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Aquarium Facts

There are many types of aquariums, Aquariums can vary from small fish bowls to huge public aquaria that are able to support entire self-sustaining ecosystems. However , for hobbyists, most home aquaria are much smaller in size and not as complex.

Generally , a home aquarium will include the tank, filter system, lighting system, and some decorations.

There are a few basic rules that should be followed when setting up the aquarium.


  • avoid placing the aquarium in direct sunlight, which can cause undesirable algae growth and temperature fluctuations
  • don't place an aquarium on an uneven surface, which can cause the glass to crack over time
  • avoid placing the aquarium next to a heater or air conditioner

Fishbowls and small desktop aquariums often require more maintenance than larger fish tanks, because there is less water volume to dilute contaminants and fish wastes. However, there are different types of filters including sponge, box, and undergravel filters available to help reduce the maintenance required for these smaller tanks.



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