny 1 of his eyes is all black and the other 1 is white with the pupil and i recommmened the black moor he's so awesome... ohh and his name is Bulger cuz of his eyes

Posted by Chloe goldfish fan!!! – australia

I have a fantail and a black moor that look the exact same as the ones in the photos. My fantail is called tiny and my black moor is called bronze boogles. They are both really good friends!!!

Posted by Faiora – Canada

Amber -

The white dots ARE most likely Ich. The medicine usually does work. Try and put the bowl in a warm spot (not TOO warm, but perhaps in a warmer room, preferably a bit darker too). Ich does much worse in warmer temperatures, but unfortunately so do goldfish, so Ich can be hard to get rid of.

The MOST important thing though, is good filtration (no carbon while medicating though). Goldfish produce waste at a much higher rate than most fish, and can raise ammonia levels dangerously quickly. The quarantine bowl is a good idea though, if you can't medicate in the home tank (A lot of medication can stain tank sealant, so again, good idea with the bowl).

I would recommend feeding only VERY tiny amounts while in the bowl, due to lack of filtration, and to do >50% water changes daily. If you do this, try and use water from the tank, if there are no fish in it - this way the water is the right temp, hopefully has constant pH values (depending how long it has been set up), and has no harmful chemicals like chlorine from tap water. This should be less stressful for your fish.

Adding a small amount of kosher salt or aquarium salt (any non-iodized salt) to the water can also help reduce stress. 1/2 teaspoon per gallon is helpful, and it's recommended to ward off diseases as well, when your goldfish is healthy :)

As for feeding - for now I would not change his diet, but you can feed your goldfish lots of different things. Sometimes mine get bloodworms (usually saved for my tropical fish) as a special treat... often they get crushed-up peas, which I take from the freezer and thaw for them. They'll eat pretty much -anything-, so look each thing up before feeding, in case it's not good for them.

That's all I've got for now... good luck and I hope all goes well.


Posted by Amber – Montana

I am worried about my Black Moor goldfish. I bought a ten gallon tank in January and my fish (Waddle Fish) shortly after. He has been doing well, but has not grown much and now has a coat of white dots (think salt) all over his body. I was told this is called Ick. My husband is getting medicine for it tonight. But, other then that I have no knowledge of this. I've moved him into a goldfish bowl that I bought as a nurse tank. Was this the right thing to do? I am also working on draining and cleaning his home tank and saving the aquarium plants.
And I am also concerned I am not feeding him properly. I only give him Tetra Goldfish food. I fear I am hurting my little friend by being undereducated on goldfish care. Please help.

Posted by terri – sunshine coast hinterland

I have 2 black moors in a 97 liter tank with 1 orange fantail and 3 shubunkins. i know i shouldn't put voracious feeders in with black moors but its been 2 years now and they all get enough food and have grown considerably. They love fresh peas and zucchini too. I change 1/3 of the tank every 3 months. My problem is one moor has something (velvet?) over both eyes and is trying to eat at feeding time but not finding the food. I'm using "multicure" deep green in colour, but i don't see a difference.

Posted by donna

I have just bought one his name is hella-bore he is soo cute, i also have a orange and white fantail called alice they are a great couple

Posted by Katie – Arizona

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you guys for all the information! I had bought two comet goldfish, and tried to put a Fancy goldfish and a moor in with them because I bought them a new tank that was 25 gallons. I was watching them carefully because I thought they were going to fight, when the Moor was very lethargic and always sitting at the bottom, i researched them and found out that they do not do well in a tank with more competitive fish like the comet and fancy, I changed the moor to a smaller tank probably ten minutes ago, gave him a small amount of food and now he is so much better! Thank You so much!! :D The poor fishy probably would have died :(

Posted by X.x – Brazil

I got one 4 months ago, named Hubble, he was black, but now he is almost all orange... I have a black moor or a commom telescope???
(so sad, I liked it black...)

Posted by yum-yum – Pacific Coast, USA

The Black Moor and the gold Fantail are my favorites. I once had one of each in a 10gal tank (Fish, the Fantail, and Chips, the Moor) and when Fish died Chips got terribly depressed. I bought him/her another goldfishy tankmate some days later and he/she still moped around for a while. It took Chips several weeks to mourn the loss of Fish and accept there was another fish in the tank. I was quite impressed with the personality of Chips and mourned his/her death, too.

Posted by adanoon – ohio

i have a black moor named rocky bow bubbles and a bronze moor named pogy

Posted by Zach L – ohio

Response to Kelly.....
The reason why the eye of your goldfish was growing was probably because it was damaged when he got scared, and the result of that was swelling of the eye. You can relate it to when a human jams there finger, the result is swelling. It is just a response of your body and its immune system.

Posted by Zach L – ohio

Response to Yvonne O...
When selecting fish for your tank there is one important rule to follow,if the fish is tropical there should be one inch of fish per one gallon. However for goldfish, there can be two inches of fish to every one gallon.

Posted by shauntel massey – leduc

we have 2 black moors we do not know if they male or females on my computer right now and looking up if there males or females .so let us know ok from shauntel

Posted by D-Rex – Washington

A black fish with "fangs" aka barbels is a description of a black buttterfly koi not a moor.

Posted by james carberry

I have recently bought a black moore goldfish and i noticed two long white things which resemble fangs coming from its mouth. my other fish have also had strange cuts on them which i fear have been caused by the black moore. Does anybody know what is happening

Posted by Kelly – Ohio

I have a very big (5 inches - body-not including tail fins) beautiful black moore. He hangs out with his best buddy - the algea eater. I changed the tank water today and was careful moving my black moore from the tank to the big bowl so I could change the water in it without scaring him. Well my delema is - when I picked up the bowl after cleaning the tank, he got scared and flew around in the bowl a few times panicing and then when he calmed down I got him back in the tank, he seemed to be exhausted and I noticed that one of his eyes has a red circle/spot in it about a 1/4 inch across(like we get if we break a blood vessle in our eye) and then within a half hour that same eye was bigger and then when I checked him again and hour later his eye looked even bigger. I am concerned that he may have damaged his eye in his scurrying. My other concern is on my very close inspection of my black moore he seems to be wearing some sort of clear/blue tinted vest lol. I know it sounds funny but it is no joke. It isn't over all of his body just like it is laying on top of him like shear blanket -see through.... Can anyone help me figure out what I should do. I don't want to lose him I love him soo much... Thank you so much, Kelly

Reply to Kelly
Posted by Dennis – Cleveland

I also have a Black Moor and recently added a new decoration to the tank. Shortly after I discoved one of "his" eyes has a red spot on the bottom of the lens, like what you were describing. I'm assuming he may have ran into it? I googled the red eye problem, that's what directed my to your comment. I have been adding Melafix (antibacterial) to the tank but haven't noticed any marked improvement.
Although I recently read that I should remove my charcoal filter when adding the Melafix which I hadn't been doing, so I'm going to try that now. I'll let you know if it worked but now I see you posted this comment two years ago. Sooo, hopefully you can tell me what you did to hopefully help your fish?

Posted by Yvonne O – Charlotte, NC

I have a 20 gallon tank and would like to put 4 goldfish in it. Is this too many for this size tank? How long will they be able to stay in this tank?

Posted by ms peace – colombia

omg my fish is so pretty and it always go into are ship, well i think its a girl and haveing babys

Posted by Theresa – Wisconsin

I bought a gold telescope eye gold fish and now it has turned black with a white belly. It is really beautiful. I thought it was sick when it started to turn black but he continued to grow and thrive so I think it must have been genetic. Has anyone ever experienced this with their fish?

Posted by joe brony – pa

Dude.... 6 moors in a 13 gallon and you are trying to breed them in there??? For that many fish you need at least a 55 gallon

Posted by miss mour – england

I have a moor fish and happy to know how long their life span is my moor fish was black all over with a sliver belly 2 years later my morr is now gold and sliver belly one eye is black in side and the other looks normal i think that the black eye could be a blind one . I was worried with the eye and the change of colour but you can see how happy and chilled my moor fish is with he,she's 3 mates ..

Posted by ryan – ohio

i have a tank and im going to buy a few black moor fish soon how can you tell their genders? please i would like to know because i think it would be nice to become a black moor breeder! so please can you help me

Posted by asorvia – Russia

Reply to arlene...
if you have a moor goldfish that is nearly orange, i highly doubt that you have a black moor fish. since your goldfish looks like a "regular goldfish" it seems very likely that you have a regular goldfish with some strangely colored scales. a picture would put all questions to rest however, so if you need identification, please post a reply and i will give you my email address.

Posted by Gytasssssss – Ireland

i really like the black moore my sis got a fish tank and a black moore i really like it i will be getting a tank in two weeks time and i am going to get a black moore for sure what does an airstone do and will there be inaf room for it the tank is 21 liters

Posted by Rachel – California

You should not be keeping that many goldfish in a 13 gallon aquarium... at the very least each fish requires 10 gallons, preferably more, as they will grow very large, and create much more waste and toxic ammonia than tropical fish. You should also have a filter that is rated for twice the size of your aquarium, for example, if you have a 20 gallon aquarium, you should have a filter rated for at least 40 gallons.

Posted by Matt – Colorado

I like the shape of the Black Moor. It's eyes stick out kinda like a Telescope Eye, which is my favorite thing about em.

Posted by arlene – S$$DIEGO, CA

i have a moor fish , but! here's the catch the body shape is more like a regular goldfish type long body w/ normal fins... it's nearly pure orange... can this be considered a rare moor fish?

Posted by natalie – Indiana

A boy fish is more slender than a girl fish. Boys get white dots on their heads during mating season.

Posted by elvin capu2lan – tac. philippines

how can we identify the male&female moor, cause I would like to breed this kind of fish. Currently I have 6 moors in my 13gal aquarium.