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White Spot Disease (Ich)

Fish Ich
fish ich
White Spots on a Fish

white spot disease

Ich or white spot disease is caused by a parasite called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. These parasites are about the size of a grain of salt and appear as white spots on the fish's body. Ich is one of the most common parasitic infections among captive fish. The infection should not be taken lightly since it can kill the koi or goldfish very quickly. There are many commercial remedies available to treat Ich. Instructions for treating the infection should be available with the medication. The infected fish should be removed and treated in a quarantine tank.

The life cycle of the ich parasite is approximately ten days , but the treatment should be continued for at least ten days in order to ensure that all the parasites are killed.

Ich Treatment


One of the many available medications used for treating Ich. It helps to control ich and other external protozoan and fungal diseases of fish. Ingredients include formaldehyde and chloride salt of malachite green.


Ich Treatment


This scientifically formulated liquid medication cures ick and lymphocystis .


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There are 4 comments
Posted by Daniel – WI

i have a female goldfish named little diamond she had white spot disease a while ago i used the salt treatment and she was fine

Posted by ALena

I have a 55 gallon tank with a 8" gold fish and a few small ones. All of them ended up with "white spot disease". I asked the guy at petsmart what i should do and he suggested the aquarium salt idea and then if that didn't work to us the ick treatment. Well I did just as he said and now my largest gold fish has fin rot and its really bad. I believe between the salt and ick is why he has this problem. Does anyone know if I should treat this and continue to treat the ick at the same time?

Posted by andi – Indonesia

My oranda is diseased "white spot" in the tail. After treatment a few days, "white spot" is gone, but his tail is damage and the color become reddish (original color of the tail is white). for the record, my oranda still active swiming around and has good appetite.

is this irritation or something? and how to treat it?

Posted by Lin Koorbloh – Azeroth

I have also read from various websites, that aquarium salt helps prevent Ich. They don't like salt, apparently.