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What are some popular goldfish names?


Goldfish are enjoyable to watch and coming up with names for each one of them can also be a lot of fun.

So what are some of the more popular goldfish names?


Do you have some suggestions ? Post them below and include the reason why if possible.

There are 224 comments
Posted by C L – Cypress, TX

We have 2 goldfish named


Pearl because it is white and kinda shiny.

Posted by Victoria

I have 4 goldfish, but there isn't really a reason for the names I chose. I just thought they were nice names :)
Honey the pearlscale
Peanut the fantail
Truffle the globe-eyed
And Ryback the oranda, who is named after the wrestler with the catchphrases "feed me more" and "wake up, it's feeding time"

Posted by Alison – Perth, Australia

Hi, my goldfish names have been as follows: -

"Flo" (a dark brown and gold telescope eyes with heaps of affection, interaction and character)
"Joey" (a black moor)
"Jewels" (a calico fantail with specks of silver)
"Bolt" (a gold and black Calico Ranchu - very cute and lively with lots of character.
"Pearl" (another calico fantail with a white belly, bluish/grey back and shiny black and gold gills-a real unusual beauty)

Hope this helps. I'm totally in love with goldfish, they're amazing creatures!

Posted by Mustelastellar

I have a veiltail calico named Ebony but I thought it was a girl so I might change the name to Onyx because it might actually be male. Ebony and Onyx represent the black spot makings in my fish's scales. Ebony sounds feminine to me and Onyx sounds masculine

Posted by goldielocks – Hawaii

Captain Crunch
Sludge Muffin

Posted by jenifer – latur

i have 2 goldfish. their names are:

Posted by Goldfishlove – Apple Valley, CA

Hello, I have a goldfish name "Cartooney". I named him that because he's a character. He swims in loops and circles. He literally shows off for you.

Posted by sophia – London, England

Hello, I have 2 goldfish. Their names are
Rosa and Chester. Rosa has a golden color with a white belly,
and Chester's color is a mixture of gold and black.

Reply to sophia
Posted by Allie – east texas

Hi! Right now I currently have...well tons of fish!
in my goldfish tank I have 4 comets...
1 solid white and about 5 in long named comet
2 are white and orange and 3 in and 3 1/2 in named bubbles and gill
1 solid white 2 1/2 inches named spot (used to have black spot on tail fin but not anymore)
I also have 2 orandas
one solid orange and about 2 in long named brainiac
one about 6 in or so a bright orange and white named Nemo
a black moor named Bug
and a calico fantail black white and orange named pumpkin

then in my other tank I have
4 guppies sunny, blue, tiny, and Shiney
2 loaches snake and loachy (lo-kee)
2 albino corey catfish named corey and clark
1 dalmation molly named molly
1 red wag platy named red
1 zebra danio named stripes
1 gourami named tiger
2 ghost shrimp stimpy and papa shrimp
and 1 african dwarf frog named Mr. Ribbits

Posted by Chloe – Ireland

I am 11 and used to have 3 goldfish.I named them
Tiger:orange with three white stripes on each side.
Bob:pure white with orange and black spots.
Koka: A goldy colour.I called him that after my favourite type of noodles!Sadly they all are in fishy heaven,lol.But i got a new dark orangey red coloured fish and im not sure what to called him.I was thinking blaze or something like that.Any idea's!

Posted by veiltalegirl – Dallas, TX

My 4 year-old fantail goldfish's name is now Hannah. When I purchased her, she was very tiny (no more than 1 inch) and snow white with 1 small red dot on her lower left fin. I put her in a 3 gal. tank with 5 neon tetras. I called her "Dip" and the tetras "the Chips"...and that was how the story of her name began.
Over time, "the Chips" disappeared - and, Dip was getting bigger. judgements here....but, I felt that it was time to change Dip's name to Hannibal (as in Hannibal Lector). After re-naming and moving to a 5 gallon tank, Hannibal laid eggs.
I then realized that the correct name for this pretty little fish (now about 3 inches), was Hannah Belle - because she laid was some mess to clean up since she doesn't have a tank life partner.
Now 4 years later, and a full 6 1/2" from snout to the end of her flowing fins, Hannah lives in a 20 gallon tank lovin' life - alone - on her terms. She eats peas off of my fingers, greets me in the morning as soon as I get up from bed (she doesn't bother with my husband, but then he doesn't feed her), and generally likes when I spend time around her tank.
And that is the story of Hannah got her name :).

Posted by Jessica N Britt – Eugene,Oregon

My girlfriend and I just recently got acute lil fantail,and a elegant black moor. We browsed online for some names, google was the source. We wanted something unique and "flow-ee" we ended up with Aolani( Ay-o-lawn-ee) which is hawaiian and means "Heavenly Cloud" and,for our moor we chose Eulalie(You-lay-lee)its greek,french and means well-spoken, but we originally thought of the name after the poem by Edgar Allen Poe titled: 'Eulalie'

Posted by Sophie-Louise – UK, England

Hello:), here are some names I considered when I named my goldfish:)
And lastly, Oscar, the name of my lil goldfish:)xxx

Reply to Sophie-Louise
Posted by Jenny – Kaukauna

Hi,those are all great names.I am doing a school project where we have to draw two different animals. The top of my animal is a horse and the bottom is a fish that is why I needed ideas for goldfish names! The horse part of my animals name is supposed to be Princess.The goldfish part is Splash! If you add them together it makes Prinsplash.Thanks for your ideas!!!!!

Posted by Lia

My family has three goldies, one for each child. My youngest is four and the two older girls didn't want to let him name one. :D

Stubby: pure orange with a pudgy belly, named by my seven-year-old

Hedwig: mainly orange, but with some white, and very fearless, named by my nine-year-old, who loves the Harry Potter series

Helga: mainly white, but with a lot of orange, and slightly shy, and mainly follows Hedwig around, also named by the nine-year-old

Posted by Camille – Olmpic Peninsula

my 9 inch plain goldfish lives in a 20 gal tank and wants his privacy. He won't tolorate other fish at all and his name is Bumpy. My grown son named him because when he was in a ten gal tank he would swim from one end to the other of the tank and each time bump his nose on the glass. In another tank are a comet named Daphne plus a Shubunkin named Mongo because his head looks like a Mongolian [ so says my son ] and my favorite Dexter a bright orange white and black-striped Japanese Koi. He is very greedy and wants to eat all the time but I only feed them every other day.

Posted by Syl MK – Puerto Rico

In my 40+ gallon barrel pond I have 5 koi named:
Houdini- a Showa who loves to jump out
Faust- a Gin Rin Ochiba butterfly koi
Frankenstein- a red butterfly koi with 2 different kinds of fins, looks put together XD
Spectre- a Platinum Ogon
Kamikaze- a Kawarimono that keeps jumping at my cats XD
Slip & Slide- 2 Golden Apple snails

In my 20 gallon aquarium there's:
Mon- a Black Moor
Jin- a very fat orange Fantail
Zen- a red Comet with stark white fins
Shun- an extremely fat calico Fantail
Slurp- a Golden Apple Snail
Pick & Choose- my 2 Ghost Shrimp

I hope these names are helpful to you all. =)

Reply to Syl MK
Posted by Syl MK – Puerto Rico

Hello all! Got some new name suggestions. On November 1st my sister's friend adopted Pick & Choose and Spectre. That same day I adopted Bahamut (a Golden Apple Snail that measures just over 5 inches in diameter!!), Wraith (a gorgeous black baby butterfly koi) and Micro (the tiniest Oranda goldfish I have ever seen ^_^).

Posted by Emma – England.

I have a 180 litre fish tank that i bought last year, ive had two prevouis smaller tanks but my fish grew to be very big!

At the moment i have 8 single tail golfish:

And 3 golden sucking loaches:

hope you like my fish name ideas! :D

Posted by candace – Sandersville Georgia

I have 2 common goldfish one is named Mohawk because of the black strip on its head. And haven't come up with a name for the second yet. Oh I have an aquatic snail too his name is Gary.

Posted by Keeli – Kentucky

We now have 7 fish because my 2 yr old has become fascinated with fish.

Tiny - a common goldfish that is grayish/brownish in color (may not be a year old yet according to what I've been reading) - named by my daughter

Marlin - black moor
Dory - calico fantail
Oscar - calico goldfish
Daisy - gold fantail
Phineas - gray corydora
Ferb - albino corydora

We were trying to pick names that my daughter could say because she likes talking to them!

Posted by Luke – Australia

I have 2 goldfish

1 called Nemo because he has stripes but they are not full stripes

and the other is called speedy because when we let him loose he did 3 laps of the tank in 5 seconds

Posted by Ashley – Lancaster PA

I have a 60 gallon tank which are home to these

2 Pearlscales- Sugar plum fairy & Goody Gumdrops

2 orandas - Fox & Thor

2 Telescope- Moonshine & Jack Daniels

2 Black Moors- Big Horn & King Ranch

Posted by Antchecka – London

Me and my partner Toni just bought our first goldfish together, in preparation for our first child which we are trying for! He is called Percy (Perciville for when he misbehaves!) and he has brought us much closer together. We will both read a book by his tank and put him to bed at 6.00pm as he is only 6 months old!

the best of luck for all those fish loverz out there!!

Many fishy kisses,

Florence and Toni (and Percy!)

Posted by Britt – New York

I currently have a gold fantail goldfish. I will have had him for about year. He is so pretty. I named him Clicky, because he likes to come up the top of the tank, open and close his mouth, and make a clicking noise!

Posted by Ana – Washington

I bought 3 fish today.

Phosphorus - Neon Tetra
Squirt - light orange Common Gold
Punk - white and orange Common Gold

Posted by bridie – australia

I have four goldfish and they are the cuetest things i have ever seen. Their names are
1) coral
and my fave
4) Bubbles

Posted by Alexander – Romania

I have a goldfish with a white stripe around him and I called him Sprite.(I also sometimes called him Moonlight.)

Posted by fantailer

I have:

Orbitz: a white fantail she made me think of gum
Titan: a calico fantail he looked tough
Galaxy ll: a red comet with lipstick he looked like Galaxy l
Jose: a red capped ranchu in honor of my puerto rican mom
Arluq: a black moor named after an orca in zoo tycoon 2

Posted by Olivz

My common Goldfish is called
Finn Kumquat-Marmalade
because i think it's cute :)

Posted by Rachel – Texas

I have 2 glo fish living with my comet goldfish.
I saw someone put Tropicana, and that sounds really cute!
My glo fish are named Santa Anna (idk why) and the other ones named Fungi (like a mushroom).

Reply to Rachel
Posted by Jayme

I have 3 fish
Mango (white orange spot)
Bubbles (orange,black,white)
Shadow (black)

Posted by Rachael – Puyallup, WA

We have 4 goldfish.
The two orange colored common goldfish are named Nemo and Marlin (by my four year old).
Then there are the two fan tails one is calico colored and the other is orange, they are named Ginger and Wasabi.

Posted by Tigz

I have 2 Goldfish. They are called: El Pipi Ninjo Gonzales (from a TV program) and Breadcrumbs.

Posted by o_0 – Alaska!

I got two fantails (Starburst and Pumpkin) and I'm getting more soon...these are the names I like...
Blackberry (BLACK MOORE)
Nom Nom

Posted by Rachel – Norfolk, VA

I've got a bit of a rag-tag mix but they make a happy family.
Sugar, r&w oranda named for being a sweetie-pie
Goldie, bronze oranda named for color
Ophelia, bronze oranda named because I've had Shakespeare on the brain

Rambo, calico shubunkin
Rigsby, also a calico shubunkin

Babe, r&w ryukin named because she's a little pig at feeding time
Clive, calico ryukin named because he is very handsome and so is Clive Owen

Little Bit, black moor named for being tiny and cute!
Smudge, black moor

Also, RIP to two recently departed fishies:
Lucy, red-cap oranda named for her "curly hair"
Walter, r&w oranda named because his coloring made him look like a grumpy old man, much like Jeff Dunham's puppet of the same name

Posted by Ashleigh – Stoke

Im getting my next fish soon, later today! Their names will be:

- Jenga

Hope you like them (I wanted a theme of games)

Some others are:


Reply to Ashleigh
Posted by Kerry – Minnesota

I've been a goldfish fanatic for years. Love my ryukins and orandas! Their names are: Henry aka Hungry Henry, Gwenevere, Splish and Splash.

Posted by Riley McDonalds – Somewhere.

I have two fish named Shelby and Bait. Bait has a ripped tail but he's really cute and I have a tiny baby snail that was just born/hatched named Junior

Posted by Shannon – Ontario, Canada

I recently bought a common goldfish for my classroom of toddlers to introduce them to their "1st pet". The toddlers have all decided to name the goldfish, "Dorothy" after Elmo's goldfish from Elmo's world. I think it's cute and it's very fitting for our little friend.

Posted by lulu – Surrey

My name is Lucy and I have had fish for most of my life at the moment I have 2 fish

charlie- a orange fantail
Blackberry- a black moor

I want to get a new fish but Im not sure what to call it, I like the names zippy, ponyo, pearl, coral, cassie, finley, moe, ping, pip, elmo, cleo, bubbles and smiley :)

Posted by Nikoela

I named my goldfish Sunny, because his shine reminds me of the Sunshine. Also his color is very warm orange :) I try to avoid the most popular names for my pets. It is so funny to call them something original! For example my hoplo`s name is Pedro :D and my guinea pig is Grizabella. The bettas are Ariel and Shogun ;)

Posted by laura – Staffordshire, Uk

I have 3 oranda at the mo, Sally, Oogie & Boogie, also had Jack but he's now in fishey heaven. Thought Jack & Sally (Nightmare b4 christmas) and later aquired Oogie & Boogie. :)

Posted by John – Netherland

I like to name my goldfish after characters from my favourite TV series Startrek.
Therefore 3 fantails named Quark, Seska and Neelix. Yet the forth fantail is named after a character out of a book that I liked very much. I name her Princess Ember. Though she is not acting like a princes at all when it is dinner time. More like a spoiled Klingon.

Posted by Ray

I have a oranda Gold fish Named
Gertrude, i thought it was a cute name plus
both words start with the Letter G
(Gold -Gertrude)

Posted by Aimee – wichita kansas

I have a 90 gal, 75gal, 55gal and 40 gal breeder and all have oranda, ranchu and a few telescope of my daughters

6 1/2 inch white super chubby wen ranchu with red on fins and round body (Cupie doll) because she has that chubby round white face.

4 different 4.75 inch all are chubby wen (face growth), round chubby bodied chinese ranchus
1) red faced calico (pumpkin AKA punky)
2) calico ranchu with (pugsly)
3) solid white ranchu (shmoo) after cute white blob cartoon character
4) orange and white ranchu (yo-yo) likes to spiral to top of tank looking for food.

3 inch chubby wen and body sakura ranchu with black button like eyes (buttons)

4 inch japanese superfat orange ranchu (pudgy)

4 inch black chubby face ranchu (bear)

4 1/2 inch black oranda with white belly and super chubby cheeks (he is actually almost blind because his cheeks cover eyes) (cheeky)

5 in calico oranda but mostly like a sakura not alot of black with chubby cheeks and a tall wen on top like a brain (albert einstien aka alby)

3 inch red and white oranda with big eyes (peepers)

4 inch red and white oranda mostly white with red head and red dots on dorsal fin, small fish with white tail as long as body (spunky) because full of personality

5 1/2 inch japanese greyish blue oranda with black splotches, puffy wen, very sad looking (eeyore)

4 inch japanese white oranda with puffy wen with red tail with black tips that look like flames (sparky)

2 inch oranda (stunted has been that size for 6 months) also has permanent swim bladder, poor baby (nibbles)

1 1/2 inch stunted also over 6 months old, butterfly tail oranda that is a permenantly inverted fish (lives on face) with very deep round body (waddles)

RIP 4 1/2 inch chubby body and faced red and white ranchu (patootie) this was my favorite name
RIP 5 1/2 inch red oranda (poppit)

my 12 yr old daughters fish that she named

3 inch panda butterfly moor (patchy)

3 inch black moor (toodles)

4 in black telescope with very long flowy fins (googles)

4 inch tri color telescope (telly)
2 inch orange ranchu (tubby)

also have a new 5 1/2 inch black with orangish belly oranda with very very long flowy fins (tail fin about as long as body) that i am trying to think of name for (lol why i found this posting)

well sorry for all the long descriptions but i have found when i am looking for new names i like to hear what people named fish and maybe why incase i have a fish that is alike. plus i am proud of my babies like most of us on here are in am sure lol.

well everyone give those aquapuppies lots of love.

Posted by Passes19 – usa

I have a common gray goldfish that looks like a bullet so i called it bullet but now he is turning blue and is staying under things is that a good sign?
His friends names are Captin, Alison, Dancer, Prancer, Coco, Kisses, Kisser, Kiss and Emu. They are all so cute in their 300l tank they also have 11 danio friends to chase around:) LOL :)

Posted by jody – california

I named my full orange comet goldfish- Huckleberry finn,and my bright orange bubble eye goldfish- Tropicana :)

Posted by Philip – U.S.

I have two that I got today. One is called Shiny because it is very shiny. The other is called Splotches because it has black splotches on the upper side. But I'm sure what kind they are.

Posted by Michelle – Yakima

I have 3 Goldfish A black moor named Icky named by my 3 year old, she also named my picstomus (sp) Sticky, a fan tail named Bleep and a common named Blip.

Posted by Dave – Ireland

I have had 10

Posted by Cassandra – Canada

I was thinking of good gold fish names and I came up with POLKO, SPECKLES, FINI, SPOTS AND JELLO.

I hope you like them! (:

Posted by martha – Connecticut

1. Excambrian - red and silver common (the Sikorsky/Pan Am flying boat)
2. Hispanola - a comet with flowing tails and fins (the pirate ship in Treasure island)
3. Ferari - red common (as in the car)
4. Elizabeth - named after my future daughter-in-law.

Posted by emily

i have a orange and white fantailed goldfish and i named mine nemo cause he looks like a little nemo!!!

Posted by Abby

my fishy is named pudgy and he is for my oceanography class:) he is a red and white ryukin:P

Posted by subrata – mumbai, India

We have 2 of the most lovable ruykin for a month. They are Chunnu & Munnu. Chunnu's left gill was injured when we got him. The flap has come off but he doesnt seem to have any trouble breathing. And his left eye is black. Munnu is orange in colour. Both recognize our footsteps and come to our side when we go near the bowl.

Posted by Meesha – London

we (my twin and i) have had our fish now for just over a year and a half! They are called
-Little John (aka LJ)
-Arthur (aka Ziggy)
-Little Henry
-Little Cassie
- and Even Littler Cassie (aka EL-C)

Posted by Beth – Ohio

My boyfriend and I just bought our first Fishie Family together. We set up a lovely tank home and brought them to their new home. Their names are Stripe (boyfriend named him for the black stripe starting on his head, the only black on him anywhere), Little Koi (she is so named simply because she is a common koi color but so tiny), Eeyore (from Winney The Pooh only because as we were bringing them home while making a turn their bag tipped over and he lay on his side like he was thinking "oookay it's time for me to die" *picture Eeyores voice here*) and my boyfriend has named the fourth one Sushi.

Posted by HannahhN – N'pton

I bought two common gold fish- but the tops are reddy orange and the bottoms are white <3
I'd them one to be a boy and one to be a girl-
The boy is definately called Finley :)
But I called the girl Coral- now I'm not sure :/
I'm stuck between
Poppy and Pebbles :/ HELPP or if you can think of better names, please feel free :D

Reply to HannahhN
Posted by Kaitlin – New Zealand

Hi I Have 3 Fish and Their names are Fillay Emmy and Lill Buddy Rua (it was my lill brothers 2nd fish)

Posted by Ron'Nasia – New Haven,Ct.

I am 7 years old and I have 2 fishes, I name them, rocky is the boy , he's black and gold and crush is the girl, she's orange and white. I had 3 other fishes within my 7 years, but they all went to fishy heaven.

Posted by Littlefishy – South Wales

I have two goldfish.
Tiki- Light orange with black tail tip.
Pearl- Deep orange with silvery white muzzle and tail.

Posted by Michellle

I have two goldfish. One is silver-gray and named Gandalf, and the other is the normal orange and named Aslan.

Posted by Chelsea – Iowa

Instead of naming my two fantail goldfish fire and ice, I decided to change their names to Pearl and Patinka. Pearl is an all white fantail, and Patinka is mostly orange with a tad bit of white.

Posted by Jenna – Massachusetts

My friend just got a new fish and she asked me 2 help her and I came up with these

And that's it

Posted by Georgina – England

I have just won a little goldfish at the fair a couple of days go, and I can't decide on what to call it. I was thinking -

but i dunno which 1 so pls help n if u got some names i'd like to hear em lol :) its gold and has like a pearly colour on its tummy! any sugestions?? :)x

Posted by emily – pennsylvania

i have 5 gold fish named Goldie,Twich (his tail allways twitches) ,Swimmy,Twist,Sunnie

Posted by Emer Waters – irland

i just got 3 gold fish, jaws, bruce and elmo. let me know if you have any better names :)

Posted by Sammo – manchester, England

i have:
3 minnows called - tiny, tiny 2, tiny 3

5 other small fish called - diddy, diddy 2, diddy 3, diddy 4, diddy 5

2 goldfish called nemo and marlon (finding Nemo, nemo is the smaller one)

1 weather loach called eel

1 coldwater pleco called papa loach

1 oranda called jocque (he has a french looking moustache)

1 tetra called rosie (son randomly called it that and it stook)

1 black moor named rambo (after my brother in laws dog - same colour)

and i did have a red clawed crab named edna (after edna krabappel from the simpsons) but he passed away yesterday:'(

and i need a little advice what size tank should all of these fish be in? i currently have them all in a 20 litre tank which i know is majorly overcrowded

Posted by Gem – BC, Canada

I have 3 goldfish. One shubunkin named Karl, because he has a white streak on the nose making his nose prominent (think Karl Malden), a pearl coloured comet with an orange spot named Spot, and a pearl coloured comet with brown/black streaks called Pig Pen.

Posted by Chelsea – Tennessee

I have a red cap oranda named Taco and a small black moor named Artemis. I had a blue oranda named Stroodle.

Posted by Dexter – Indiana

I have five goldfish. Their names are Colorful, Goldy,Silvery,Multy,and Gold. I lost two goldfish named Blacky,and Little Goldy. I had three different packs of fish.

Posted by Shauna lynch – Edinburgh

I am just about to get 2 goldfish and i think i am going to call them goldie & bubbles or maybe orange & lime my other choice is to call them the twins.:)x?!.

Posted by Hanna – Australia

Towards our HUMPHREY and HEPSIBA we got 3 more goldfish: SKIPPY, MATILDA and SUNSHINE
(all are comets, but all do have a different colouring, pics to be seen in the forum)

Posted by Tgf – Folsom, CA USA

Hmmmmmm, have 3 new goldfish and am thinking about naming them Maisy, Daisy and Lazy OR Minnie, Daisy and Dora.

Posted by Judy – CA

Benson - Pearlscale (his mate Stabler is no longer with us)
Finley - Fantail (has a black tip on fin, and half of right tail fin)
Freckle - Fantail (small 'freckle' on right side)
Seymore - Black Moor (can see more with protruding eyes)
Smooch - Pleco (always 'kissing' the glass)

Posted by Catherine – England

I used to have a goldfish and I called it speckles because it had orange, black and silver speckles.

Posted by gary – SCOTLAND

i named my Shubunkin goldfish shogun after the ufc champion mauricio"shogun"hua

Posted by Nicole

About four people on the boards (including me) have a goldfish named Sunshine.

Posted by arizona54 – califonia

i named my goldfish 'REBA' because she is a fancy fantail and Reba Mackentire sings a song called 'FANCY'. my 'Reba' is so graceful when she swims.

Posted by Bintu

our fish is named Bernie but we have no clue why
but I also have a question. how often should you feed your fish?

Reply to Bintu
Posted by brianna – hermann, mo

It really depends how much and what kind of food you have. If you have flakes( what i have) than usually two times a day, sometimes three. If you have pebble like food than do about the same.

Posted by Sammi – Pennsylvania

I have 4 goldfish
I have a comet named Beans (no particular reason)
I have a common goldfish named Pork
I also have a Shuybunkin named Rice
and a fancy tail named Chicken Tetrazzini (he so chubby^_^)

I have a pleco named Captain Tneal (mainly because i have a large pirate ship in my aquarium and he loves to guard it)

Posted by Chica – USA

I am thinking about getting two female telescope goldfish. Here are some names I came up with, as well as names of my previous fish.


Posted by Chantel – Wisconsin

I have 3 goldfish and their names are Brain, Ezekiel, and Orange Juice. I have some other fish and their names are Guppy, Confett, Kunta Kinte, and Nike.

Posted by sophie

hi everyone :]
ive got some names.
im getting a goldfish pretty soon so im thinking of names.


Posted by aclewis3 – pittsburgh

i just recently adopted my 5 little fish!
i named them boxer, he has 2 black eyes!
buzz lightyear, my little cousin named him
steeler, he is black and gold.
goldie, she is all orange
and tippy, he has alittle bit of black on the tip of its tail!

Posted by Hollie – My house

Me and my boyfriend have two ryukin :)
They are called Dr. Nom Nom and Dr. Blob Blob.

Posted by Alyse – Redwood City, CA USA

We now have only 3...

"Mick" Jagger
"Stephen" Tyler
"Moe" from The Stooges.

Obviously, we also at one time had "Larry" and "Curly" too. But they have passed on. :(

Posted by hhanna – house

i have a goldfish and i named him Lou, don't ask why, it just popped up. So yeah, other names i considered were fishy, swimmy, bubbles, goldie, goldieloxs, finn, flipper, and many more, so be unique and make sure your goldfish likes his/her name too.

Posted by Linda – Connecticut

I have 5 Shubunkin in our small pond.

Lucinda, (Lucy), is an orange Wakin. She has a very bright flash near her tail, hence, the "light-bearer".

Cinderella, (Cindy), is a double long fancy tail calico, mostly orange with lots of black speckles as though sprinkled with soot!

Opal is very light colored. She has a white body with light blue patches and a light yellow head on white.

August, (Gus), was our largest fish. Very strong red patches on a white background.

Shimmer is a London Shubunkin, with a few orange and black patches and speckles against a mostly silvery blue background that shines in the sun.

Posted by mishauka – india

I have 5 goldfish currently.I had 6 but 1 just died.Their names are :-
Goldfish-Lola & Charlie
Kissing Gourami-Splish & Splash
Black Gold-Flip & Hutch

Posted by wacko12 – portland

I have 5 goldfish:

Sally (comet)
Mr. Moop (black moor)
Pumpkin (oranda)
Little Miss Calico (calico fantail)
Butterfly (calico butterfly teliscope eye)

and 1 Pleco named Spike Monster

Posted by miki – Northen Ireland

my fish just passed away last week after 6 years his name was finn
so i had only nemo left
so today my mum bought me a new fish
i was struggling on what 2 call it
but in the end i decided 2 call him flounder after the fish out of the liltle mermaid
hes soo cute he has a white tail and a black and oorange dorcil fin

Posted by BeeLee67 – Las Vegas, NV

We won 2 goldfish (commons) at the carnival and we cant decide between:

Ricky and Lucy (from "I Love Lucy")
Bubbles and Shamu

We just might have to get 2 more!!!

Posted by Leonore

I only have two Fish at the moment.

Loser (comon goldfish i've got for losing at a fun fair)
Amanda II (telescope eye named after my sister)

I want to get at least two more and I already have names for them: Bubgard and Sumo baby face

Posted by ben – greymouth newzealand

i have 5 fish
choc fantail=phoenix

Posted by Hanna – Australia

We bought our 2 comet goldfish 4 weeks ago, we had lots of names to choose of, we decided to name them


to us it sounds cute and is a bit unusual

Posted by Laura – Australia

I love goldfish i named i have 10 i named them janny, mellisa, tiger, nemo, flashy, hirmon, jonah,aqua, nina, sniper

Posted by Dalia – california

i have 3 goldfish named fishlegs, hiccup, and goldie there great names and i love my fishies.

Posted by pappy-fish81 – Kansas,67901

We have 6 new Goldfish and their names are:
Calico Fantail- Daisy
Fantail- Fifi
Black Moor- Miki
2 Red Cap Oranda- Lily & Lucky
Ryukin- Sandee

Posted by Sarah – Sligo, Eire

I been given two goldfish as a 'get well' present, having torn ligaments and chipped a bone in my ankle. They're proving perfect companions, and with the help of internet, keeping me sane. Hence their names Bea and Beau - beebo!

Posted by babysarah – south carolina

I have 20 gold fish. We've only named some because they are the easiest to tell apart. I have Tiger, Mohawk, Big Daddy, Alby (he is an all white goldfish), Brownie, and 2 bottom feeders that are named the Twins!

Posted by whatwhat!?

Best gold fishnames of life!

1) Chub-chub
2) Boo
3) Ping
4) Ponyo
5) Jaws
6) Goldie Locks
7) Popeye
8) Peewee

The best right?

Posted by ariel – colorado

my girlfriend and i just got two comet goldfish. we named them harold and phillip (:

Posted by Mr bananana man – uk

Im getting 2 goldfish and i think im going to call them either Mr. fish, Mr. Magoo, Peewee, Nibbles, Mango, Kipper, Ping pong, Kiwi, Zippy, Sarge, Galileo, pebbles, Wiggles, Charlie, Chubby, Gordon, Mr Blobby, peanut, Conker, lightning, Obi, Rupert, Popeye or Sarge...
what shouls i call them????

Posted by mushishe – Georgia

My giant oranda is The King of Chu (from the Chinese opera Farewell My Concubine). My lionhead is Toshio because he has an all white scary face like the ghost kid in the J-Horror flick Ju-On. My newest oranda (which was supposed to be a ryukin) is Musashi after the infamous samurai because he looks like a total badass;-) RIP: Miso, Tweak and Lady Fu.

Posted by Morgan – Florida

I have 2 goldfish
One fan tail named Sharky because he's viscious and literally chases the other one around the little fish tank.
And the other a common gold fish named Mr. Krinklebein after the fish from the Cat in the Hat; it's one of my favorite books :]

Posted by grace – Georgia

I have 15 fish. 1 fantail calico Boo Because his spots of black, grey and orange remind me of Halloween. 2 shubunkins Callie & Talley, 2 white Gostie & Casper. the others are Bob,
George, Red top, Bo is white with a red bow shape on top., , (my young friend named Talley spelled her name backwords and name 1 Yellat
Her older sister's Initailsare J.I.M.therefore Jim is 1fish
name. The others are just fish.

Posted by abbie – UK

I just got 4 Oranda , they r really cool, named
Mr Blobby
Mrs Blobby
Blobby Junior
Blobby Junior 2, hehehe

Posted by olivia – washington state

I have 2 goldfish named coco and muffin.When nameing your goldfish pick a theme for your fish or fishes.Like you could name all you goldfish after flowers,or maybe after favorite artist.

Posted by Sue – NJ

My daughter named her fantail Daffodil. I think it fits very nicely!

Posted by chance – ky

I have 6 fish. A dwarf gromi fish named mento, 2 faintails - xavier and jada, 1 sucker fish named randy, and 2 hachet fish named jack and buddy. thanks for reading.

Posted by ShellBell

I just got two goldfish. I named one sushi which people say is wrong but i like it:) i haven't picked out a name for my other one.

Posted by Katarine – Canada

I have a fishy named Sonorus. I used to have other fish before though which i named Quesadilla, Enchilada, Gimpy, Cheeky, and Morris. I'm getting a new one very soon, which I'll prolly call Hector.. :)

Posted by FunSize

I have 6 fish and their names are: VENZA, TiTAN(eventually grew up to be his name), Tundra, Maggie, Sienna, and Cherokee. One funny thing is that after like a few months after i give them their permanent name, i want to change it. Here are some suggestions BEFORE you PERMENENTLY name them:
PAnda Express
BTW: i like the greek gods and goddesses for names! :D

Posted by Sarah – Wa.

I tkink a cool name for a tetescopr would be Galieo named after the inventer of tetescopes

Posted by Nikki – Australia

I have 2 Fantails, 1Gold Fish, 1 Comet and 1 Black Moore. Their Names are Bubbles(Black Moore) Goldie(Gold Fish) Summer (Fantail) Pebbles (Fantail with Dots) and Splash (Comet)
Maybe you would like these names

Posted by German

I have seven goldfish.
Galileo (or Gally): a black moore named for the inventor of the telescope
Poppy: a small yellow oranda with a black dorsal fin, black fringe on tail fin, and black spots on her wen (reminds me of the flower)
Hershey: a chocolate oranda with a gold belly
Pearl: an orange oranda with a very high wen, about 4.5" long.
Obi: a silver oranda with dark gray markings a bit bigger than Pearl. His flowing tail fin reminds me of a kimono, hence obi. Also, he has a very small wen and looks the most carp-like of all my goldies.
Alice: My biggest oranda, a shiny, platinum colored oranda with a yellow heard and wen. Originally called her Al for Alabaster but changed my mind cause I think she's female since she's so fat.
I also have a red and white ryukin that I have not named yet. I can't think of a good name. Maybe Foxy or Ginger or something because of the colors.

Posted by Caolyn – shoreline, WA

Wigglelyworm. Wiggles for short. Coolest fish I ever had. He would come to the edge of the tank and get so excited when he (or she) saw us. I only had Wiggles for a short time. He was such a pig. We could hear him tossing rocks from the other room.

Posted by kcspetportraits

1 comet named comet
4 koi named
Lil Jimmy
And a oranda named Charlie after Charlie Chaplin
B/c there is a black spot on his upper lip that looks like a mustache

Posted by Elizabeth – Texas

I have did have seven fish (one has magically disappeared) So only six now.

3 Ryukins
The big one is Jaws
The middle sized one is Nibbler
The small ones are Short Round (and C3P0 whom is missing)
Then there is my Black Moor His name is Jawa
Also have two plecos named Hades (whom is the bigger one) and Zeus (whom is smaller)

Posted by Bon Bon – Miami

We named them based on the way they look. Actually, we bought them based on the way they look so it's easy to name them as we take them home.

This one we have in the photo gallery here is Bon Bon because he looks like candy wrapped with a stwisty at the end. So edible. heee heee

Posted by ali – Sylvan Lake, Alberta

My ryukin in named Ricky, 3 goldfish named Kiwi, Berry and Flicker, a black moor named Licorice and three Koi known as the Kawasaki Brothers. They're such fun.

Posted by Lilianne

Franky, the biggest black moor goldfish. Nemo, the second black moor. One of his eyes are slighty larger than the other, hence the name. Bruce, the orando goldfish. And Peewee, the smallest of them all.

Posted by MM – Michigan

I have a 10 year old common goldfish named Biggie and a comet named Zippy. Biggie is named that because he is over 7 inches long and Zippy loves to zip around the aquarium in high speed!

Posted by fishyluvr

i have 2 goldfish i named 1 my lil sis named the other i named mine swimmy i luv him my lil sis named hers chubby werid name i know but its cuz it looks like he/she ate a ball 2x its size!!!!!!!!

Posted by shelby – NJ

Me and my brother have some fish...we have three all together,first i have a gold fish named speedo because he loves to be fast and loves action. My brothers fish is named skipper,because he looks like he skips when he swims. Our whole family fish is a sucker mom hasnt named him yet. guess who got them for us?...Santa Clause!

Posted by asorvia – Russia

ive got 7 fish, named Grin(for an evil smile under his right eye, Palpatine (because he looks like the yellow of the Emperor's eyes) Blackie(because hes half-black moor, half bronze wonder and fantail) Sarge(because he found the mysterious other side of the tank first and led the others over) Sklorp, because i thought his tail looked like a skirt but i mispronounced it and it stuck) and King Radical, my adorable little golden Ryukin who has won so many shows because he is radical and the king of goldfish shows.

Posted by TESSA – new zealand

in my house we have 4 fantail goldfish named wall-E( my brothers fish) ,Nemo (my sisters) ,and simba and nala which i like 2 call MR FISHY AND FRENCHY

and my brother has a black guppy named karl google

Posted by Deepali – India

i have one common goldfish his name is Motu because he always ask for food whenever we go outside or coming back. He is so nice looking just like small baby. my family always discuss about Motu's "nakhre" at night, every day.

Posted by Robby and Emmy – ny

we just got 3 goldfish for our science project and we first named them...
and then we found out that one was a grl so we changed
flo to....
skippy, then achmed,
and finally:
after Jeff Dunham's hilarious puppet.

Posted by Tina – Essex UK

i have 4 ryukin goldfish one for me one for my hubby and one for my son and one we saw all alone in a pet shop so we decided to buy him. ~There names are -

My sons fish - URGH - my son is 11 months old and we asked him what he wanted to call his fishy and he screamed urgh lol so it stuck.
My hubby called his NGAE because when our son cries he sounds like he is saying ngare and it tickled my hubby lol
My fish is called mub - because thats what my son calls me lol
And the fish we found alone in the pet shop is called billy (billy no mates) because h was alone in the tank at the pet shop and looked as though he need a friend.

Posted by Sheena – Philippines

i have 2 ryukins and i named them RYU and about originality! :D

Posted by Pomona – Australia

I have two fish. One is my bro's. His is a Shubunkin. He named his Titanious. Mine is a Black Moor. I named it Mr. T.

Posted by Ollie – Wisconsin

I have a cute little red-orange fantail which I named Ponyo after the movie "Ponyo: on the cliff by the sea" and she is soooo adorable. I'm thinking of getting another one for her as a friend for christmas and appropriately I will name him soskue. But when I was little my dad had a saltwater tank with a clownfish named Maquise and a purple and yellow gobi named schmeep.

Posted by Alexis – New Jersey

I am getting a 2 goldfish soon (1 for me and 1 for my brother) and want to find unique names. Maybe even some for the holidays! Please find names for me! Thanks! :D

Posted by Angela – Usa

My goldfishes names are Rupert (Jr.) (oranda) because my dad had a goldfish named Rupert when he was growing up, Popeye (black moor) because one of his eyes poped (it's better now), Ghirardelli (oranda) because he is a chocolate goldfish (get it, like ghiradelli chocolate!), Splash (calico egg goldfish) because he has a color splash because he is calico, Pumpkin (pearlscale oranda) because he is round and orange like a pumpkin, and Lucky (common) because he was a feeder fish and I rescued him from being eaten, so he is lucky. Hope you like these names!

Posted by EYEL – 22 st.

ummm... we have 4 gold fish we bought from a store... i like the names that encorage me to watch everytime i fed them i call their names....
here are ex.. of the names i want

Girls... boys....
marsha jan
katarina lui
finny ferb
ali arun
yum-yum k-massy
miyu louie
jiyan harim
yuwa horod
sam comod

Posted by Kelly – north america

i have a goldfish that is gold and white, i named her koi, or dee-koi, more fish names i like are

Posted by Jasmin A. – Indianapolis, IN

I like the names:
sushi (I think we all no why)
goldie (It is a GOLDfish after all)
golidie locks

Posted by Kaylyn – MN

Today at school, (I'm in the fifth grade by the way) we finished our pond life unit. My teacher Ms. Moench was giving away the goldfish, duckweed, elodea, snails and side swimmers for free. Of course I volunteered and took two, my little brother also wanted a snail so I got that. My brother named the snail Sheldon (Or Shelly if you prefer a girl).

Here are some names that I like for the goldfish:
Jo Jo

Hope ya like em' :)

Reply to Kaylyn
Posted by Kelly

LOL, Voldemort.....
Im gonna bring 2 gold fishes this week. Thinking of naming them Blaze and Sugar

Posted by lydia – st johns MI

Dae yumm yumm
those r the names of the 4 goldfish ive had so far

Posted by Rick – Sugar Land, Texas

Yesterday I was cleaning and setting up my 20gal fish tank.....and decided i wanted a goldfish....i went into the pet store and picked up a Dragon eye goldfish.... orange with a white belly...pretty fish...i decided to name him Wall-E

Posted by jess – UK


Posted by Jeri

Our fish names:

OJ (Black Moor)
Mufasa (Lionhead/Ranchu)
Pamela (Red Bubble Eye)
Ping (Golden Dojo Loach)
Goldie Hawn (Red-Capped Oranda)
Fishnu (Ryukin)
Da Koi/Jaws (Kohaku Koi)
Ashton Fisher (Tancho Koi)
Chiquita (Yellow Hikarimoyo Koi)

Posted by Sunnye – Texas

My 2 year old named her goldfish Noodle, Doodle, and Frosty.


I am getting some fish for my room i know two names JENNY and BUBBA-GUMP but i have a tank so i would like more the just 2 fish can you help me figure out unique names thanx

Posted by Tracey – New Zealand

I now have 6 goldfish, I bought a new one today which is exciting, but I can't decide on a name lol! The other five are called: Sparkle (a pretty comet), Splash (comet), Bubble (orange globe eye), Sharkey (shubunkin) and Princess (celestial).
I was thinking of either Shimmer or Blobby, it's a pretty chubby calico fantail!!

Posted by Jennie – North Dakota

I have a calico fantail named Coral, and a black moor named Onyx. For my tropics I have Jasper, Opal, Mystique, Safyre, and Gem.

Posted by fishies

i love goldfish cuz they r soo easy 2 look afta and even though all they do is swim around all day they can be very fasinating and fun! The funn bit for me though is wen u choose a name
Here r sum ideas for ur fishies names:


Hope u like them!! :)

Posted by gabriella

we just recently got 4 new goldfish. well, 3 and some little silver fish. my brother names the 3 goldfish cheeto, frito, and dorito, while I named the silver one anderson cooper because, you know, he's a SILVER fox and all [=

Posted by steph – somewhere

i had 2 goldfish named ying and yang
2 oscars named fire lily and water lily
snail named sammy the snail
jack dempsey cichlid named rainbow
a water frog named kermit
2 zebra fish named stripes and speedy gonzales
2 tiger fish named grr and tiger

Posted by Jessica

I have had several gold fish over the years, all of them named for movie or broadway stars.
Marilyn was a beautiful comet
Betty Buckley a great calico fantail i still have
Audrey Hepburn was anouther magnificent comet
John Claude Van Dam was a huge common
Titus is a great little fantail (named for a legendary anchient greek actor.

Posted by Alyson

i have 6 fish (well one of them is a pleco and another catfish) and their names r Paulie, Garfield, Midnight, Cosmo, Roadrunner (catfish), Gabriel (pleco)

Posted by florence – dubai

hi!!!im planning to have a little fish bowl in my apartment and i will put 2 liitle gold fishes.When im reading your comments i think of a nice names.One is chocolate ,well cos i love eat choc.And the other name will be coffee,obviously i love it too...i hope i will take care them really excited.see yah

Posted by Nadja B – Johannesburg

I had three goldfish but the one was a real bully and I think murdered the other two. He is now called the highlander - there can only be one. He will not tolerate even a snail !!

Posted by malyn – usa

I have a black moor named Blackberry. Our 3 koi are Lightning, Silky and Silverado. Our Pearlscales are Pufferamba, Salty and Pepper (has black spots). Our Lionhead is named Pufferhead (grandson named him). We have a group of Shubunkins with lots of red, white and blue which are named 4th of July, Celebration and America.

Posted by flubba – tun wells

I got a male fish for my birthday and i called it tofu and then i won a female in a fair called angel!
here are some call ideas:
and Brambles
i hope you like them

Posted by Jackie – Indianapolis

I have a black moor and a gold fantail, named President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The tank's backdrop is the Oval Office.

My previous fishes' names have included:
Buddha, Loch, and Mo Dean

Posted by Bethanie and Lauren

We r getting 2 new goldfish to go with our original goldfish.
So far we r calling 2/3 bubbles and fleck!!!
But we r stuck between
Help us guys!

Posted by person you dont know – UK

betty fish
lady gibbles

have fun!:-)

Posted by jordin – indiana

i was thinking r2d2, cp30 and chewbacca

Posted by hannah – scotland

I've got 6 gold fish right now called..
commet, jaffa, marble, spencer, princess, and francis (:

Other goldfish i've had were called..
bubbles, pepples, mr.kipper and google (:

Posted by amanda – glenrothes fife

we have 3 fish 1 is 5 1/2 inchs long very big boy we call him whale,a fan tail called princess and a wee fat dumpy 1 called spongebob

Posted by Bailey

I've just got a fish but before I had two
the first two goldfish were called Kalua and Captain Fin
for this fish It's a toss up between
archimedes (was a scientist that coined the phrase EUREKA!)
General Gil

right now my favorite is archimedes ;)

Posted by Spike – Minnesota

My 3 year old named our two common gold fish Momma Fish and Daddy Fish.

Posted by Jordan – Susanville,CA

I just got a goldfish for my birthday today and im thinking about maybe wall-e or elmo or something cute like that:)

Posted by kathryn – exeter

I am getting two new gold fish after i come of holiday
could anyone think of some cool names, at the moment i am thinking of cleo and bubbles

plllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase could u help????????????????

Thanks so much kathryn

Posted by Anna – Buxton

i just bought 3x fish today
i named them Tofu, Sushi and Tarrquin

Posted by Bee – MI

I named my 3 goldfish LB, Napo, and Goldee.

LB cause he's the Lone Black fish; Napo, cause it has a "napoleon complex" (size and all), and Goldee, cause I couldn't think of anything else

Posted by Mara – San Leandro

I got 2 fantails, Felix and Bethany.

Posted by tim – bronson michigan

i named my 9 1/2" comet Jaws.

Posted by a person with a goldfish

i won a gold fish at the fair yesterday, what should i name it?

Posted by Lisa – IL

We had 2 goldfish.

One named Goldie and one named Spot. Spot had 2 black spots on him. We joke and say that he murdered Goldie because he wanted the bowl all to himself (he's pretty aggressive for a goldfish).

Now Spot won't stop growing. He grew and molted his spots so now we call him, Spotless!

Posted by WALTER


Posted by lucy – tamworth

im am 10 years old and i hav been naggin my mum for a fish but she is still thikin about it but i want to be ready so i would like to start with a name somthin like bob or goldie

thank youxx

Posted by lesleyann bradley – uk

Iam geting two new goldfish and can you help me and i need you to name for me

Posted by Rayane – Lebanon

I had two goldfish named COSMO and WANDA (from the show fairly odd parents) and one named FRIDA. Now i just got a goldfish and i'm lost between BUBBLY and CAVIAR and FRODO..

Posted by lauren – New Zealand

I've had a few goldfish in the past, they were called

.Orange Roughy
.Dasher a.k.a Comet (changed his name when he moved in with the school fish and one was called Dash)

We also have 4 new fish two goldies and 2 fantails but I havent got round to nameing them yet

Posted by Krystan

I have 4. There's Rio, Ella, Poker and Batman.

Posted by christi – indiana

My first goldfish was a fantail named Sid Vicious.
Now I'd like a black moor named Othello.

Posted by Miss CherieBebe – brklyn NY

my son won both of our goldfish at the fair today n we named them spongebob and patrick he only 4 and he rreally taking on responsiblity

Posted by mom – Florida

We are the proud family of 3 friendly goldfish.
Alice came to us via the county fair and we noticed right away how lonely she was. So along came Fletch & Scarlet from the local pet shop. Alice is lovin it!

Posted by LISA – Sherwood, OR

I had some betta fish in college named..BONE, TYKOON, and SOLDIER separated of course.

I used to have 4 fantail fish until they all got sick and died named GOLDIE, SHARKIE, SPEEDY, and TIGER RIP. Speedy and Tiger were the first to go 4 days ago and Goldie and Sharkie died last night :( I tried treating them but I guess I didn't notice they were sick until it was too late.

Now I have a Shubunkin named TIGY, which either survived the sickness or the caused the sickness) he's still in quarantine and 2 Comets named BIG DADDY and NEMO. Which were never in the same tank as the fantails.
Hopefully they'll survive.

Posted by Moira – Aberdeenshire

I have just gone back to my childhood hobby of fishkeeper. I have now got 4 goldfish - all different types and colours - Names are Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny-I'm off to stare at my new 'babys'

Posted by Tara – Grove City, Ohio

Well all the names my fish have been:
Norm (aka Mr. Magoo)

Posted by sharifa – grenada

We have now decided on 7 names.Now we just need 2 names for the two upstairs.(girl & boy):)

Posted by sharifa – grenada

We have 9 goldfish so far in our house.3 upstairs and 6 downstairs.I have 3 my baby brother has 2 my big brother has 2 and the other 2 belong to everyone.We've decided on 6 names but we need 3 more!Please help us decide:)

Posted by Nikki x – Scotland, UK

I just got some goldfish. I named them peanut, butter, sushi, tuna, catfood, bait, pingu, retardo(he always swims in the walls of the tank), pasta, minker(shxts alot), Freddy, oscar, kipper and kala(means unicornfish)

Posted by rebbecca – florida

i have 2 goldfish in a 1.5 gallon tank a comet and fantail the fantails white and comets white with an orange head. their names are fishy and bobb!!

Posted by dawn poole – london

My two gold fish are called Ade and Kolo, after two players in the Arsenal Football team.

Posted by Tanner – Illinois

my fish were named squart and buddy and I lost them..they died I was sad.. but i'm getting new fish
I have some names picked out for my goldfishes......
Mr gold
little miss gold
gold coin
the goldest fish
tell me the names you like!!

Posted by Faith – Trinidad

My love for fish began with one comet goldfish named finly which was a gift from a dear friend of the family.Sadly finly is not with us anymore,collecting different types of fishes is my hobby. My goldfish collection are:-spot my calico,blackie a blackmoor,reds the red cap,two fantail chip & dale, one shubunkin betty and petty boy a lion head.

Posted by Barbara – Louisiana

We rescued 2 goldfish from decorations at a banquet.
One was apparetly injured by being thrown in the trash before we got to him so he didn't make it. The other is living happily in a bowl on our kitchen window sill. Named Bradley after the town from which he was rescued. I think he is from a fishbait farm.

Posted by Dylan – California

Our Koi is called Jaws (he was supposed to be a goldfish - never trust the pet store!)
Our fancy gold fish is Gums.
Our Big Black Moor is Gorton (haha)
Our small Black Moor is Morsel

Posted by Faye – London

i want a fish called jaws or jonah

Posted by emylee – indiana

i have 2 goldfish their names are sophie and goldie goldie we won at a carnival about 6 years ago and he's alive and sophie we got her at a carnival too. she s a baby compaired to goldie and they are a female and a male.

Posted by Tammy – Harrisonburg, VA

We named our 2 lionheads Flipper and Flounder. I have thought about naming my biggest one Tank, he is huge!

Posted by jess

i have 4 goldfish 1 called frank 1 called fifi 1 called jerry and 1 called doodels haha yes u wudnt belive am 16 but names my fish this lol

Posted by Ryan – North Dakota

My last two fantails (who outgrew their tank and luckily I found someone to take them in:), I named Fire and Ice - Fire was female and predominantly orange, Ice was male, and predominantly white (both were calico). They even learned their names before too long, because I was always talking to them:) LOL

Posted by Beckqui – Trowbridge

Me ans my boyfriend have two Goldfish a comet called Spike and a shubunkin called Tilly.
We did have a fantail called Gabby but she died very suddenly which lead to use getting Tilly

Posted by leisa – birmingham

We have 2 goldfish one called tumbles because of the way he swims and the other one called tamba because he looks like a character from a programme my daughter watches

Posted by claire – london

I Used to have a comet goldfish called Pearl,

Other goldfish names are

Hope tht helped lol

Reply to claire
Posted by justine meyer – melrose,MN

you have a lot of goldfish! i only have one his name is Flounder, from the movie "The Little Mermaid".My brother Luke has one named
Rocky,and my sister has one named Goldie.We just broute them
home about 20 minutes ago! Cho:)!

Posted by Sarah – harrisonburg

we have three gold fish, a black moor named midnight, a telescope eyed named alecia, and a calico fantail named elmo fishy. my eight year old named the telescope eyed one and my three year old named the calico fantail. my three year old picked the fish out for his birthday he wanted a fish instead of cars. hes very smart and very unusual.

Posted by Jane – Guernsey Channel Islands

I have 7 goldfish:-
Holmes, Watson, Bonnie, Clyde, Reed, Archer & Tucker. I did have one named Moriarty but he had to be taken to the vet to be put to sleep - he is now in that big goldfish bowl in the sky :)

Posted by Evelina – United States

I have six golfish. I named them Dagger, Sprint, Dash, Leo, Bubbles (my little sister named him), and the last one still doesnt have a name

Posted by Matija – Skopje

I have one and it is a male and i call him Nemo and it is adorable.

Posted by sandy – england

i call mine callico and calipso

Posted by emily diede – california

I have to goldfishes, mochie, and Tarzan. they are buddies:]

Posted by bubble baby

that is an amazinggg name
so cute
and original

Posted by snicklefritz

because i saw it on Stallog 17 and thought it was funny. thats an old movie

Posted by fish smart

I have been taking care of fish for 6 years and heres some names pellet,pleco,tigger,min,minny,
lemar(means ocean),cambrid,firm,firn,
and dipper

Posted by somebody

some names could be :

mr . wigglesworth
general finn
the kraken

Posted by Ming

These names are for my bettas but they would be good names for any fish. Gulliver,Gossamer,Geisha,Ginseng,Geppetto,Mr.Chan and Mr.Chow.

Posted by Calista & Calypso, Gilligan & Ginger.

Also have another goldfish named Lily & a Shubunkin named Fuji.

Posted by lizzy

i would name my pet goldfish swimmy or rocky.

Posted by sara

i named mine Connie (:

Posted by rachel

i have two goldfisheys
called norman and excalibur
they are guardfisheys; when people come into my room uninvited my fisheys nom their faces

Posted by Tiger

i have a london shubunkin that is mostly orange but has some blue in his colour too and black speckling. his name is tiger.

Posted by Jessie

I have two goldfish and the small ones name is Cat and the bigger one is called Bloodshot, they are both orange, but i named bloodshot this is because i cleaned the fish tank and when he was outta the tank he stressed and his forehead turned red so hence the name. And yes both of my fish are boys so no babies yet!!!

Posted by Melissa

We have a goldfish named Orange, named by my 5 year old.