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Constipation in goldfish and koi is very common. The cause is usually overfeeding and incorrect diet. Symptoms include swollen stomach region and a lack of appetite. Often the fish will rest at the bottom of the tank and will not move much if at all. Treatment for this condition is to stop feeding the fish for several days. When the behavior and activity of the fish returns to normal , it should be fed peas for at least several more days. Recurrence of this condition is very likely so the diet of the fish should be monitored carefully.

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Posted by joice – california

what kind of peas do you feed the fish?

Posted by Syd – KY

Actually, freeze dried foods are not the best advice, as they swell in the stomach and can block the swim bladder, causing the fish to be unable to regulate its position in the water. They can also make constipation worse for the same reason.

The best treatment that I have found is to feed shelled, blanched peas after a day of fasting the fish. This can also work for constipation in bettas, as they are greedy enough that most will accept a bit of pea with no hesitation.

Instead of freeze dried foods, feed flash frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms as supplemental diet, and if you are using pellets, pre-soak them before feeding to your fish. Goldfish also appreciate blanched romaine lettuce and strips of seaweed.

Posted by Archy

Reading the forum above I think even my goldfish is suffering from constipation. My goldfish suddenly started settling to the bottom without too much movement. The other goldfish are happily moving about but this one didnt. So i separated him and put a bit of tetracycline just as a preventive measure (i also fed him...:( didnt read this blog before) ..There seems to be nothing wrong with the fins or any other part of the body.He completely sits still,just eye movement is there when u look closely.I just hope he starts swimming normally again..
please suggest if i can do something else as a remedy

Posted by goldie – wisconsin

We just fed our goldfish some peas. We took frozen peas and thawed them in water then squeezed the shell off and fed the pea to our fish. Low and behold it was back to normal the next day. I did use a toothpick to put the pea mush on because it fell to the bottom of the tank and our little fish was unable to swim to the bottom. I can whole heartedly say that it works!!

Posted by vicki – Portland, OR

I just set up a new gold fish aquarium and the sale person in petsmart store gave me a tip: if the fish does not eat and seems constipated, or if he/she swims a little on the side, take a can of peas from your grocery store; take one peas pill the skin off and feed it to the fish. They do not know the explanation but this always helps passing the gas and the food in their stomach.
I don't think it will hurt if you try it.

Posted by Mimi – SC

My oldest and largest goldfish has been eating a lot lately. Now his middle section is huge. He has not eaten at all in the last three days, but he nibbles at any algae buildup. What can I do for him?