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Ranchu Goldfish

black ranchu goldfish

Quick Statistics- Ranchu Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: 6"
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Medium
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Lifespan: 6 - 10 years
Environment: Freshwater

The ranchu is a very popular goldfish in Japan, and it looks very similar in appearance to the lionhead goldfish. Compared to lionheads, ranchus have a back that is more arched and a tail that is shorter.

Ranchus are also similar to lionheads in that both are egg-shaped goldfish without a dorsal fin. The most prominant feature of the ranchu is its head, which is covered by a type of crown or cap. The texture of the crown is neither soft nor hard and resembles the appearance of a raspberry. The headgrowth or cap often takes about a year to develop in a young ranchu.

Ranchus are available in many different colors including red, white, black, and orange. Their scales can be either metallic, matte, or nacreous.

These goldfish have a lifespan of six to ten years and can grow to a length of about six inches.

Ranchus are relatively fragile goldfish so the water temperature must be maintained above 55° F.


a side view of ranchu goldfish




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There are 9 comments
Posted by Dangles – Oz

Hey, can anyone help shed some light on this for me, i have a black ranchu called Boris, and he was born with a bizarre tail. The top of his tail is fused, but at the start of his tale, he has a sickle/hook type extension that looks like a radio antenna protruding out the top (approx. 5mm long). Is this a sign of bad genetics???... because it looks great.

Posted by fish health – FL

For healthy fish to swim normally and alert. Feed ranchu, lionhead, or lionchu with small pieces of cooked zucchini, sweet potato, spinach, or green algae. These are natural food and far more superior than any processed food in the market.

Posted by Jonathan

I love my ranchus.I handbreed them every year in spring. its fun raising ranchu babies.

Posted by fishy – NJ

Try goldfish store in ebay. Just type in ranchu at the search prompt. You can locate many stores from the internet that carry your fish as well.

Posted by andres – phillipines

where can i buy some black ranchu? i want it to add to my collection

Posted by Bon Bon – Miami

I think baby Ranchu looks like a bean so I have decided to nickname them Beany Babies. The green one I have is called Mung Bean and the red one is Red Bean.

Posted by Elizabeth – Florida

I just purchased one of these, I had no idea what he was but LOVED the cute little guy, He's light orange and all of his fins are trimmed in black and his little upper-lip is black too.

Even the guy at the pet shop didn't know what he was, so he charged me for an oranda,...he's DEFFIANTELY NOT an oranda.
Glad I found this, now I know exactly what he is.

Posted by Alyson

i have one of these fish and his name is Cosmo and he is a calico ranchu lion

Posted by Barbara

Hmmm, they look like Blackberries to me.

Doubt I'd want to eat one though!