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Velvet Disease

Velvet disease is caused by the parasite Oodinium. The symptom is a golden velvety coat on the fins and body of the fish. The disease is sometimes hard to detect in goldfish that are mainly orange in color, since this is almost the same color as the disease. Often the best way to treat this disease is to use a commercial product available in pet stores and online. If a commercial solution is not available , then a progressive salt bath treatment can be used to treat the disesase.


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Posted by AJ – Newcastle

I started with about 20 plain or variated goldfish in my tank, living quite happily and all healthy besides a small bout of constipation, and now I'm down to around 6.

I have been losing fish almost weekly since I bought some live plants and extra fish about 2 months ago. I've emptied the tank, cleaned it, and put the surviving fish in a bucket with an air line blowing through a stone and another one just to oxygenate the water a little.

The 2 black moore fish I bought seemed to bleach from black to white/grey round the edges of their fins and then died. The rest just slowly seemed to drift into the path of the intake pipe for the filter untill they destroyed their fins, then they also gave up and died.

Is there anything else I can do to keep them all from dying?

What is wrong with them all?

Posted by Bonnie

Recently I brought a new tank for my Silver Comet, that I've had for 1 and a half years. I also brought some real plants, in the past couple of weeks, for his new aquarium. He is about 3 Inches in length, he seems fine and he's conversing well with two Female Fantails that i brought not long ago, to keep him company in his tank. Over the past few days, i have noticed he is forming a Velvety Maroon colour developing on the base of his Dorsel, on his two front fins, just behind his gills on both sides, and down the length of his body.
What do you think it could be? He's not quite two and i'm just wondering whether he's under stress, or is just simply going through a colour change.

Posted by darren – new zealand

Velvet is introduced on plants as it can survive and part of its cycle involves photosynthesis, spreads v fast in clean clear water with bright light, looks like rusty red ich on the bodies of white goldfish. Treat by putting fish in unfiltered 40 litre tub of water with heater at 24 C and just a bubbler/air stone. Feed the fish well and allow the water to go dirty, also reduce light, bugs can't find new host in dirty water, while goldfish love the dirty water, 10 days does it.