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Pond Fish
pond fish

T here are many species of fish that will thrive in a coldwater pond. The choice ultimately comes down to your preference. Koi and goldfish are two of the most popular pond fish , because they are relatively easy to care for and can survive in many different types of pond environment.

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There are 4 comments
Posted by wendy – quebec

I was wondering if I put goldfish in a pond ,will it be ok to install my pump which makes a water fountain effect,,,

Posted by S. Callow – Ontario. Canada

I have a pond in my back garden and have gold fish and koi, who live quite happily together. My pond has a deep area of about 24inches which the fish seem to go down into when it gets really cold. I stop feeding them and their metabolism is slows down and they go into a dorment state.
I have a small pond heater (looks like a flying saucer) that I place in the pond and plug it in when the water starts to freeze over. This heater keeps a small area of the pond from freezing and this allows the gases from any plants that are still in the pond to escape. Apparently its these gases that will kill your fish and not the cold (if the pond is deep enough) . You should not try and break the ice by banging it as the fish will not like the vibration. Hope this will help.

Posted by terri – Illinois

My Grandmother just bought a new home and has a gold fish pond in the back yard. Im pretty sure the fish are just your common gold fish. My question is, do we need to bring the fish indoors for the winter or are they able to survive in the pond all winter long during ice and snow???

Reply to terri
Posted by Chris

If the pond freezes, break a hole to allow the pond to breathe - when the water warms, they will become active agian.