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What is your favorite brand of goldfish food?

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What is your favorite type of goldfish?

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What to feed Goldfish?

Dried Fish Food
Dried Fish Food


It is important to remember that overfeeding your goldfish on a regular basis will cause poor water conditions in your tank. A way to avoid this is to premeasure each serving of food so you are not tempted to add too much.


Dried Fish Food
Fish Food in a container


Commercially prepared foods contain the three basic requirements of of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They are also supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

Care should be taken when storing dry commercial feeds to insure that the quality of the product is maintained. Moisture and heat will degrade the product. Vitamins are very sensitive to high temperatures.



TetraFin Fish Food



Warley Goldfish Food



Nutrafin Goldfish Pellets


Medium sized floating pellets with low phosphorous to discourage algae blooms.


Laguna Koi and Goldfish Food


Packaged in UV resistant container to preserver freshness.


Hikari Goldfish Food


High protein fish food in a resealable bag. These pellets are good for goldfish such as orandas, ranchus, and lionheads.


HBH Goldfish Discs



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There are 12 comments
Posted by Linda Phelos – Seattle

I bought these disc 15.3 oz because I am thrifty and when I bought them they were $7 a jar.....I've fed my goldfish them since I got them , One Goldfish is now 8 years old and about 9 inches long, the other is 5 years old. I like that it doesn't clog the filter as quickly as flakes and I've had no problems....just don't feed goldfish food to fish that aren't goldfish.

Posted by Jessica – Canada

I am planning to purchase a cute lil'goldfish
soon and I am wondering if it's true that
they stay chubby and small in a smallish
tank? Because I can't aford a huge tank
but I would love a cute chubby goldfish~
though I don't want it to outgrow it's tank~

Reply to Jessica
Posted by Danny – California

It depends on your definition of small tank. Small common or comet goldfishs grow quite large and if you put them in a small tank it can possibly stunt their growth which would keep them small but also shorten their life spam. If you get a fancy goldfish they usually stay around 6 inches as adults but would still need at least a 29 gallon tank to live a comfortable life.

Posted by MartyJ – Fall River MA

I found a new food that my fish love TetraFin Plus It has spirulina added to Tetrafin flakes

Posted by LaDonna – Conroe, Texas

I got a great size goldfish food for 1.00 at the dollar store and they love it. Man have they've grown with that food. And I checked it to be sure it was the same brand , bottle and all was same that they have at walmart for 10.00's same amount. Crazy uhn. You can get it at the Dollar general

Posted by Ed – NJ

I got a 15.3 oz. can of these discs at Petsmart last week because it was only about $8. clearance. Started using it along with other dried foods I had. The food sinks rather Fast, considering it says "Slow Sinking". Had a Horrible experience with the stuff today. I have a 130 gal. tank with goldfish/ koi, and a native minnow called "Black Nose Dace". Had these 7 daces for the past 8 months & they were doing just fine. Today I put in a little extra food to get it down to the catfish. I noticed the water clouded up with tiny food particles. Got back 3 hours later to find all the fish gasping for air on top, & all the daces dead with bloated bellies; some floating some sunk to the bottom. Saw Dried Brewers Yeast as an ingredient. Was it the yeast, or some other bacteria or alge bloom that depleted the oxygen? Be Careful With This Stuff!!! Use sparingly, if at all. Good Luck, Ed

Posted by ariel

does anyone know if its true?

Posted by ariel

is it true that full grown fish can eat baby newborn mice? someone told me that they fed that 2 goldfish but i think they are lying it possible

Posted by Maja – San Francisco

I fed my fish those crisps pictured here and they stained my fish's mouths red. I switched to pellets from a nice fish store and they keep the water much cleaner.

Posted by MM – Michigan

I feed my fish the following: flake food, pelleted food, bloodworms, shrimp, other freeze dried worms and any flies or small bugs I catch. I alternate and feed them something different every day. Once in a while I feed them frozen peas or bits of fresh orange for vitamin C which they do not store. Always select a good quality food that contains Vitamin C and throw it out and replace it every 3 months. The nutritional quality gets depleted over time.
I keep my fish indoors over the winter but release them to a 250 gallon pond during the spring and summer. Some of my fish are over 10 years old!

Posted by kt0519

what to feed goldfish other than fish food

Reply to kt0519
Posted by Poozza

You can feed them lettuce,Boiled peas And oranges.