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white spot disease

Freshwater fishes are susceptible to all kinds of pathogenic organisms. These organisms include viruses, bacterias and parasites. Many of these are introduced when new fish and plants are added to an existing tank. Treating the illnesses that often result of the infection of these pathogenic organisms is tricky, so it is important that new fish owners use commercially available remedies instead home made ones.




Fish Lice Round, disk-shaped, transparent crustanceans that clamp onto host and refuse to let go. Often goldfish will rub itself against objects in an attempt to remove the parasites Dylox, Dipterex, Masoten or Nequvon.
Fin rot and Tail rot Fins have missing parts; evntually become shredded. Fins can become inflamed and may be slowly eaten away. There are many commerical remedies available to treat this disease. A rare treatment involves using 8 crystals of potassium permanganate to 3 quarts of water. Then the infected areas of the fin or tail are cut off and the wound is dabbed with Mercurochrome or methylene blue.





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There are 17 comments
Posted by Bex – Norfolk, UK

I am having problems with goldfish dying and am after some advice - PLEASE!
Just over a week ago I bought a bigger tank (25litres) for me two small goldfish as they were both gulping for air in their small 8litre tank. Unfortunately they both died (one just before the new tank was ready and one 2days after he was in the new tank) I bought another goldfish after the first one died, who has only been in the new tank. However, he is now ill too. He is moving very little - spending all his time on the bottom and looks as though he has some tail rot. He also has rust coloured spots all over him (fins, tail, body). I have treated the tank for amonia, and done water changes which has seen him starting to move a bit more but I am confused as to what the illness is (sounds like a mix of velvet and tail rot?) can anyone offer any advice?

Posted by Tigz

I have 2 goldfish. one of them has recently developed black splodges, and the other already has black markings that have become more pronounced. Plus, although they do not seem to have trouble swimming, they come to the top of the tank if they stop, and they seem to have a little trouble keeping their balance once there, but do not flip over. I know it is not a current, because this happenes even if the filter is switched off. I am worried that they are really ill.

Posted by RDC – muscat

My goldfish has a very small white fluffy substance. what is the disease?

Posted by Julia – Colorado

I have 2 red ryukins and an orange cap oranda in a 20G tank. I've only had them for about a week and they seemed fine until yesterday when i noticed some white spots on one of my ryukins' tail. Is that Ick??

Posted by Kelsey – Tennessee

I just got a goldfish from Walmart 4 days ago, after reading this website and some comments I have learned I need to get him out of the fishbowl and into a larger tank.

But the day after I got him I started to notice a purplish/pink kind of velvetly like thread hanging from his tail fins and base...and they will come off and float in the water, but a new,longer one will always appear hanging from his tail fins again.

Does anyone know what this might be and if it is not normal, how to treat it?
Thank You :)

Posted by sandra – wv

hi every one two

i have 3 goldfish at frist they looked like their skin was peelinng like a sunburn know they look bette but their water is milkey looking i keep putting new water to clear it up and then we put a claw crab and fish from the creek they all died 1 hour later does anyone know what to do

Posted by Lauren – USA

My sister has a goldfish that has a pimple-like bump at the base of it's tail fin. It has a white bump protruding (like a pimple) and is red rimmed. I've looked all over the place for what it could be and its definitely not anchor worm. Any ideas?

Posted by Silvia – Byron,CAL

I have about 10 Goldfish in a pond outside.If you look at the picture in your webside of the goldfish with the white dots on the head,thats exacty some of my Goldfish look.
Do you no if that is ik ?

Posted by ross – canada

your goldfish has swim bladder feed it peas for a while and the problem will be fixed

Posted by Patricia

Hi everyone.
I have 15 guppies, 5 goldfish, 2 tetras and 2 flecos (algea eaters). All together in a 20G tank.
One of the goldfish have something blackish on the edges of his fins and some on his tail. This disease spreaded from 4 of my guppies w***had it before the goldfish came in.
Can anybody know what disease this is?

Posted by kare

you should get some erythromycin and put it in your ponf and take the filter out put a new one in without any charcoal in it and follow the box instructions

Posted by Raana – Pakistan

We have different species of fish in our garden pond. Two Goldfish have small bumps (like boils) sticking from under the skin. I felt them and they are soft to the touch. One fish is quite badly affected and the bulbous spots are mutiplying. I would be grateful if someone could help me asap how to treat this. I am afraid my other fish in the pond may get affected and die. Please urgent help needed. Thank you

Reply to Raana
Posted by COmtnLady – USA

I brought some plants from a pond into my aquarium and my fish got the same parasite.

All the sites I ran across said there was no "cure", nothing you medicate the water with to fix it. It killed several of my fish, until I finally tried a manual removal. If the parasite grows internally it will still kill the fish, but if it grows externally (and not in a "delicate" area) you can remove the parasite if you are lucky enough to catch it at the right time. It has to be BEFORE the spores are sufficiently developed to infect other fish if the sack they grow in should break open during the process, but big enough for you to be sure it isn't just a dislodged scale.

I took a large clean flat bowl (make sure there is no soap residue or anything that might harm the fish) and put about an inch of treated water in the bottom (I used Stress Coat to treat the water). I gathered : a couple clean disposable paper towels, a bottle of iodine, a couple Q-Tips, a sharp paring knife, and some disposable rubber gloves.

With the gloves on, I netted the fish and placed it in the bowl with the "bump" side up. I very carefully and gently scrapped the top of the bump to open it - DO NOT CUT - just gently drag the edge of the knife parallel to the length of the fish (I found going against the scale was best. It will remove some of them, but they will grow back eventually.). Gently scrape the skin, do not cut! Then while gently holding the fish with the other hand, I pushed very lightly and delicately around the base of the bump with the flat side of the blade until it popped out the sack of parasite spores (much the way a pimple will pop, but be VERY careful not to rupture the sack that comes out). Dip a Q-Tip into the Iodine and swab out the hole with it. It is important to get all the surfaces inside where the sack was. Remove the sack(s) and dispose of it in one of the paper towels. Return the fish to its tank.

I had to re-do this every time a new bump showed up for about six weeks or so, but this was the first fish to survive the infestation.

I hope that helps. It creeped me out, but was the only "fix" that worked for my fish.

Posted by Pierre – South Africa

I have an outside pond full of gold fish. A few of them have small lumps (growths) on their body. Can anyone please let me know what it is, whether it is serious and how it can be treated
Many thanks

Reply to Pierre
Posted by Kristen – South Carolina, USA

I'm not a veternarian, but I am a goldfish owner and I have a few ideas.

It sounds like they have an infection. Treat the water with water conditioner like always, but give your fish an anti-bacterial medication. I'd recommend API Melafix or something similar to it. It's affordable and one of the best out there. Just follow the directions on the label.

For long term, consider installing amore powerful filter. Goldfish can grow to up to 8 to 12 inches depeding on the breed, and while they don't have to get that big, they should be allowed to grow a few inches at the very least or they won't be healthy and won't live long (goldfish can live up to 10 years if cared for properly). The general rule for goldfish is 2 gallons per inch of fish at their adult size. You don't have to follow it exactly, but get somewhere close. Goldfish are also very messy, so it's important to have a powerful filtration system in your pond. Also, give your fish beneficial bacteria along with your water conditioner to help fight off anything. Unless your fish get sick, don't change their water completely. Instead, use a gravel vacuum to suck feces and uneaten food out of the gravel and change 25% to 50% of the water weekly. Choose large granual gravel or stones as goldfish like to dig around in the gravel to find food and may choke on small rocks. Do not choose painted gravel as the paint chips off over time and could hurt your goldfish if they eat it.

I hope yor fish get better soon!

Posted by sathya – india

do not worry about the cap it is quite natural. nothing will happen to ur pet

Posted by Shery – N. Ill.

I have a Red Cap Oranda and his cap is so big that he has problems staying right side up. Will he or she grow into it? Will this harm him?