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Fantail Goldfish

fantail goldfish

Quick Statistics - Fantail Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: China and Japan
Diet: Omnivore: can be fed commercial pellets and fish flakes
Adult Size: 6" or more
Temperature: prefer water in the range of 65 - 78F
Care Level: Easy for a novice
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Expected Lifespan 10 years or more
Environment: Freshwater

The origin of the fantail goldfish dates back to over a thousand years. It is one of the oldest goldfish varieties known , and it is still a very popular goldfish.

The fantail goldfish is a western form of the Japanese version of the fantail, known as the Ryukin, which has a high dorsal fin, a shoulder without the hump, an egg-shaped body, and a quadruple caudal fin. The fantail goldfish finnage is less developed than that of the Ryukin. The dorsal fin on the fantail is enlarged and comprises approximately thirty three percent of the fish's body length.

This goldfish variety is available in many colors ranging from orange to red and many colors in between.

The fantail goldfish is sensitive to prolonged exposure to low water temperatures, but overall it is considered a hardy fish that is very suitable for aquarium and pond environments.

fantail goldfish

fantail goldfish

fantail goldfish

fantail goldfish

fantail goldfish

fantail goldfish

a beautiful fantail goldfish


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There are 42 comments
Posted by Diane – Washington state

We got our fan tail fish about ten years ago from the fair. We kept him in a fish bowl for several years and moved him into a tank. Presently he is at least 12 years old and is beautiful....we love this fish.....I just found this web site and realized the fish was a fantail.....his tail is so beautiful....i hope the fish lives many more years but it sounds like he is close to his age limit now from what I read. He is in a 20 gallon tank by himself...I didn't want to add fish to the tank all these years as I didn't want to loose the fish incase another fish might be sick."maybe I should get him a buddy!

Posted by amar – Paramaribo

Fantails are really beautiful fish. I think i am going to start breeding them. I have a lot of fantails, but never thought about breeding them. In the past, I have successfully bred betta fish , so i hope i can breed my fantails as well.

Reply to amar
Posted by Sierra – ga

i heard its rather easy and quite exciting to breed fantail goldfish.

Posted by tin – mall

I recently bought two fantails and one of the fantail is white with a small orange spot near its rear but the strange thing is that it has one red eye and one blue eye... it that natural?

Posted by Murusaki

I recently bought two fantails for my dorm room. After a failed attempt at keeping pearlscales (one seemed off from the start, the other somehow met it's match with the filter) their ability to swim properly seemed beneficial. I love them! I have an orange one named peach, and a white one with a red cap named mario. Unfortunately, Peach is getting rather large... In the first couple weeks she didn't play too nice with Mario and would use her size to chase him away from food. Thinking about separating them for a while to let Mario beef up a bit, has anyone done this? How did it turn out?

Posted by Heather – Canada

RE: Brandi

Goldfish sometimes change their colour. Usually it has to do with what you are feeding them.

I have had a completely black oranda turn completely orange. It was odd but it happens. It doesn't harm your fish in any way.

Posted by Rajendra Manandhar – Nepal

I'm learning to keep a dozen of little fantail and other goldfish. It's amazing. I wonder why I didn't have this great idea before.

I need lots of advices and suggestions to keep them healthy for tens of years!

Posted by Passes19 – uk

I would like a fantail goldfish and i am getting one for christmas and i will call it Goldie

Posted by Brandi – Georgia

Is it possible for a goldfish to change its color? We have a fish pond outside and have 15 goldfish, 3 of which are fantails. Well 2 of the fantails were calico and i went to check them after cleaning the pond and noticed one of the fantails had lost all its black looking spots and is now orange and white only. Could this be a new goldfish or did he really lose his color? Just curious!

Posted by veiltalegirl – Dallas, TX

Yes, fantail (and all) goldfish need to live in a tank with a filter and gravel. At least 10 galllons per fish. I know it seems like a lot, but goldfish are not the best "housekeepers" and dirty their tanks. Water changes, filtering, etc...will keep 1 goldfish alive for a long time. This website has great information about how to keep and care for healthy fish.

If you are not up to the time commitment or the cost of a 10+ gallon tank, think about a Beta. I've had them before and they live a low maintenace life for about 3 - 4 years...they also have great little personalities, too. Good luck

Posted by Samantha – Sarasota, Florida

Do you need to have a tank and a filter for a goldfish?

Posted by buzz – england

I have 2 fantails and love them. I've had the one about a year and a half now and she's doing great growing more and more each day. i also have 2 oranders(red cap,and an all red) that socialize really well together with the fantails. I've heard that they can even breed with each other is this true?
Anyway, i have white cloud minnows, 2 weather loaches and 2 gold barbs, and my 120 litre tank is very peacefull , and they all get along swimmingly.

Posted by Marie – New York

I have a all white fantail named Zues and he is going to be 12 years old. He (at least I think it's a he - not sure) From his mouth to the base of his tail, he is 5 inches long. He is gigantic. He nearly died 3 times (I was able to actually save him from septicemia twice with round the clock care. He is old, but he is still going strong. He has outlived all the other fish I have had. I hope to get more soon. I love my fish tank.

Posted by Jimmy – California

I have 6 common goldfish, and they love to eat flakes.

Posted by carleigh – indiana

what food is better for common goldfish, pellet or flakey?

Posted by Christistarfishy=] – WI

This was the kind of the first goldfish I had, Sonny. I had him all summer....and I loved him. Feeding him, watching him. I was knowledged enough to know what Ich was, and after a long story i'm not going to lecture, he died of it. Now I currently have a new tank that I just rescently am starting this summer, and getting a pearlscale and Red cap oranda :) I just got the water in, oxygenated it with nice air pump, a nice new filter, and gravel. I'm getting my new young pearlscale in 5 days to get the water "set up", for the "nitr- cycle", then another week goes by and the fish is doing good and its shown the tank is ready and perfect, i'm getting my oranda :) I can't wait :)

Posted by Joshie – cork

these fish are perfect for beginers. they are so fun to watch and feed.

Posted by Crystal – IL

I have a common goldfish and was wondering if I could add a Shubunkin, Comet, Fantail, Veiltail, and Ryunkin Goldfish. Is this a bad mix?

Posted by Amit

I got a couple o fantails abt a week ago, but their heads have turned red, kinda blood clot, but are behaving ok, Any advices plz??? I'm too worried...

Posted by ytj – e6uk

My fantail goldfish is the best!!!!!! (EVER!!!!!!!!!!)

Posted by Narga aka Anthony – Abuquerque

i have a fantail for i think 8 years and he's doing fine, i just don't know how much longer he will live

Posted by Robyn

I Have One Fantail, But Got 2 More New One's But Because Of The Size Of My Other Fish *Bubble's* ii Cannot Put Her With The Other 2 I've Got, But ii'm Confused Because In Pet's At Home They Are Now Called Fancy Fish?!?! ii Think Its Proper Bad! Age's Ago My Fish Bubble's Started To Eat The Small Fish Tail ? Has Any Other Fantail's Done That? xox

Posted by adanoon – ohio

i have a fantail named brady quinn because he is brown and orange. he is in a 10gal tank with 5 other fish he is very mean to the other fish.hes fat but i only feed him 2 times a day.

Posted by bob – nyc

ihave two fantails in a 100 gallon koi pond with a comet and a koi and 5 tiny fedder goldfish i also have a turle who lives with them but he is really small so he cant eat any of the fish

Posted by magaly

i had two goldies they where adorable but sadly they passed away due to some crazy disease :(

Posted by Suzanne

I have a 16 gallon tank. I've recently been researching tank setup, and different types of Goldfish. I've even been to specialty aquarium stores to ask the experts. :) When I asked how many of these beautiful little fantails I could have in my tank, I was told 3 at the most. They are so pretty.

Posted by Ollie – Wisconsin

I just bought my fantail (Ponyo) after seeing the movie "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea" by Hayao Miyazaki, which is such a wonderful story and a must see for goldfish lovers everywhere! Even if your like me and not a fan of the anime style of art , you will LOVE this movie for the story and cute humor! Anyways, I was thinking that for Christmas I should get Ponyo a friend and appropriately name it Sosuke. However, I am not sure if she will get along with another fish because shes been all alone for so long. Basically It would help me to hear some other peoples experiences. Please and Thank you.

Posted by Annette. – Midwales /UK

I had two fantails sadly one has just died. They say fish dont have feelings when this one was sick theother fish fanned,pushed and stayed with it untilit died then hovered over it for a whileuntil I removed it.I will get another to pal up as I think it misses theother one as it keeps watching its reflection.Am I doing the correct thing.

Posted by BeavisMom62 – Florida

Daphna, 10 gal tank is too small for five goldies. Its too small for one goldie really. You should have 20 gal for first fish with 10 gal per each additional fish. Goldies are large fish and big waste producers. Its easier to keep water pristine in a larger tank.

Posted by sarah – vale of glamorgan

this is a really strange questoin but i bought 2 fantail gold fish the otherday the one of them has been acting really strange swimming frantically & now his/her pooh is really pink can anyone give me advice thanx....

Posted by dragon – pakistan

these gold fish r really beautiful my one is same like #5.
but i dont know that how do they breeed

Posted by Daphna – Texas

I have 5 calico fantails that seem happy in my 10 gallon tank....I have several hide-aways for them...I've named them all: Lucky, Noche, Charlie, Kinky and Zha-zha...

Posted by Antony – Sydney Australia

My Fantail dosn`t look like any of them!
He`s Chubby with small fins.I also have a Black Moor ,I keep them in my 90 litre tank!

Posted by lauren – new jersey

Yes I have goldfish in my pond with koi in them.. Mine have survived the winters in new jersey along with the koi

Posted by Rex – Central Pennsylvania

This past spring we added 6 calico fantail goldfish to our pond. I have always done well leaving my Koi and comets in the pond all year, even with our cold winters.

Has anyone in the colder NE states wintered fantails in there pond?

Reply to Rex
Posted by DeeB – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi there Rex. To your question about keeping pond fish all year in colder climates than Pennsylvania...
We've had a smallish pond for several years now and it is stocked with 5 rather large goldfish. We've kept them overwinter here in Alberta (minus 35Celsius during February) for that time period with the aid of a floating water heater we purchased at an equine store. Just be sure to get a floating one, cover for excessive snow protection and keep an eye out that you keep a hole broken in the surface ice well out around your heater for extra oxygen. You will also require that your pond be at least 3 feet deep at it's deepest section.
You can also keep the fish in an open deep bucket in a garage that doesn't freeze. The cold lowers their metabolism during winter and they kind of hang out and sleepily hibernate until the water warms up over 5 degrees Celsius. Just make sure it doesn't freeze solid and they'll be fine with some occasional water changes. They shouldn't even require feeding.
Good luck!

Posted by k

I had a fantail called pluto too!

Posted by Dana

i love the seventh goldfish i want one just like it!!!!!!!=)

Posted by miltos

well whatever anyone dose dont put them with tiger barbs
tiger barbs are fin nippers and this could pose some health problems

Posted by Martina Rasmussen

I love picture s 4 and 6!!!! They look just like my fantail, Pluto.

Posted by GYTASSSSSS – Ireland

myb sis has one they are nice

Posted by Gemski – SandiEigo

That fourth picture of the fantail i think is soo beautiful!

I Would love to buy a fish, but there would be no where to put it