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Selecting a Location

An aquarium should be placed in a location in the home where it is free from direct sunlight and cold drafts in order to keep the water in the tank from overheating or chilling. Areas that usually aren't suitable for placing an aquarium include an uninsulated and unheated basement or garage and places near doors and windows. In general, try to avoid areas that are too drafty or where temperatures can fluctuate rapidly.




Important considerations that must be taken into account are the size and weight of the aquarium when deciding what to get.

If you reside in a small apartment , then a 10 or 20 gallon tank aquarium may be the size that suits your needs best. If you live in a larger home, then you might be able to purchase a larger tank, such as a 50 or 55 gallon one, without cramping your own living areas.

The weight of an aquarium when filled with water is also a very important factor to consider. Water weighs approximately 8 pounds to the gallon. So in this case, a 10 gallon aquarium would weigh around 80 pounds and a 100 gallon tank would weigh 800 pounds.




Remember that an aquarium will probably require access to electrical outlets in order to power necessary equipments such as the power filter, heater, lights , and other things. Usually an electrical power strip with four to five outlets will be sufficient and will allow room on the wall outlet for other equipment that is not aquarium related.


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