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Common Goldfish

common goldfish

Quick Statistics - Common goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Genus: Carassius
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Food: Pellets, flakes, and live prey such as worms. Vegetable such as boiled peas.
Adult Size: more than 12"
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Easy for beginners
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Lifespan: 10 years or more
Other names: sometimes referred to as feeders fish
Environment: Freshwater fish

Most modern goldfish varieties were derived from the common goldfish, which doesn't look that much different from its wild ancestor other than the colors. It is a rather hardy goldfish that can thrive and live happily in an aquarium or pond.

This particular goldfish variety can grow very large if given adequate space, often reaching a length of greater than ten inches and has a lifespan that can exceeed decade or more. The caudal peduncle of the common goldfish is wider and deeper than the comet goldfish, and its body is tapered at the head.

Common goldfish can have colors ranging from orange to red, including blue, brown and other color combinations. They also have a variety of beautiful patterns that can be silver or metallic in color.


Housing and Caring for the Common Goldfish

Ideally, this goldfish should be kept in at least 25 - 40 gallons of water. Although an aquarium heater is not required, it's still a good idea too have one on hand for emergency. The water temperature for it should kept around 65 -78' F . One must also remember that goldfish must eat , swim, breathe , and drink in the same water that they live in, so water quality for the fish must be taken seriously. A good water filter is usually required in order to to keep goldfish healthy and to maintain safe water conditions for the fish. Some water parameters that need to be checked when setting up a new tank and also once the tank is established are the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH levels.


History of Goldfish

The ancestors of the common goldfish were dull-colored carp. Ornamental breeds of carp were bred by the Chinese sometimes during the reign of the Sung Dynasty, which ruled China from 960-1279. Around the 13th century, during the reign of the Nan Song Dynasty, goldfish became common pets throughout China. Eventhough the goldfish is native to asia, it is also found in many other locations throughout the world. Goldfish were first introduced to North America around the late 1900s.

The Chinese have bred and kept goldfish for over a 1000 years.. They were the first to breed this unique carp, creating ornamental varieties from the original wild goldfish, which can grow up to 30 cm in length and weigh around 2.5 kg. Wild goldfish live in lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. Over the centuries , many goldfish varieties have been developed with strange and unique shapes.




a common goldfish


a common goldfish


a yellow common goldfish


common goldfish


common goldfish


a common goldfish


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There are 65 comments
Posted by Julisa – California

I just got like 100 small goldfish but my dad didnt buy that stuff you put in water for the fish. Like solution basically. So i managed to save two but i dont know if they will live with out that. Pls help!!

Posted by Ari – seattle

For the water my goldfish is kept in which is more healthy for the fish, distilled, purified or just plain tap? please reply

Reply to Ari
Posted by Megan – California

Tap water has no circulation. You will need: Agua Safe, , by Tetra Aqua, an air pump and filter. Hope this helps(:

Posted by camille simon – sequim, wa

Fish don't eat JUST peas ! I feed my goldfish many types of veggies, mostly green ones, and they LOVE them. They love asparagus, green beans, lettuce, zuccini squash, even apple. I always slightly cook the veggies first to make them easier to eat. And frequent water changes are very necessary; even every day would not be too often although I do it twice per week. Fish are very greedy and I feed mine every two or three days,

Posted by Yvie – ATX

My gold fish is changing colors. We have two in the aquarium but only one seems be turning dark brown or black. Started as two snap spots now the whole fish is almost that color. Is this a sign of sickness? Help.

Posted by J

i just bought an oranda to join my other goldfish (i think its a common GF). I was told all goldfish tolerate eachother. However it looks like my common GF is chasing hte oranda all over the aquarium and nibbling at it, and the oranda seemed annoyed. Is that normal? or is the common gf being aggressive. if so what should i do? should i separate them? (not a very practical solution

Reply to J
Posted by Fishtina aguilera – philippines

u should seperate them,,,,fancy goldfish lyk oranda shouldnt be mixed w/ common...

Reply to J
Posted by goldfishexpert

you should not keep common goldfish with orandas because the common goldfish will nibble at the orandas long wavy fins and eat the food before the oranda gets any.Conclusion:do not keep orandas in the same tank as common goldfish.

Posted by Jay – Virginia

"My goldfish has not been moving a lot. It just keeps on looking at the the bowl very closely. Is this O.K.?!"

Eulises, it may have a problem because its in a small bowl as opposed to a well filtered tank or pond. A bowl is a terrible home for any goldfish, besides the fact they actually get kind of big and outgrow bowls quickly, goldfish are very messy fish that create a lot of waste. When they create waste (poop, gill waste, etc.) it produces ammonia which is very poisonous to fish. Do small, frequent water changes and get that fish to a tank!

Posted by Eulises – Columbus,Ohio

My goldfish has not been moving a lot. It just keeps on looking at the the bowl very closely. Is this O.K.?!

Reply to Eulises
Posted by Ashalay Allen – School

i like this type of goldfish

Posted by Angela Ludwig – South Afica

Hi there I have common goldfish in a 110 litres fish tank - 13. What has happened to the one it has been bullied by the rest and need to know is it common that they have bitten it's 2 front fins and munched away at it's dorsal fin as well. With bombarding it from boths sides they have rubbed it's underbelly scales off - shame. We have now transferred it into our other tank with randa cap fish and is much happier. My question is can this happen amongst goldfish>

Posted by Orange Juice

My son won a common goldfish at a festival yesterday and I bought some goldfish food but as my son named it "orange juice" lol! Won't eat? Help

Reply to Orange Juice
Posted by bk – singapore

i love goldfish can i ask u goldfish can stay how long live how many year?

Reply to Orange Juice
Posted by Diana

Fish do not need to eat very often, especially while they are nervous from a new move. Although your house must be way less stressful than the carnival, any move is traumatic to the small fish. Wait a day or two, then feed a pinch, wait five minutes, if it still isn't eating- remove the food for another day or two, if it is eating wait another ten minutes and then remove the leftovers.

Posted by LaDonna – Conroe, Texas

I have a goldfish, I was told it was an angel goldfish but I know it is one of the common goldfish, anyhow... I''ve had (Maryjo) for about 2 years now and she is getting red on her gills and just behind them on each side, looks like a busted blood vessel, she gets sleep and doesn't swim much but it goes away and she goes back to being normal. I am worried about her and the other 6 fish I have in with her ... What is it? What can I do about it? Hope someone can help asap! Thanks

all my fish names are Maryjo,Lucky,Johnny2,DA,Jessie and Greggy. Almost the whole family. Lucky and Maryjo where the first 2 we started out with. My 2 yr old niece names them for they really are her fish! So cute!

Posted by d and s – rural Edmonton Canada

We have around 60 common gold fish that have been in our pond for 3 months. They started at most 2 inches and now closer to 7 inches. With lots of space they grow and grow. Now we have countless little. Baby goldfish. Easy keepers and pretty to watch. The only thing we've done has been releasing them from the bag we bought them in. Lol.

Posted by Jimmy – Garden Grove, California

Common Goldfish are the best type of goldfish breeds..
I have 8 in my pond. Comets are cool to keep too..

Posted by Nic – Uk

Can I just say something, I have owned goldfish since .. the day and hour I was born and I have never ever had fancy filters and huge tanks or anything. I have 4 litre bowls and I have 2 fish in each. I clean the bowl once a week and I have never had a fish die before I've at least owned it for a year. All this talk of filters and air pumps and filtration and all this other stuff is just ridiculous. My oldest goldfish is around 10 years old now and she is beautiful and healthy. As are all the rest and I have never put additives in their water. The only thing I would say is that I have found they have difficulty eating "Supa" fish food, I actually think they choke on it. I feed mine Aquarian fish flakes. They love it. Oh and if they ever start looking slightly off colour or anything (which is extremely rare) I swear by putting them in a separate bowl, a few drops of whiskey and a few drops of red bull and they are usually better within a few hours and ready to be put in their bowl again the next day.

Reply to Nic
Posted by Ollie

Well, good for you! What do you want, a medal?

How come every expert fishkeeper says goldfish need large tanks with filtration? Hmm... maybe because they're experts?

10 years is half the age a healthy goldfish should live to. One of my goldfish is in an 800 litre tank and it is 21 years of age.

Sorry, mate, but what you just said is like being one kid in a class of 30 trying to prove all the other kids wrong while they have solid proof.

Reply to Nic
Posted by Carrie

I agree with you! I know it is good for the fish to have a filter and an air pump but if you think about it-these fish didn't have this stuff when they lived in ponds and stuff. I was reading online about how someone wanted a beta fish and they had a small bowl this self proclaimed "expert" said they need filtration and a big tank hmmmmm NOPE wrong they can do fine in a small bowl!
Also I say congrats on having a gold fish for 10 years :) I would be proud to say that to!

Posted by shilpa – kerala,india

I bought 6 gold fishes last week and had many doubts about its feeding ways.Iused to feed them twice a it enough or will Ineed to add more to its diet?iam so happy to say that they are always active .they lick my fingers and I love them!!!

Posted by emcee833 – Bristol, TN

How can you tell the difference between koi and goldfish? Some look quite similiar. Is it the "whiskers" on a koi and not goldfish?

Reply to emcee833
Posted by mathew salt – stoke-on-trent

yeah whiskers are on the koi

Posted by Kayla – IL

I have had a common goldfish for a little less then a year and he used to be mainly orange but was slowly turnning more white. Now he is pure white and is missing some scales, is this normal??

Posted by Crystal – IL

I have a common goldfish and was wondering if I could add a Shubunkin, Comet, Fantail, Veiltail, and Ryunkin Goldfish. Is this a bad mix?

Posted by sheena – texas

i havea goldfish and it is pretty big. i take care of it very well, it gets fed at least two times a day and i change the water every week. i have had it for a little over a month. me and my son are happy with it. we also have a hamster and a corn snake.

Posted by Farhana

love the gold fish

Posted by Dave – Cardiff

Where can I buy common gold fish in Cardiff, South Wales?

Posted by Lauren

I have to common goldfish, and a dwarf frog in one tank. In another tank I have a beta

Reply to Lauren
Posted by Matt Anderson – San Jose, CA

You should probably move the dwarf frog into the betta tank and get him a companion or two. Unlike popular belief, Bettas can make good community fish just not with nippy fish, aggressive fish,large fish and fish that resemble male bettas if you have a male. For one Goldfish need cooler water than ADFs. Goldfish are also very messy and should probably be only kept with other goldfish (keep in mind Commons, Comets and Shunbunkins only mix, Fantails, Orandas,Ryukins,Veiltails,Pom Poms mix, Lionheads and Ranchus mix, Black Moors, Celestial Eyes and Bubble Eyes mix, and Pearlscales could be kept with the Lionheads and Ranchus as long as they arent vision impaired) and Koi in ponds but Koi shouldn't be kept with fancy types. Goldfish also need very powerful filtration because of their messiness. Considering that your ADF is still alive, your tank is probably less than 30 gallons, which should be your tank size because of the messiness and the fact that they get up to 12", so they will probably eat your adf. Sorry for the long lecture, but i can be a know it all motormouth nerd sometimes :p

Posted by tracy – uk


don't know if i am typing in the right place, I have 1 goldfish in a tank of 6 and 2 suckies as the family call them They have all swam happily for over 1 year, now 1 has got very fat, it's eyes are bulging and it's scales are starting to look different. At first we thought eggs maybe on the way but with her eyes popping out we are now not sure. Water is brill but she seems to be gasping all the time. Can anyone help me with an answer? PLEASE
Many thanks

Posted by RonJon


They don't like murky water. Make sure the water is cleaned regularly!!

Posted by Peter

I have fancy goldfish, Black moores, common goldfish and shabumkins. i have had them for 8 years and they have never grown more than 5cms long. they get feed ounce a day and they live in a 30-litre tank with a fillter and i clean them ounce a week.

Posted by MAK – Karachi

I have 6 common goldfish in my small aqurium (18" by 12") and now my fish have white spots in their tail and fins...its that ok aur not please reply me...and they also sitedown...

Posted by s

I have two goldfish in a smaller tank but it has a tree and a little rock hiding spot. Is tht ok?

Posted by kimmy – murray ut

I have recently bought a common goldfish and it looks sick, it's eyes are turning black, it's missing a scale and on it's belly the scales look like there coming of a little:( I hope my fish will be ok.

Posted by ashley

i got 4 goldfishes in a tiny tank, but they are lively

Reply to ashley
Posted by Madd – Portland Or.

I hope by "tiny" you don't mean anything less than 50 gallons

Posted by Liam

can i keep my goldfish in a glass rectangular box without a filter, but clean the water regularly?

Reply to Liam
Posted by Matt Anderson – San Jose, CA

Sorry, but no you cannot. As you probably know considering your question, Goldfish are extremely messy and need at least 20 gallons for one and 10 more for every one you get afterwards. They also get humongous, getting up to a foot long. You can't keep any fish, considering what you have. Also, if you keep them in a too small tank, their insides will keep growing while their growth is stunted and their outsides arent growing. This will result in a slow, horrible, painful death

Posted by marjorie – las cruces nm 88011

hello can you tell me wether or not the gold fish like allgey or murkey water ???????

Posted by cabe – kansas

I love goldfish!

Posted by Francis Buhagiar – Malta

i breed goldfish in a pond i noticed that some of my fish are becoming bend like a banana when i caught them to see what they have as i taught that they have a broken backbone they seemed all right. Can any one tell me what kind of desease have effected my gold fish.
thank you

Posted by Kiba – chicago

I was told that you can tell the gender of your goldfish by its tail a male have a kind of wide tail and the female tail is more slender and made like a mermaids tail didn't know how true it was until I looked at my fish and there it was goldfish with two different kinds of tails.

Posted by Michael – california

I got 6 goldfish at a chinese fish store today.I can never get them to live longer than a yeah.I dont know why.


I won my GOLDFISH at the state fair about 5 years ago in a little fish bowl. He/her lives in 150 gallons of bliss. When i got him/her was about an inch or two, now its about 6 in long and at least half as wide. Will my fish grow to the size of my tank ?

Posted by mathew salt – stoke-on-trent

no m8 the bigger the tank the bigger it will grow the fish will only grow to a certain size

Posted by Tigerlily – Ireland

I think my goldfish is a common one its black and orange and i've never seen one in any pictures? yes how do you tell if they are male or female???

Posted by Autumn – windham maine

how can you tell which one is a female and which is a male? cause we have to common goldfish for your 2yr son and we are trying to figure out which is male and which is female.

Posted by JohnnyP – st.neots

My goldfish keep dying, do I need to put water into the tank?

Posted by BLUBLUB

i recently got some goldfish as a pet. i want to tell their gender but i can't what should i do?

Posted by Erik

whats a good tank mate to have with a single five year old common goldfish, shrimp, crab, snail, etc...

Posted by crystal smith – ky

how do u know when a gold fish is going to have babies and i have had a tank for over 8 years and never had any have babies .... why is this??

Reply to crystal smith
Posted by mathew salt – stoke-on-trent

because the gold fish will eat the eggs try putting some marble or something on the bottom so its harder for the fish to get them

Posted by nat – Saint Petersburg, FL

The blue and white fish in the picture is a Shubunkin Goldfish otherwise known as the Calico Goldfish. They just differ in coloration from the common species. Also there is yellow goldfish like the one in the picture.

They do sell quicker though as they are not seen as often as the common orange ones.

If you look at the different breeds and colors on this page you can see varieties and start to even recognize the fish by their name.

Great starter information on this sight.

Posted by nate

I have a purple goldfish they are not realy that rare

Posted by Amber – Monterey

I took my kids to the fair and they both got fish, how often should i change the water and feed them?

Reply to Amber
Posted by karen – new mexico

Read the info in this site as how to care for goldfish. Has all the info you need. Feed your fish sparingly, too much will spoil the water fast. Feed them once a day or every other day. They will be more active and happier if are a little hungry.enjoy!!

Posted by jordin – indiana

i when to the fair and won three goldfish what should i name them?

Posted by Pete – New Jersey

I was given 8 common goldfish. On several occassions they have chased it other around the 1200 gal pond they live in. It's amazing to see all of them during that time swimming into the water falls, circling in close and just going crazy on their sides etc.
Is this their mating habits or are they just releasing a lot of stress.

Posted by mary

my common goldfish has eggs!!!

Posted by Tweedledee

There actually is such thing as a blue goldfish...but they can be really rare and expensive. Also, I've never see a live yellow goldfish! Was it dyed?

Posted by goldfish18 – Orlando,Florida

in the fourth picture what type of goldfish is the blue fish

Posted by GYTASSSSSS – Ireland

this fish does not look like a goldfish to me:)