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Breeding Goldfish and Koi
pond plants

T emperature changes often is the trigger for pond fish to spawn. In areas where there is seasonal changes, this period is during the months of May and June.

Koi and goldfish are oviparous or egg-laying fish. In colder regions they spawn only during certain months , but in more tropical climates, these fish will spawn year -round. The ideal temperature for koi and goldfish to spawn is around 68'F, although they will spawn even if the water temperature is as low as 63'F. The eggs are generally laid and fertilized in the morning hours, and they will hatch about a week later.




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There are 6 comments
Posted by Ray – St Louis, Missouri

I have a 150 gal. pond and one of my older fish, (three seasons for us) has become agressive with the other fish. So much that i have separated him/her into the top tier of the pond alone.
Is this typical of fish prior to egg laying/ fertilizing?
Should I be concerned? He is in time out as it were!!!

Posted by Donna – norwich

Hi, we have a large pond with about 20 gold fish/koi,they spawned about a month ago and we now have quite a few fry,however since this has happened all the large fish seemed to have disapeared to the bottom of the pond and we dont see them anymore,is this normal.

Posted by Will – meredith

How do I know if my fish is male or female... and sense they lay eggs do i need to put the male fish with the female then remove them when they hatch???

Posted by phil – united kingdom

please could someone tell me how to sex goldfish for the very first time and also give me some tips on how to breed them successfully as they are in a pond thank you

Posted by Barbara – Ridgeway, Va

I have a 10000 gal pond outside under an oak tree,this has many leaves which is dirty. I dont' want to clean and destroy any egg,s is why I would like to know when they breed.

Reply to Barbara
Posted by danyael – phillipines

what you need is a net above your pond to stop the leaves from
getting into the pond and their breeding is from may to june.