Aquarium Filters

Aquarium FilterAquarium FilterAquarium Filter
Various Aquarium Filters.


A filtration system provide an essential role in maintaining a healthy environment for your goldfish. Most filters provide biological , chemical , and mechanical filtration. There are several varieties of filters. These include the box filter, power filter, undergravel filter, and canister filter.





A main functions of the box filter is to provide chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration. These filters have been around for a long time and generally are not efficient at removing wastes from the aquarium. They have a low water turnover rate and are not recommended for cleaning large volume of water.






A power filter also provides chemical , biological, and mechancial filtration similar to the box filter but it is a lot more efficient than the box filter. It has a high water turn over rate and can keep the water in an aquarium very clean. Power filters are also very cheap so they are a good choice.





An undergravel filter provide only biological and chemical filtration. It usually sits at the bottom of the aquarium. The aquarium gravel and other substrates act as the biological filter medium for this type of system.




The canister filter provides mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. The filter sits outside the aquarium and is connected to the aquarium by long tubes. These types of filters are very efficient at cleaning large volumes of water.



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