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Interesting Facts About Goldfish



arrow Goldfish are unusual in that they lack a stomach at the start of the digestive tract where food can be stored, so they need to eat small quantities of food on a frequent basis. Offering them a large amount of food just once a day will therefore be wasteful, and will also lead to a deterioration in water quality as the unwanted food breaks down and pollutes the water. Instead , give them a small amount of food four or five times a day, which will meet their appetite.


arrow According to the UK BBC news, the world's oldest goldfish was a comet by the name of Tish. Having achieved fame late in life , he died at the age of 43 peacefully in his bowl. He was won as a prize by a 7 year old named Peter Hand at a funfair in Yorkshire, England in 1956. Tish was later taken care of by his parents, Hilda and Gordon Hand, who considered Tish a part of the family. "We couldn't replace Tish, he was part of the family. People always used to ask how Tish was doing", Mrs. Hilda Hand was quoted as saying. Tish faded to a silver grey later in his old age and was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest captive goldfish. Tish took over the title of longest living captive goldfish from Worthing, another goldfish who died in 1980 at the age of 41. Although Tish's true age could not be verified by biological tests, the Guinness Book of Records investigators found nothing fishy about the claims and awarded the title to Tish.

Tish the goldfish

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There are 20 comments
Posted by Gold fish lover

I have two gold fish one is 4 years old the other three years old. I was not sure how they would get along bc I did not get at the same time. Joseph was in the tank by himself for one full year. He has taken to Simon now. Always after feeding Simon chases Joseph around the tank it's the most amazing thing to see! It's like they very happy they just ate... I usually feed them three times a day they always play the chasing game... It's amazing!!!!

Posted by susanne – leeds

I have a 12 year old oranda he is now starting to feel is age he is about 6" very round won't swim any more just sits in the corner of his large tank not eating any more I am very concerned about him I have given him tonic but nothing seems to help him get moving about again

Posted by emma simon – Washington

I have three fish in a 20 gal tank; a shubunkin, a whte comet with orange at top of head and a Japanese Koi. They are very smart and it amazes me. At "bedtime" they start lining up at one end of tank and arrange themselves in a "threesome" line across the tak with their heads all pointed in the same direction. Then they expect me to turn their light off. AND believe it or not when we changed to "daylight savings time" they decided to start going to bed an hour earlier ! I feed them every other day and do a water change every fourth day.

Posted by TSW – Northern Illinois

Short story: Choppers came to us after a party broke up and we inherited the table pieces. We've now had him for 2 years and he's about 3 inches. We've been through other fish pretty rapidly so we began calling choppers a killer, but hey, it's his tank. Recently, I cleaned the tank and when I put him back in he started getting a, a lot weird! Erratic swimming, floating like paralized, then erratic swimming again. Not eating and not responding when we came by the tank. I was a little distraught so I took him out of the family still thinks I put him in a baggie and held him close on his death bed...well, not in a baggie, but I did put him in a nice peaceful bowl with clean water. I then replaced about 3/4 of the water and let it sit overnight. I added conditioner since it is softened tap water. I put choppers back into the tank and in a matter of two days you'd never think anything ever happened. I'm thinking I may have put too much algea control and conditioner the first time and almost poisoned him. No more chances. Choppers will live to see another day and we have a couple of larger friends that can stick up for themselves at feeding time. Go choppers!

Posted by umhalil

I never realized that Gold Fish don't have I had been feeding mine just twice a day..and probably too much food as well.This site taught me that they need to eat more often,and less food at each feeding.Glad a friend turned me on to this site!

Posted by Steffani – Colorado

I have 7goldfish. My 1st is 3yrs old, and 9in length. Shes awesome!! So thats why i decided to buy 6 more!! They are smaller in size, but slowly gaining (3 1/2in)
Goldfish LOVE to eat peas and spinich!! I use the frozen kind and let it sit at room temp for a bit. Then split the pea open to get the soft part out and feed this to them. The spinich leaves are good for the fish, maybe taking the harder stems off before feeding.

Posted by Wendy

Our common goldfish Henry (named after the Don Knotts movie character Henry Limpet) is over 13+ yrs. old. We 'won' him & several others at a wedding reception in Jan. 1997 (they were part of the table decorations).

Reply to Wendy
Posted by Pat – usa

I also have a Henry named after that same great movie. I actually had a Mr. Limpet and Harry Jr. as well as Ladyfish Sad to say. Mr. Limpet passed away. Don't know why. Henry Jr. and Ladyfish seem to be doing fine along with their friend Sqeegie (a Plecostomus algae eater). Mine are called "Fancy" goldfish.

Posted by qwerty – orandaland

This is interesting: If your goldfish has swim bladder
problems, just par-boil a pea, rip it up and feed it to your fish! It almost always works!

Posted by Crista – Australia

I've been fish sitting for almost 2 years now while 4 my friend overseas I love goldfish . The fish recognize me , I talk to them my partner is amazed by the way they react towards me and so am I. Unfortunatly when I first recieved them my friend had just bought baby goldfish n yes the two bigger ones ate them . For a while there I called them Hannibal and lecter lol I was amazed to see them pooping out their pals ! I replaced the lil ones (rip) with some bigger ones and they've never been happier I really just want to know if the fins are more upright and bigger does that mean it's a female ? I would love for them to have lil ones :)

Reply to Crista
Posted by Ivy – ***

You can tell if a fish is male/female during the springtime, if you lower the water temp, then raise it a bit after a couple weeks. Males get 'pimples' that are whiteish around the gill plate, and girls get very plump. Good luck!

Posted by tej – india

i got 2'6" x 1' gold fish aquarium i care them as per instructions although the don't live more i'm so sad about them somebody pls guide me and help me pls..............

Posted by carrol

will large goldfish eat small gold fish?

Reply to carrol
Posted by NALLELY FRAIRE – kerville texas

yes if u have big fish and little fish dont put the big ones with the little ones please dont

Posted by neon orange – alamosa, colorado

i love your website i get all of my info for fish on here and reomend it to all of my friends thanks you rock <3

Posted by MM – Michigan

My oldest fish are over 10 years old. 1 is a common goldfish and the other 2 are comets. They were just feeder fish that I got for 10 cents each at a local store. The common goldfish is about 7 inches and the other two are about 6 inches.
In the spring and summer they live outside in a 250 gallon pond and in the fall I bring them in so I can enjoy them all winter. In the winter they live in a 55 gallon tank.

Posted by Jacob Hamilton – New Zealand, Auckland

The reason goldfish are so small is that they're kept in a small tank, the bigger your or the tank the bigger your goldfish will get.

Posted by TL – Durham, North Carolina

I said goodbye to my Blinkie today. He was my uni-eye (no right eye) Black Moor. I don't know how long ago he lived before I received him as a present for my 30th birthday... He past away today next to his favorite shell at the age of 8yrs+9mths. I will miss his energy, his crazy swimming, and his whimsical spitting of pepples at the side of his bowl to remind me to feed him in the morning...

Posted by fish smart

I know how you can tell the difference between a male and a female fantail goldfish.
You look at its tail. if it is almost completely split in half in the middle
(look when fish does not have fin or tail rot)you have a female. if not its a male

Posted by Paintaway

My fancy black goldfish, Sputnik, with globe-encased eyeballs, lived a long time and became so round in the gut that he constantly revolved fin over fin as he swam in a forward direction around the 20-gallon aquarium. He appeared to enjoy his long life as he cruised, outliving all the others.