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Fish Lice

Occurrence of fish lice in goldfish is very rare. Often disk-shaped parasites can be found attached to the skin of the goldfish. Ulcers can be sighted near the point of parasitic attachment. Bacterial or fungus problems may follow.

Fish lice is caused by a crustacean parasite. After feeding on the skin, the adult parasite will leave its host and lay gelatin-like caapsules full of eggs. The eggs will not hatch until the temperature rises, and may stay in the tank for long periods of time.

Treatment involves the removal of the parasite from the fish with a small pair of tweezers. The wound is then be treated with a cotton swab that has been dipped in Mercurochrome. The tank and all equipment including decorations must be completely steralized to completely destroy this parasite.

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There are 3 comments
Posted by chantelle – philippines

just have 10 fishes..2 of them are koi(7iches) 2 Chinese gold fish 4 ordinary goldfish and 2 shark fish, white koi fish had some attachment under its chin and my chinese goldfish had also some attachment on its fin and scale, and when i put it into the bowl, i saw it detach itself, and go away then put it on a white paper,,i saw it with a microscope then it looks like a jelly..a translucent with a black color in center ... is it fish lice?how rare it is??

Posted by Sonya

how rare is fish lice? I just got 3 goldfish today for the first time and one of them had some attachment under its chin, and when i put it into the bowl, i saw it detach itself, and go away... is it fish lice?

Posted by Lindsey – Portland, OR

My goldfish, Abby has weird white fungusy stuff around her neck I tried to catch her to isolate her but she is to fast. But what is the white fungusy stuff around her neck? It looks like a collar kind off