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What is your favorite brand of goldfish food?

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What is your favorite type of goldfish?

Bubble Eye
Black Moor

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Aquarium Lighting
Aquarium MoonlightMetal HalideVHO Fluorescent
Aquarium lighting of various types.

Aquarium lighting is an important consideration if the tank contains plants, which require about 8 - 12 hours of light per day. Lighting for the aquarium can be provided with fluorescent bulbs, mercury vapor bulbs, metal halide lights, or actinic blue bulbs.

Fluorescent bulbs have a long lamp life and do not produce a lot of heat. They provide a even spectrum of light that is good for plant growth. These bulbs also consume less energy than other types.

Mercury vapor lights can last a long time and are used for larger tanks. They lack green and blue wavelengths so are not considered full spectrum lights.

Metal halide lights have better red and yellow wavelengths but they are also a lot more expensive than the other light types.

Actinic blue bulbs are great for plant growth but they can also create algae problems.


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There are 2 comments
Posted by Rajiv – India

Hi Florence,

Just want to share with u few things. I am not an expert but what I have read and discussed , that gold fish is not well suited in a fish bowl.First and foremost , goldfish are messy eaters and they dont have stomach.Moreover , u cant fit a filter in a bowl which will furthur aggravate the situation or else u will have o day a water change every otherday try keeping small tetra fishes that u get ..hope this will help

Posted by florence – dubai

i have a fish bowl and its a gift from my boss.And now planning to put some gold fish on it.I m wondering if i need a light for my fish?thnx