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Oranda Goldfish

a oranda goldfish

Quick Statistics - Oranda Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore: Live food and flakes
Adult Size: 8 - 12"
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Medium
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater

The oranda is a special type of fancy goldfish that comes in a variety of colors including calico, orange, red, blue, chocolate, bronze, white, silver, red-white, red-black, panda-colored, and tricolor. It can grow to a length of 8 to 12 inches.

The oranda was derived by crossbreeding the veiltail with the lionhead goldfish. It has an egg-shaped body with a flowing pair of caudal fins. Similar to the lionhead, the oranda also has a growth or wen on its head that is rasberry like in appearance. This growth usually begins when the fish is around two or three years old. On orandas with nacreous scales, the color of the wen may be blue, white, red, black, or calico. Special attention must be given to the wen by its care taker, because it is prone to bacterial infections.

Orandas prefer temperatures in the range of 65-78 ' F and are very sensitive to cold temperatures. They are only recommended for experienced fishkeepers..

a cute oranda goldfish

oranda goldfish

a oranda goldfish

oranda goldfish

oranda goldfish

oranda goldfish

oranda goldfish

oranda goldfish

oranda goldfish wen

closeup view oranda goldfish

red white oranda goldfish


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There are 48 comments
Posted by Lucy – Maine

I got an Oranda Goldfish and it died within a few weeks of having it. I had named him Borque and his death broke my heart, because he and his tank mates were the first fish I'd ever gotten.

Posted by Rachel

I recently bought a Red Cap Oranda and a solid-white oranda. The Red Cap is named Cassie and the white is Wendy. They're so friendly with each other, and play all the time. They basically follow each other around the tank! I never really liked the way orandas looked, and I was looking for two fantails when I went to the store. But the fantails were either unresponsive or in quarantine, and these two little gals were so cute! They followed my fingers around so often.

Posted by Brian – Ma

Just remember to do your Water Changes, no matter how small your tank or powerful your filter/s. Gold fish are dirty & produce more than your average in waste. Your water must be clean to keep healthy fish. Do a Google to learn Pros / Cons about the type fish your keeping. I find it very helpful, that's how I found this website, so I could learn more about keeping Oranda Goldfish before purchasing any. Have fun.

Posted by Pearl – The Tank

I used to have a 10 gallon tank when I was little, and I kept 3 comet goldfish... little did I know that they couldn't survive that way! I went through maybe 6 fish in 4 years, but one Butterfly Tailed Comet grew 9 inches from head to tip of tail, and I'm glad I don't have them anymore. It died after only 5 years, and now I'm much more responsible because I actually now buy goldfish keeping books, and I completely research breeds before fawning over them in pet stores, wondering if my tank would hold 4 holdfish O,O

After 3 years without fish --they all died-- I've been asking for fish, and my parents say "NO!" because they hate cleaning the tanks.
So I finally got a Pearlscale for myself (the store said it was a plain old fantail!) and she's pure white with gorgeous dark blue eyes... SO CUTE AND CHUBSY! I had her in a 1 gallon tank because I had to wait a week for the PetCo dollar a gallon sale...
She did fine, swimming around sweetly.
I actually got attached to her. I never knew how dependant I could get, watching my fishy in her little tank by my bedside!
I bought a 10 gallon tank, and popped little Pearl in it, after regulating the water, adding pebbles, rocks, a little castle, filter, and aeration...
She was obviously very happy in there! She swam SO fast for a fat little egg-fish, and she's a huge glutton. Maybe about 2 months old now, at 2 inches long, and maybe an inch fat. I love FAT goldfish! I never really fancied comets, not fat enough~ Poor little JellyBean the 1-inch red fantail didn't last 2 days with the 9 inch fish....
Well, Pearl lived for another month alone before I got a precious Black Moor goldfish, slightly bigger than Pearl. His name is Houston, and he was bullied in his community tank (He was in the SAME tank with Pearl, nobody bought him! There were a few PS and FTs left when I bought him) and I could tell because bits of his tail were missing, a scale or two gone, and relatively skinny... there were fish chasing him. So now he's in my tank, with not a spot of ich, lice, or any parasite, unfortunately the PetCo by my house has unhealthy fish, ich, hookworms, etc...
Well, they're both in their tank right now, Houston fatter than when I got him, Pearl growing every day, now... Maybe they'll lay eggs and I'm get fry one day? I've seen PS/BM crosses, they're quite cute...
They have white, brown, tan, black large pebbles about 2 inches in their tank, a cute grey/brown and yellow airstone castle, 2 plants that I bought that I have no idea what they are named (15 inches tall when I bought them, they have a long "bulb", it's horizontal and there are thin, tall leaves), one that I planted from the main plant myself. They also have 2 basalt(?) rocks that I got outside my house and have been using them in previous fish tanks...
I painted with watercolor (bad choice, but it's pretty) the ruins of a castle in the distance with a small path going up to broken columns, in the front view, and waaay back there are craggy sand dune mountains.. everything is on sand.. It's a gorgeous setup, and I think that in February I'm going to trade my 50 gallon tank (too big for my room!) in for a 30 gallon tank to keep my growing seamonsters happy...
I feel the need to tell everybody that my PS and BM have tons of personality, they're playful, and gorgeous, fat fish! You should really get them, though my BM is getting a bronze sheen because the water is at a constant 70 degrees! My fish eat a ton, especially my $4 Mystery Blue Snail that they killed... poor old Snailio... but anyway, happy fishkeeping!

Posted by Vickie

My boyfriend just bought me an oranda, it is all white except for it's orange pectoral fins and eyes.
I found that it is friendlier and more tame than my two calico fantails I've had for a while now.

Posted by JJ – Canada

Currently have an Oranda, fantail, and black moor living together in a ten gallon... Persuading parents to get me a bigger tank since they will grow out of it. My Oranda does not have a big wen like the ones in the photos. I think it's because its too young...? Thanks!

Posted by Keith – Ontario Canada


Although the info seems to indicate that Oranda's like warm aquarium temperatures, my experience has proven they are capable of surviving in considerably cooler water. I have a 4,000 gallon pond and my one Oranda and one Buffalo Head both survived in a frozen pond over the winter and surfaced alive and well this Spring!! They are both doing very well and I intend to stock more of them since unlike regular goldfish, they do not hide amongst the rocks and are more "personable" in nature.

Posted by Kim – Tucson, AZ

How do I keep them looking nice and plump with out feeding them 5 times a day. lol I love them and love how they move like little tug boats.

Posted by Rio – ohio

I have four oranda fish, they're all rather small 2" or less.. they are currently living in a ten gallon tank with a nice filtration system and bubble wand to airate the water..
Im rather new to goldfish ownership, so I just wanted some advice from an experienced owner on whether or not their habitat is satisfactory..
Im an animal lover and I took them because my local pet store was closing and they were in a dispicable tank so I figured I'd help them out..
I just would like some pointers on what would give them the longest happiest life possible..

Reply to Rio


Reply to Rio
Posted by goldierox – Canada

Hi Rio,

Glad to know the fishies were rescued! Each goldfish requires 10 gallons so consider a bigger tank. The oranda has a tendancy to get a little floaty. Microwaved, deshelled peas is a naturally laxative to help clear their digestive tracks. As long as you keep the water clean, you'll have some happy fish!


Posted by Danielle – California

I just bought a orange oranda goldfish today, I named him Capone( he looks like a mafia fish). He is about 2" and he is doing great so far. He is currently living in a 10 gallon tank with my other goldfish, X-ray the calico ryukin goldfish(4" Head to tail). I plan on moving them to my 60 gallon tank soon, just have to waith until the tank is done cycling(without fish of course).

Posted by Dani

I have a light an dark orange oranda with a beautiful wen. She's only about 3 inches and i've had her for a year now but she used to be larger. Lately she's been acting up, and i supposed her float bubble thing was just not passing gas so each time i gave her bits of peas and shes better now. I've been soaking the food in water so it sinks when i feed her. But i just noticed she has a bump on the right side of her torso and something white protruding from it, sort of like a pimple. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Should i worry? I have a fantail and a black moor in the tank with her and they are perfect together. Any suggestions? Please help?!?!

Posted by Rachel – Norfolk, VA

I have a love/hate relationship with Orandas. I keep a mix of different types of goldfish and the 3 red and white Orandas are among the most unique and beautiful, however they more easily get sick and die when my other fish remain unaffected. Two of the three died recently of dropsy and now the third is pine-coned and in the hospital tank and she isn't responding well to treatment. Although she has quite a bit of black now (meaning healing) and remains active so I'm hopeful. I also have 2 shubunkins and 2 ryukins who are quite healthy. One shubunkin began to retain fluid and swell but a few days of dropsy treatment for him and he was right as rain.
I've recently replaced my 2 lost Orandas with 2 new gorgeous bronze ones and added 2 Moors to the family. I will probably always keep Orandas even though they are the finickiest of the bunch.

Also, yes, typically Orandas might not be able to compete for food with Shubunkins and Ryukins, but not to fear. I take care that everyone gets a full belly.

Posted by Nicole – Orland Park, Il

I just hought my first 2 orandas 4 days ago. I love them! They are the cutest fish =) I have one baby that is orange and black, and my other is a little older all orange with a beautiful white fin. They have such personalities! They are in a 30 gallon tank and love swimming around! This is my fist tank and I am so happy I decided to get
Good luck everyone with their amazing Orandas!!!

Posted by christine – chester

I have had a black moor and oranda from babies for 4 years. 2 weeks ago my oranda had an awful injury. Yhe black moor had attacked her and chewed most of her wen off which was in the tank. Apparently black moors need at least a 30 gallon tank. Mine is smaller and I feel awful for the now dead oranda. My black moor is huge so please don't put yours in a small tank!

Posted by Carolyn – NY


I am quite disturbed by your comments. Aside from the fact that they are incorrect and unfounded, they are simply ridiculous. This is the second thread in which you have said that a fish has "decapitating" features. I must say, none of my fish have ever had their heads removed from their bodies as a result of their appearance. I assume you mean to say "decapacitating" possibly? That's not a word... "incapacitating" is, but maybe that's what you were trying to say? Anyway, these features do not hurt the fish. My oranda can see very well, and is actually faster and more competitive than the other fish in my tank.

Posted by Carolyn – NY

Mike- Are you saying you kept all those fish in the 5 gallon tank together? They need MUCH more space than that. Just wanted to let you know since you are planning on getting more fish... I would hate for you to have another bad experience! I have read many different figures on what size is acceptable, but a common opinion is at least 10 gallons per fish. That is what I have always went by and my fish are thriving. Also, make sure you have a filtration system. Hope your next tank thrives!

Posted by Christina – Lancaster Ca

I'm with you redding. If people have nothing positive to say or to help other fish loving people, then please don't give us your drama. Life's too short for haters. Anyways I was given my first Oranda by my sister inlaw, who died of cancer in the beginning of August this year . I love my new Oranda I named her Shnuggles. She's adorable! yeah not sure if she's a girl or not but she looks like one to me. She's doing great in my 30 gallon tank with my two mores, my two common goldfish, my 4 fantails. I also was given 4 lil tropical fishes that are doing great all together. I have a wonderful fish family that we enjoy.

Reply to Christina
Posted by chloe – herefordshire

how do you tell what gallon your tank is?

Posted by Mike – Lucena Ph

My first gold fish was a red cap oranda, I so love them, I had 3. My tank was a 5 gallon, so I thought maybe a few more goldfish types would be great. I added 1 black moore and one pearlscale, they were all happy, then i saw this ryukin on a market, she looks very cute and needs someone to take care, i bought it, i quarantined it first for 1 whole day, i was planing to keep her on the quarantine tank for a week, but i got exited so the next day i introduced her on the tank, the other ones welcomed her, they were happy, then i left for two days, i told my friend to look after them and feed them, when i came back, they were all sick. flees and white spots, i tried curring them but it was too late, after a few days, one by one they die, i was so down and sad.... actually i was traumatized.. scared to keep a goldfish again. but i want them.. I'm planning to get 2 huge lionhead. This time, I will not leave them.

Posted by Dave – Pleasant Hill Ore.

Over the Years I've had many fish. many years ago while living in Alaska I had three Orandas.
Of all the fish I've ever had these three Orandas, were my fondest, bought as babies lived with me for many year's grew to full maturity.
I didn't know what I had at first , the first one went in to a community tank, which was a mistake.
"Red" had difficulty competing for food, I had to isolate him from the more aggressive fish he wound up alone.
This where it began, he needed company they need a bigger tank, I custom built, a huge aggressive filtration system, regular biweekly water changes.
It was all worth the extra attention they needed, I had three of the healthiest happiest fish I knew of! "Red" grew to be 14 in nose to Vail tail tip he had a perfect crown and egg shape to his body, his two companions "Titanium", and "Chocolate".
"Titanium" grew to be 12 inches long, he appeared to be a perfect example, of the breed, Titanium white with a red crown, perfect egg shape body and long Vail like tail.
It was suppose to end there, but have you ever spotted a fish and had to have it?
"Chocolate" grew to be 10 inches, he was a beautiful brown and when he turned, he had a bronze shine.
These three fish are by far the best looking and most friendly fish I've ever had.

Note I used to have elaborately decorated tanks, the Orandas broke me of this.

Posted by cuzza – Liverpool

I have two red capped orandas and i love them!

Posted by Robert – Toronto,Canada

For years I have bred Angelfish and Discus and continue to do so...But...I cannot deny that my favorite fish by far are my Oranda's (the super 7).I love my chubbo's they are so cute. I have them in a 55 gallon tank in my room so they are usually the first thing I see in the morning because they are so endearing and funny.
I have a solid black (Oprah LaDanian)
a solid white (Lady GaGa) she is always sprawled on the bottom of the tank, but the first to investigate food and pretty much jumps into my hand when I give them frozen worms.
Spot is my Calico
My Orange guy has a white widow's peak and the chubbiest cheeks ( mo' cheeks)
The other orange one has black tiger markings and a beauty mark on the upper right lip ( I call him Tiger Crawford; tiger for the bengali stripes and Crawford for cindy Crawford's beauty mark).
My two redcaps are very unusual looking with the hugest wens they're red caps extend as a stripe down the spine .Origninally named PuffyFluffy cause he looked like a little kid with food stuffed in his I call him Satchmo...cause he does kind of look like Louie Armstrong. The biggest of the super 7 (the other red cap)...also has black outline markings on all finnage...but he looks alot like Tweety bird from warner bros cartoons, because his wen is so big it makes him look like he has a nasty overbite. I named it Tweety but I really think he/she needs a superhero name like Shazaam or by the way he wiggles his jigglies maybe Electra.
thanks for humoring me everyone as it is nice to have a forum like this, where people don't look at me like the old lady down the street with the 30 cats...catlady/fishman...I know I need a life.

Posted by fishie – CA

Look at those cute TeleTubbie faced fishie.

Posted by maggie – UK

i just bought two of these little cuties has settled well in the new tank but the larger of the two doesnt seem quite at home yet.Fingers crossed he will perk up.

Posted by Adnan – Toronto

so i see that the temperature is between (65-72 F) does that mean i need a heater to keep it between that ?

Posted by mushishe – Georgia

The last two orandas I've purchased came from my local Petsmart. They are healthy and lovely, with unique personalities, but they were not originally the fish I wanted. Both of them were in a tank labeled "Ryukin." I don't know if anyone else has encountered this problem or not as their wens didn't start developing until weeks after purchase. I can't complain because they're super sweet, and they've made my five year old lionhead very happy. But I still don't have a ryukin!

Posted by matt – so cal

my red cap oranda looks just like my ranchu minus the dorsal fin :D

Posted by ahmer – Bangladesh

my oranda is totally ok but the jelly in the head is not much or growing..m confused abt that,,is thata problem

Posted by joan – so. cal.

my oranda has one blue/green rimmed eye. the othre eye has the normal dark rim. i just noticed the change yesterday. i would have noticed it if he had it more than a few days. is there something wrong with it? the watr hs been pretty cool because of the winter stroms we've been having. thank you.

Posted by adanoon – ohio

hey amm im not sure about orandas but he might be sick or lonely. i used to have a calico he died because he was sick it depends on were you get your fish. because at stores one fish could get sick and infect all the others.

Posted by adanoon – ohio

I agree with Reddy. cause we are Ohioans

Posted by adanoon – Ohio

I have 5 goldfish, my favorite a black moor a comet ,fantail a shubunkin and i don't know what kind .my black moor is named Rocky bow Bubbles. i was at pets mart a few times and i just love the red caped orandas i also like the bubble eye and telescope eye.

Posted by kate – cornwall

Hi i love my organda, but today noticed it is more bloatedand its scales are what id say hackled can anyone help ??? I have other fish with it

Reply to kate
Posted by Hayden – Newzealand

Hi Kate, I have had goldfish for 20 years, it sounds like your goldfish have a thing called dropsy caused by not softening your fish pellets, you should soak your pellets for about 20 mins before feeding. Hope this helps you out.

Posted by Reddy – oh

Ok so really???? Orandas are NOT blind, as for it being a deformed disgusting growth that is all a matter of oppinion. I think these fish are beautiful, and that so call deformity causes them no pain nor discomfort dont be ignorant. Also just as and FYI there are tons of fish that are geneticly altered as well and if you have a fresh water tank i would be willing to bet you have a geneticly altered fish, so dont make people feel guilty about likeing, owning, or wanting this type of fish. If you want to complain go stand up for all the animals that are up for adoption, abused, or tested on for you hand creams, makeup and so forth.
Orandas are awsome :)
diehard animal enthusiest and researcher.

Posted by amm – 814

I just brought home my Oranda Goldfish and named him Oswald. He is a cutie (Black with a gold belly) and I am really excited to have him. My only concern is that he has been swimming along the bottom of the tank the past day and a half (his dorsal fin is up and perky which I know is a good thing). I know my tank is probably colder than he likes but it has been gradually getting warmer. Any advice?

Posted by marc91762 – montclair

what do you do if the growth around my orandas head looks like he cant see

Posted by Suzi Antonucci

I have a beautiful little red cap and Ihave an all deep orange and it is larger and is not very nice to the sweet little red cap. Can one tell the difference between a male and female?

Posted by Ryan – Tennessee


They are not handicapped in any way you have described. They are not blind, I don't know where you read that. I have a Redcap Oranda myself and I know for a fact that he is not blind, because he gets excited when I wave at him from across the room. He has no trouble swimming, and no trouble finding food in his tank. I have several toys in the tank with him, too, and he has no difficulty navigating among them.

I think it would be wise for you to go to Youtube and watch some video footage of these fish before you call them "deformed" and "blind." Ignorance is not a flattering feature to possess.

Posted by nat – Saint Petersburg, FL

It is not mean at all gwen. It is simply true that people have bread these poor creatures to bring out unnatural and decapitating features and growths such as present in this fish.

I originally thought it would be neat to look at the different species of goldfish available, but after seeing the crippled creatures humans have made of this beautiful carp originating fish, I am disgusted.

These creatures are bred to be BLIND! Would you like to be born as a blind individual bred for a strange growth on your body?

If you answered yes, then this is the world you deserve to be in.

Posted by gwen – america

not to be mean , but they almost look like coliflower...

Posted by Reese – Ohio

I'm new to the aquarium world and have bought my first fish - a red and white Oranda that I've named Lucy. I had bought 2, but the other (a sweet calico) never grew in the 2 months I had them and passed away. Lucy has grown tremendously. Question: the pet shop assures me that Orandas are loner fish, but should I try to replace the calico? It's been a few weeks and the pet shop tells me Lucy would now be territorial. Thanks!

Posted by Lee Ortiz – Springfield, MA

I just got a beautiful calico oranda goldfish . I really would like to know what types of plants i should but her. so she could snake on it while im at work . I really fell in love with her as soon as i saw her. she's about 2 yrs old by the look of her wen. GREAT PET . Catches everyones eye once they walk in the house I LOVE IT

Posted by Gytasssssssssss – Ireland

i think the red cap one is very very nice

Posted by Reesie – new jersey

i love the one at the top... the ones with the little poof on their head scare me

Posted by Matt – Colorado

Red Cap Orandas are cool. the white body brings out the color of the thingy on it's head. I can't remember what it's called.