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Lionhead Goldfish

lionhead goldfish

Quick Statistics - Lionhead Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: Can reach a length of 6"
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Medium
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater

Lionheads were originally developed in China and later introduced to Japan during the 17th and 18th centuries. Lionheads have deep bodies that are relatively short and straight. They are dorsaless fish similar to ranchus in appearance. The wen or headgrowth of the lionchu covers its gill plates, cheeks and head. The back of the lionchu is rather flat when compared to the ranchu, which has a more curved back. The wen of the lionhead typically requires about a year for development and patches of the wen are periodically shed.

Lionheads are rather slow swimmers so they should only be housed with other slow moving goldfish. They can reach a physical length of around five to six inches, and have a lifespan of five to ten years. Lionheads prefer water temperatures above 60° F in an aquarium.

lionhead goldfish

lionhead goldfish


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There are 14 comments
Posted by Amy – Australia

Well i just adore my cute little baby faced Lionhead, his name is Tombliboo!!!!
His colour is orange/yellow with black spots!
It was love at first sight for me!!!!!!

Posted by Dan – Usa

i want a lionfishy so badly!
ive had a red ryukin and a red capped oranda in recent years and the ryukin got sick. i immediately removed him and then he passed.(poor bubbles)
i was to late though. the tank was already contaminated. my oranda unknowingly got sick too.
then i got a baby black moor. then my oranda died.
(poor snowflake)
soon my black moor became lathargic. soon he swam up to the big fish tank in the sky.(poor copper)
i want another, considering 2 years of solid research after. though im afraid becoase of my bad experience.
R.I.P. Bubbles, 2005, 4 1/2 yrs
R.I.P. Snowflake, 2002, 4 1/2 yrs
& R.I.P. Copper, 2002, not even a yr...

Posted by FisheeTeleTubie – GA

To draw from the doggy breeding analogy. It is not advised to cross breed a gray hound with a pekingese. You will loose the look of a dorsal less fishy and instead have a saw toothy looking dorsal finned fishy. Not good looking...

Posted by hami – iran

i have 2 prealscale with a big cap on their head about 6 cm , 3 usual pearlscale about 3 cm a blackmoor and 1 lionhead like a runchu about 6 cm and .
i want konw can my lionhead have breeding whit my pearlscale with a big cap on their head ?! sorry , if i'm BEGINNER into english

Posted by lionhead aficionado

Lionhead and ranchu goldfish should be placed with their similar type; that is, the type of goldfish that does not swim too fast. They would not be able to compete for food with those fast swimmers - such as single tail and fantail goldfish with dorsal fin. Lionhead and ranchu are cosidered "The Show Fish." Quality lionhead and ranchu resemble puppy in the water. Very cute and adorable.

Posted by amy – surrey

Hi, in the information above it says that you should not place the lion head goldfish should not be placed with fast moving fish. I have a goldfish in the tank with it. Is the goldfish a fast moving fish? Should I be worried?

Posted by Lin – Azeroth

hi guys, my lion head, Cere, his bubble either looks like it is coming off at the back or he has a horrible fungus. It looks like what happens if you put elmers glue on your arm, wait for it to dry and rub it with your hands. Im scared that something is wrong. the above article said that they sometimes lose their bubbles... what does that look like? thanks guys.

Posted by La Mimi

Awww, that's so sweet (comment to person below me) My pet Lionhead is called Stanley, I love him! But not in that way, oooherr

Yeah, they kill everything in their path! Evil little things really....

Posted by ^_^ – canada

i got the cutess lionhead fish ever he is so cute hes my best friend

Posted by asorvia – Russia

Answer to Mary...
Lion head goldfish are not necessarily aggressive, it seems as if yours happens to have some territorial issues. if your tank is too small for your fish, or if they are not allowed enough room to move freely, or even they have grown to their complete adult sizes and there is not enough food, for everyone in the tank to be satisfied, problems will occur.
if any of these physical issues were present in your tank setting, it is quite possible that they were the factors driving your lion head goldfish to be particularly aggressive.
If those factors were NOT present in your aquarium, your fish probably had some mental problem (somewhat rare in specialty fish such as the lion head) that drove it to kill another fish.
if ever you have this problem again, the best idea is to isolate the troublemaker in a separate tank or the same one (if you have a divider) and monitor the fish's behavior carefully. if the fish is very agitated in it's quarantine tank, or has any other specific repeated actions unseen in your other goldfish of same species, then the result is probably due to physical needs unmet by the environment or a mental disease.
i am sorry to say that there is no cure to the latter.

Posted by Reesie

hmmm... i prefer sleek and small fish although these have pretty patterns

Posted by mary abbott – stourbridge west midlands

Hi I had a lion fish a few weeks ago, it seemed quite bossy, and after two weeks had killed a small redcap i had by bashing it continually in the sides, i then got a calico fish and again it would give this fish no peace, the calico hid all day long in a log decoration it would only come out to feed and the lion head would start on it, so i took the lion head back and bought another fantail, and since then the calico is out all the time now swimming happily all day and stress free, can you tell me are the lionheads normally aggresive? thank you Mary,

Posted by Tammy Rohrbacher – Harrisonburg, VA

I bought 2 lion heads for my daughter thinking they would not live long....I was wrong, they are 5 years old and doing great! They are in a 30 gallon tank and they are huge!

Posted by hollie – south yorkshire

cute fish ive got 3 lionheads